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Eviction 11: Bye bye “blah, blah, blah…”

Maureen has left the building, THANK G-D! Never thought she’d leave… But judgment day arrived and the nut case’s name was announced as the 9th and final evictee before the final. Lock up your waterbottles and men cos she’s out in public. Though I think she’s more of a danger to herself than anyone. Lol. Adorned… or rather covered up in a blanket from neck to toe and a string of sorts wrapped around that empty skull of hers, Borereen proceeded to give us the most … er… boring , erratic, OTT, stupid and annoying interview ever! Here’s a summary of what was said: “Look it’s me!” [pointing out the obvious during her highlights package showing], “Oh, Codie, I love him”“…when I was house leader” [puke…], [she couldn’t stop praising herself]… That’s all I remember – think I blacked out for most of it.

She finally got off the stage and it was revealed that the countries that voted to evict Maureen were Ghana, South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa. Ofunneka got votes from Malawi and Uganda, while Zambia voted for Tatiana.

The two moles, Ashanti (Kenya) and Victor (Zimbabwe) that viewers had voted in and that were introduced earlier [their interviews with KB weren’t very convincing] in the show were then briefed in the diary room by Big Brother. The show ended on a high.

With the introduction of the moles, I’m sure viewers had forgotten that an irritant by the name of Maureen had ever even existed.


13 Responses to “Eviction 11: Bye bye “blah, blah, blah…””

  1. I am happy that Maureen has left the BB house with her head held up high!! After Saturday’s debauchery which left her as the only decent surving African in the house I am happy that she left the low life three b4 they contaminated her. Take heart in Gaetano’s story Mau, He did not win the money but has lived on as the most visible BB1 housemate. I love your personality Mau…all that talking to yourself and stuff is the kind that makes wonderful movie scripts in the developed world. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you grace the worlds’ tv screens in the near future. So much 4 for Richiana & Offumama…all you Mau haters got your deserved reward on saturday.


  2. I still say good riddance. I was waiting to see the highlights of her stay in the house but there was nothing there…………

    Moreover, she was so incoherent it was amazing…


  3. Thanks vewiers for vot’n maureen out pls go back to ur country with same and never show off that ugly behaviour of urs again. We dont need people like u inside BBA HOUSE.BYE

  4. all you people getting vulgar in the BBA2 website, get real, get sober, think, be reasonable. it is a fight against poverty that took all the housemates there. you either support them or leave them alone

  5. Contrary, i thot she looked smashing and w a very pretty smile. She may not have answered all qns well but i thot she did mch beta than bertha or max & rob, that is a traditional garb very common in Rwanda and western Uganda.
    I am a fan of Richard & ope he wins but judging frm Africa’s remarks, i guess none of ma BBA favs will mk it at the end of it all.

  6. She looked stunning to say the least but the interview was a disappointment. But then I didn’t expect too much from her anyway

  7. Nonina….you there’s a party for you because of this post! Venue: FOOL’S PA RADISO! Who will contaminate who? Or was it good that Maureen left before she contaminated the rest of the HM’s with her Madness…. The writer of this blog was on point! I almost passed out when she went on and on….that’s me…oh lookeee! I beat the bigg guys…I stood up for myself when the biiiggg girls like Big bertha and fugly Lerato wanted to tear me to pieces…Oh my codie…..I’n not ashamed of love! It’s beautiful to be in love KB, oh code…I love him so much..and to think she actually called him a MOFO! Like, DUH! POOH! Good riddance to the real MOFO, aint no mofo like her!


  9. Maureen sounded dysfunctional in her interview. And what was up with “Do you remember? When I beat them in the task?” She must have said that like 5 times.

  10. Waro- hate and envy are highly corrosive acids that burn and destroy their containers. I can see you dissolving in your venom….try and keep ur bitterness with ur own life to yourself!!!

  11. nana, pity I don’t hate her, don’t envy her madness…I feel pity for her and for you! i’m sorry your fellow madsister Boreen had to be kicked out bu 10 countries who knoew she should be checked in to a mental facility…maybe you should check your self too.. monkey!

  12. All maureen haters its a shame on you, what did she do that really makes her mad like nana refers her to a mental hospital what do you dsay about Rich and Tati kissing all the time yet Rich is church married, for us we know maureen has tried her best to be what nana cannot bewith strangers for 84 days and staying in athree room spaced house, Muareen stand up proud and high design more and take your career to higher heights, we have a saying “omweyogereze takusuza kayanzi ko” ” toffa kubogezi kola bibyo” those who can understand know better, nana is like muko omuwulu atabako matu. Wish you luck and prosper Maureen.

  13. Waro from the kind of words your mind churns out, you sure need a wash with detergent & disinfectant..I rest my case!


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