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Justice: “Code wanted me to have Maureen”

From two Botswana newspapers:

[click articles to enlarge]

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5 Responses to “Justice: “Code wanted me to have Maureen””

  1. Hey Justice it is nyc to read that you are doing great. I miss you kid and good luck in all

  2. Justice, please do us some justice and confirm things before putting them in public domain. Whatever you are saying from rumors may end up hurting someone badly. If i was you, i wouldn’t rely on second hand information but i would wait for the final day of the show to see the divorce papers. Otherwise, I hope you are doing well. How are your debates going on? Good luck in all your endeavors.

  3. I bet Richy will run after his wife after the show after seeing who Tatiana really is. I believe she is too smart and experienced for Richy boy, the relationship cannot last outside the house. i can bet a $100,000 on it.

  4. What?? Is Justice telling the truth about Lerato and Max?? Ehh..I’m a bit sceptical. But about Richard’s wife and pending divorce, WOO WOO!! Richard deserves what’s coming to him.

  5. Richard is just a wayward fool.His wife should just forget about him and move on with her life.

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