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Relive the Big Brother Africa experience…

Is the seriousness of recent events in the BBA house getting you down?!

No need to worry… This blog (previously known as: Rewind) should cheer you up with its satirical analysis of the housemates and the show in general from the first week to the present (12th).

You are guaranteed a couple of laughs. With cleverly written articles and hilarious viewpoints, the blog is a definite must read.


2 Responses to “Relive the Big Brother Africa experience…”

  1. this is very disgusting,i think next time it will be a lesson
    alcohol is not water at all !! may be she gotta her on reason
    cause most women when had a drink they become sexual arousalsame to men but rich tyna take advantage of that,thats so goddamn shit…
    pple we evict him for playin foul game

  2. This show should be stopped forever.

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