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Housemates’ official MTN advert

Not so long ago, when there were still 5 housemates left in the house, the house was visited by an MTN representative to shoot an advert for MTN. The advert would be filmed with only a particular camera phone using still shots and then merging the shots together to produce the final product. I must say that in the short space of time that they had to film everything, it turned out quite well…

Here it is:


One Response to “Housemates’ official MTN advert”

  1. Please i will like to ask a question to Richard and Tatiana.Richard you know u have a wife but yet you went along playing silly games with Tatiana.Do you still have feelings for your wife?If yes,will you like to return to her
    Tatiana u are a woman and you should know how women think over such situations.Do you think you deserve a man’s fidelity? i not ,cause i watched mnet one day at about 11;00 pm and you were not different from a bitch.
    I think Ofuneke should be the winner cause she truely deserves it

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