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So… who are these ‘moles’ and what do we do?

Here’s a video to keep you up to speed about the new twist in the BBA house:

Vote over at the official Big Brother Africa website. Remember voting closes this Tuesday, 23rd, so make sure you’ve voted for your favourite two!

Also leave me a comment and let me know who think will go into the house and will cause the most drama.


5 Responses to “So… who are these ‘moles’ and what do we do?”

  1. My guess is; The Botswana dude and the Ghanaian

  2. Hi robza,
    Any of the girls looks a potential candidate for the house. however, i forsee Nana as one that can give the ladies a hell of a me she is a potential ‘Mole’i also favour Ashanti.For the guys,Victor of Zimbabwe. the Botswana guy doesn’t look it at all.Though looks can be deceptive.

  3. What I’ve noticed around the web – Africa’s BBA voters are shallow. Victor and Ashanti and going into that house come Sunday merely based on their looks. But guess what…. I’ve voted for them myself! He he… 🙂

  4. ashanti forever, she is like the hottest thing this side of the sahara, hope she is fun too.
    as for the guys, i couldnt care less who goes in.


  5. I have also already voted for Nana, I usally like people who are open as her brief says

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