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Ricki speaks out: Richard betrayed me


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10 Responses to “Ricki speaks out: Richard betrayed me”

  1. I’m skeptical about the authenticity, but we shall see.

  2. ricki richi didnt betrayed u,u are still is wife but richi really luv tatiana.

  3. Patience, what good is been married to a man who is in love with another woman and has told the whole world so?

    I don’t support divorce, in fact, I’m against it and can’t advise Ricki on what to do but Richard needs to grow up – he has a problem and a 100 Rickis and Tatianas will not solve it; he has to initiate the move towards resolving his problem himself!!!

  4. Oh! Boooohooohooo….I’m sorry Ricky, but you should have persuaded him not to go for the show….Your marriage is too young for someone as emotionally unstable as Richard….Sorry…Maybe you can annul the marriage if you feel sooooo bad that you can’t take it?

  5. Maybe if Richard win the price,she can consider him but if Tatiana win it definately sure she will feel in secure about the whole relationship with Tatiana especial after Tatiana couldnt replace herself with Richard, that alone says hundreds,

  6. Ricky just take easy,i understand how you one of his fans i know you will forgive if he brings the money home because am going to vote for him.

  7. I advice that you divorce him and claim half of the $100 000- that is if he wins. I think this is could be an example of how women cheat themselves. If you stay with him you will have to live with the doubts forever. You will find someone else who loves you.

  8. Ricky I really think that you do understand and can difrentiate between a game and reality, you have your future and you know what you want dont let evil minds distruct you let your young marriage blossom, you can see those sending messages of you dropping Richard they are waiting to grab him watch out

  9. Ricky its you who allowed rich to go in for the game meaning that you trusted your husband even despite his pal advising you of his mischievous behavior.For sure rich loves you its only that his got no self control.If your still a young and upcoming couple and all these incidences are taking place at this stage what about in the coming years?. If you decide to forgive him for all that his done you have a big role to play as a woman and as a mother you can help him change if you truly love him.Its your own life dear so you have to make wise decisions remember the two words(I DO) if at all you uttered them the ball is yours.Make the right decisions all the best.

  10. I believe Richard is a man and he knows what he is doing. Just wait until he comes out you hear more to Richards side of story why he ended in this kind of mess. I also believe that he has tried to be strong. Right now Richard is frustrated to the fact that Ricki could not speak to him over tha phone instead his father.My goodness I dont support what has bn going on but the fact the he is playing the game he deserves a credit.

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