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Maxwell: “Suli hurt my feelings”

(The article below was published in the Zambian post)

‘Suli hurt my feelings’
By Augustine Mukoka
Friday October 26, 2007 Print Article

Max with Lerato at Smugglers Inn

I AM hurt with the steps my girlfriend took to end our relationship, Zambia’s Big Brother Africa II envoy Maxwell Chongo has revealed.

In an interview last Saturday night, Maxwell said it was painful that his fiancee Suli Sinkala decided to end the relationship through the press.

Maxwell revealed that he has never met Suli since being evicted from the Big Brother House in South Africa.

“When we started the relationship, we were the two of us. But my girlfriend….oh sorry, my ex-girlfriend decided to announce that she had dumped me without waiting to hear from me. I was shocked she rushed to the media,” he said. “I am hurt with the steps she took to end the relationship, not that she dumped.”

Asked if he expected Suli to tolerate his intimate relationship with South Africa’s Lerato while in the Big Brother House, Maxwell responded; “The first thing is, what did I do? I never had sex in the Big Brother House or penthouse. Suli should have waited to hear from me. I am pissed off.”

Maxwell said he understood Suli’s anger but spoke to her immediately after he was evicted.

“Yeah, she was pissed off but I didn’t dump her. I stick to one woman. I don’t believe I did anything wrong,” he said.
The 26-year-old Zambian model blamed Suli for taking wrong advice from her friends.

“Suli has been brought up so well, she comes from a respectable family. I respect her family so much but she is losing track because of her friends. Her friends are jealous but she doesn’t know.
“She put it in the paper that she dumped me. Well and good,” he said.

Maxwell was non-committal on whether he still loved Suli.
“I would rather not comment on whether I love Suli or not,” he said.
Meanwhile, Maxwell said he was getting along with South Africa’s Lerato.

“Lerato and I are talking. We have a common interest, which is the interest of helping the poor and being part of HIV/AIDS campaign. We have something in common,” he said

Meanwhile, Namibia’s BBA housemate Meryl made a surprise appearance at the Miss Liberty beauty pageant held at Kitwe’s Edinburgh Hotel on Saturday night.
Meryl replaced Miss Angola Micaela Reis who did not pitch up for the event.



13 Responses to “Maxwell: “Suli hurt my feelings””

  1. You men these days are just warped! what des he mean he didn’t do anything? Do you honestly think it’s the sex the gets to us? It’s the fact that he didn’t respect her and honour their relationship enough!

  2. Hear hear Sahara!!! I’m with you on that 100%. He didn’t respect her or their relationship and he made her look like a fool to viewers!

  3. Max dont be Silly! Havent u ever faced the Press, if they get to know of anything they dig it out up to the victim. She is not the one who went looking for the Press but they wanted to hear from her because of your behaviours in the hse. This has not only happened to Suli but to whoever went to the hse with a companion left behind. So dont even blame her friends all Africans were watching you Idiots in the hse. Even yr son got annoyed watching you smooching and kissing caressing a stranger. Too much anger came when you people kissed the whole bodies as if BB gave you a task of kissing?

  4. Sahara is on point…No further comments on this one.

  5. People, People pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizthe guy was only playing the game that Suli will remember Max very soon and it will be too late because the south Africa beauty wont spare her!!!!!!! Lerato u go gal hang on to ur man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Max Puleeez! It depends on your definition of ‘nothing’. I am with your ex-girlfriend. I would probably do the same thing. maybe worse.

  7. Max if that is you fate take it strong and move on, thats not the end of the world be strong and focus on your future

  8. too bad suli….max us crazy in love with our lerato ….you have no chace my dear….you let a gorgeous guy go

  9. Max
    you just lost it you were the main guy and decided to listen to a woman who was also playing the game trace your foot steps. you can not afford to loose Suli? as well as the green back… coordinate


  10. Arthur have u ever loved? I dont think so Dude!!!! becoz i if u have been u would never blame Max for loving Lerato, Suli had her time with Max and she made her choice, let her go to hell! I would never leave a handsome guy like Max for any woman. Look what happened to Code and Juna, besides what Code was doing in the house Juna forgave him so whats so special about that farm gal Suli? Cant wait to attend Max & Lerato’s wedding. Lerato am so happy for u 4 scoping that Handsome guy

  11. I admire Suli for sticking to their guns. Too many African men have a blase attitude to cheating and too many African women tolerate the cheating. Max claims he did nothing but I doubt that if it was Suli in the house expressing feelings for another man that Max would have just forgiven her. I’m a man and I know that if my girl did something like that I wouldn’t forgive her. And Sahara I agree that men like Max and Richard and even Code are warped, but I don’t agree that all men are. The responses in this forum show that most people agree that Suli was right to dump Max.

  12. well done maxwell for hooking up with lerato …so glad to hear that you two are madly in love and getting engaged soon…..suli must go to hell….. lerato is your girl ..good luck for your future happiness… invite us to the wedding

  13. one rebounds, one takes scrap…

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