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‘the Tart’ clenches HoH title the 3rd time

So Tatiana’s won head of house again – which is all good – but I wonder why BB gave them the challenge when there’s going to be no more nominations?! One thing I do know is that Tatiana is extremely competitive as she has shown and mentioned before in Diary sessions on numerous occasions. And for her, it’s never about the end result or incentive but that fact that she is able to compete and tries her damnedest to get to the top. She has so much depth as a person, even though some may not see it because of her ditzy-ness.

I actually watched the challenge live for once and I must say that Ashanti chick is probably the most irritatingly idiotic being ever to grace African silver screens! The challenge was a puzzle solving challenge and she was up first. I dunno if what she did was an act or her real self but every time she did something incorrectly (like picking her pen up off the paper, when she wasn’t supposed to) and Ofunneka would tell her about it, she’d reply “No, I didn’t” and carried on with the puzzle. Big Brother disqualified her ass in the end.

I wanna know, how did the initial 7 moles come to being?! Did they apply for Big Brother Africa 2 and not make the cut or what?

Anywayz, Tatiamo (as the late Maureen called her) got the quickest time and now [maybe, depending on BB] has the chance to go the ever so boring Penthouse with Richie Ricardo…

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2 Responses to “‘the Tart’ clenches HoH title the 3rd time”

  1. Tatiana epitomises the youth of today. Sexy, snazzy, loving & intelligent without being overbearing.
    Her only downfall is her intense love for Richard.


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