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Richard, soon to be divorced & Tatiana’s boyfriend, a casino owner

Yep, you heard right… I don’t have all the news just yet, but Botswana’s BBA rep, Justice Mothabane, has a new column in one of the country’s newspapers and I must say it is VERY eye-opening. I will have it for you guys tomorrow, but in the meantime – here’s just a taste of what’s mentioned above…

Apparently Ricki has dropped off the divorce papers at the M-Net studios for when Richard comes out of the house on 11th November. Ouch! ALSO: Tatiana’s boyfriend owns a couple of casinos around the world, so there’s no doubt about it that he’s rolling in the green-stuff. Question is: Will he take Tatiana back after her shenanigans in the house? I don’t know what else is in the column, but I will keep you posted.


28 Responses to “Richard, soon to be divorced & Tatiana’s boyfriend, a casino owner”

  1. hi
    i hear richiana had sex but have not seen the clip. is it available?
    Is it even true?

  2. i think rich is in love with that chick! Not so sure abt tati though.
    i think she left her nomination stand coz she assumes the veiwers love her!

  3. Hello Robza and all,
    YES,ALL,RICHARD AND TATIANA MADE LOVE.OR BETTER PUT,RICHARD HAD SEX WITH TATIANA. BIGGIE, has refused to post that clip.For Ricki and richard,i wont be surprised if she(Ricki)files the divorce papers.I mean the Richiana frolickings has gone beyond pardon for a newly married woman to endure.then if i were tatiana’s boyfriend,wow,after that screw by Richard,,i think i will look for another girl. Who has a different opinion?

  4. Africa, you kept them under the heat this long…what did you expect?? got what you wanted!

  5. cant believe richiana finally did d deed! was hoping tati would win but i guess that hope’s been dashed!damn girl what happened to you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh man, I was really hoping they would last a lot longer than that.

  7. tati is a slut i know her from school days we fucked on the stairs

  8. Oh well…

    Marriages end everyday…I hope Tatiana really does love Richard…

    For Tatiana: If she does not get the money, she will always have her rich boyfriend, her looks and her careers.

    I am not worried about both of them – they will be okay….


  9. Guys are you all just talking or seen it for real coz it seems that those who really saw dont say it was sex at all…………. and for that fact that Ricki dropped divorse papers is not true at all!!!!!! Be honest atleast if you have to speak!


  11. no they did not do the deed, so stop all the lies, and no Ricki did not drop divorce papers at M-net offices either its all made up stories to heat everyone up and guess what i can see it is working well on everyone!!!

    Voting Tatiana will not change anything and be prepared for a grand suprize it is a well planned game and i feel remorse that it had to be done at the stake of something so valuable

    Ricki if you Love Richard you will most likely forgive him coz i dont believe that marriage should or can break on something like this unless it was not built on love, honestly Richard does not deserve you at all but we are all humans and all lack many things and if God can forigve our endless sins we should learn to do the same at least sometimes!

    Be strong and dont let blogs like this bring you down

    as for Richard if you will ever read this you should be ashamed of yourself , if your wife will forgive she will take a lifetime to forget so you will have a good long time to earn back her trust again!

  12. i know for sure tati loves richie but wasn’t sure about richie until monday night! if he’d held out then he was just playing! now i know he really loves her and wants to b with her after d show! i wish them luck!

  13. ok!
    Lets keep praying fpr both of them and wish them well.
    Good luck Richiana

  14. If Ricky takes Richard back she is a fool!! She must forgive him for the sake of her own acceptance, but MUST still divorce him. If Richard represents a true African, I don’t want to be an African. He must face the consequences and get out of her life if he respects her at all!
    What does he care anyway?! Just look at him and Tatiana. It’s a disgrace, and to turn a blind eye to his wedding vows is just a sign of utter immaturity and immorality!!!
    As for Tatiana….I sincerely believe Henk. She is just a horny little tart.
    Still can’t believe Richiana is stupid enough to NOT know what goes around comes around. Just think of what they’ve put their partners through. Shame on them!!

  15. Yes, my advised to Ricky is that i want her to know that all this is all about game be wise, what if it happen that Richard come first do you think he will take the money to Tatiana, never so be wise , for me i think this is just a game. Richard still remain yours ok.

  16. It wasn’t going to work (Richard and Rickie’s marriage). it was doomed not to last because she’s plder than herand we are tired of our brothers marrying the fairer skinned. A close friend to the married couple said Rickie coerced richard into marrying her and being poor and desperate he accepted. Now richard has found his true love so who can blame him for being head over heels? Give the guy a break he deserves it, afterall he’s been through

  17. Henk common ..give us some more juice!… Which school, which staircase?
    Richard should be shot, he is an embarrasment to mankind

  18. But this is old news, Robza. Apparently she dropped off the papers weeks ago! Doubt if it’s true though because a week or so later she had posted something on the BBA forum -and it really was her, unlike what most believed. Unless somebody had her password. Sidhani.

  19. Aah for crying out loud people, just shut up! Trying locking yourself up in a house for just a week with two strangers – while competiting over a price – and tell me if you won’t get insecure, paranoid, clingy, evil, pretensious, defensive, claws out – just about everything just as long as you are protecting yourself!

    We have seen Maureen getting clingy and whiny – because at the end she doesn’t trust anybody; Richard hetting loud and possessive; Bertha getting rude and Lerato uncouth – all boiling down to one thing – they didn’t trust anybody and that was their defence mechanism. But at the end they all wanted to feel that they belonged, they were liked and had someone they can count on.

    So Lerato being that, Code that, Richard this, Bertha even – you also would have done the same thing! At the end I think they all played a good game!!

  20. Can’t you see? Tatiana loves to be in control, what do you think of a girl who is befriending a casino tycoon? Please, Tati is just having fun, Afterall if she doesn’t win she more popular now and her boyfriend has sum money to throw around

  21. I’m goin to post a comment on this blog coz i know that BBA cant erase it from here, a bizzare happened in the bba house today according to thosewho saw it could not believed but everyone agreed on one thing that HMS were drugged and behaved terribly. Now every blog that spoke of drugged drinks was deleted this only proves that BB is covering up something! this show should be cancelled coz manupulating people and drugging them is unacceptable!

  22. Richard’s a dog who doesn’t deserve a decent woman like Ricki, Tati’s a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Thanks CALLIE,TZ this show should be cancelled.coz it’s immoral and terrible for africa kids.

  24. i think everyone that has supported richiana will all get what is coming for them. they are doing something wrong. they shouldnt be encouraged. if they feel that they love each other somuch to hurt their partners, why are they still planning to get back with them. tatiana sais that if her beau dsnt take her backshe will look for richard and they will end up together. they are very stupid. and they hurt pple.richard is extremely selfish he thinks only of wat he needs regardless of who he hurts. it dsnt matter so long as he gets wat he wants. i think the do wat we want now and think of the consequence later is the most selfish act ever.

  25. richard will not win BBA else Africa will be regarded as immoral. rickie i wish you well. i hope you find love and happiness again. i know its not easy watching your husband cheating on you everday. but time will heal your wounds. as for tatiana, i pray that you loook for the love you will never find again bcos if your boyfriend is a man he will never take you back.

  26. they should just stay together . they deserve each other. carved out of the same selfish stone.

  27. hahahhah looks like tatiana had a tycoon, what is his name and his contact details i really wnat to hook up with him

    email to

  28. I think tati and Richie should convenant to use the $100,000 for an erotic outing in some rosy love nest somewhere cool to let out the sex pressure. Otherwise they will let off the pressure accumulated over so much time on the wrong victim!

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