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Justice in verbal spat; hit over head with beer bottle

From Botswana’s ‘The Voice’ online:

* Botswood, which is still in its infancy phase unlike Hollywood, is quite fascinating and at times leaves one thunderstruck.
While many of the Hollywood celebrities are famous for snorting all sorts of unimaginable drugs, ours locally are known to be womanizers, alcoholics and even worse, like to engage in squabbles and public spats which interestingly end up in ferocious fights.
Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Channel O Hip-Hop Award winner, Thato Matlhabaphiri aka Scar, over the weekend allegedly clawed at the throat of former Big Brother Africa housemate, Justice Motlhabani. Word reaching Shaya has it that the two stars had a misunderstanding during a show at the Lizard Lounge on Friday night which featured the BBA housemates from Zimbabwe and South Africa (Bertha and Lerato).
It is alleged that when many thought the verbal spat between the two had been solved, Scar surprisingly confronted Justice hitting him with a half empty beer bottle which left the former BBA housemate with a gash wound that earned him three stitches on the forehead. Talk about role models going astray. Shame on you guys…


10 Responses to “Justice in verbal spat; hit over head with beer bottle”

  1. Haaa haaa haaaa! I wonder if Justice will write about that? So who was properly moored? Lol.

  2. who did that to my justice
    beibi am praying that you get well sonn dear
    who is this scar man he thinks everyone shud have a scar like him eh

  3. Justice is annoying. I am not saying he deserved to be hit over the head with a beer bottle because nobody deserves that. However, Justice tends to run his mouth off alot and you should know, such tendencies are bound to get you in abit of trouble. He should wisen up and know when to stop talking.

  4. Ao!scar my nigga!dats wat iam toking about,,make your name known……..dats from real playas dude…keep it up

  5. Trash attracts Trash

  6. scar is a bully and an idiot. how cld he do something like that? and he’s an idol judge! he shd be ashamed of himself. just how tall is he? l really wanna know.

  7. Atleast we now know that Scar is an all round meanie. Scar is his first name and Brutality his middle name.

  8. I think Scar wanted to put a scar on Justice’s forehead. He’s probably looking for people with scars to form a performing group.

  9. i think the whole thing is funy…… teeeehheeeeee……. that justice guy must hv cald4 it. anihoo boys will oweiz be boys .

  10. keep it up man.i think u r doing a good job scar i like u so much………….

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