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“Something you need to know…”

Ricki has finally spoken out!
Here’s what she posted on the BBA forums:

Wow, it’s been a long time. But I have bit my tongue long enough. I need to clear up something:

First, as the old saying goes when it comes to the media

I have NOT been commenting on blogs or speaking out to trashy tabloids, especially not ones called “hot gossip”, nor have I been on the forum, although I have been reading. As much as you are speculating where and what I am doing, it’s going to have to remain a mystery to you since I don’t know any of you. I have chuckled when they said I was hospitalized, that I was 39, that I had four kids, that “a close friend” reported I was warned about Richard’s womanizing ways, but it’s all crap.

But there is a serious side to this. To the people trying to impersonate me, and/or pretend that they know me, please know that you are creating tension between me and Richard’s family – people who I happen to love very much. So if you have a shred of decency, you will stop. If you don’t have any decency, then go find something better to do with your time, because really, I don’t deserve the attention. To quote the now famous words of Chipmunk: “I am not the 13th housemate”

When and IF (and that is a big if) I am going to speak about my experiences, I will do it with a reputable newspaper or TV company, not under a fake name, on an obscure blog or even on the forum, so don’t expect any news from me, I just don’t have it in me to talk about it right now. Plus, I will not sink to the level of trash talking Richard or anyone else for that matter. Richard and I will discuss things on our own time, in private.

To all of the women (and men) who have been through difficult times and feel they can relate to me, I appreciate your kind words and support. I’m sure by sharing your stories of heartbreak you can help others. As for me, I’m not ready for that and I would ask that you not speak on my behalf or try to speculate as to what I am going through, even if it is well meaning – it’s just stirs up gossip, brings out negative comments which I’m sure are as hard for you to read are they are for me.

For the people who truly do know me and are commenting on here, I totally understand your frustration about the idiotic remarks people make, but remember that this is a forum of only a couple hundred people and personally I think its not worth it to try and defend me – people will attack me no matter what, so don’t give yourself undue stress. The people who make stupid remarks really don’t warrant a response.

You may have a comeback to this message that “I asked for this” by blogging in the beggining. I don’t know what to say to that, but I hope that you will all focus on the game and housemates. And most of all: don’t worry about me!


Interesting! Good on Ricki. It sounds as if things aren’t as in a bad state as some have made us believe.

What do you think?!


15 Responses to ““Something you need to know…””

  1. Congs Rickie, afta along time u happen to AIR OUT SOMETHING to viewers. May u be bless whereva u are, they are many pple who LOVE entertaining themselve wit other pple PROBLEMS which they cant handle. TAKE HAERT RICKI and wish u the BEST IN YO MARRIAGE.
    Thanks for respecting RICHARD yo husband by keeping Qiute to all those sick COMMENTS by Viewers.




  3. Ricky you is a beautiful woman. Richard still love you. Every time he stand up to protect your name in the house. Please give a change, it was not easy for 3 months in the house. He is through lot of pain, emotions and humilating. Perhaps the money is yours, he bring it home for sure.

  4. She’s certainly shown a lot of strength in staying above the fray and not giving in to the temptation to respond to all the trash that people have been saying in the forums.

    I’ll give you a scenario here:
    Richard wins. He exits the house. Ricki takes him back. He leaves Tatiana for her. They enjoy the $100,000 . People talk about it for several months but eventually find something else to talk about.

    Scenario 2.
    Richard loses. He exits the house and Ricki decides not to take him back. She moves on with her life.

    By not speaking out, Ricki has kept her options open. She can take Richard back, or walk out on him. If he wins, she could even enjoy the $100,000 with him, and then divorce him when the money runs out.

    Who said women aren’t smart?

  5. Ricki if you really love Richard you will let him be with Tatiana because I have never seen such a beautiful love in my life between two people ever. You will be a fool to take him back after seeing him giving so much love to a girl and telling her all those beautiful things which I know he means.
    They are a perfect match made in heaven.
    Carry on with your life because I don’t think it can ever be the same again after your man has given himself to Tatiana on National TV like that.
    I am a reality TV junky and I’ve seen relationships in these shows where you can see it is just for the fun of it, but this one is something very special. As Richard said, he cannot just walk away on Sunday and forget what happened in the house because it was real.
    The day he told Code before Code was evicted that he knows the reason to what happened with him and Tatiana , that it is for him because of love, I new that it is for real.
    Oprn your eyes Ricki , Richard will never be the same with you again.
    There is someone out there for you too.

  6. Ricki at long last, even if u had aired out something about Richard, He is yours, this situation happens to women in society and not BB only but u dont need to be a coward and dump him, fight for yr right, firght for your man at long last he will settle for you. But that is, if he is not affected with HIV.
    My advise to you is to keep yr cool, he is with Tatiana today but next day until God wishes hewill be yours. Tatiana has Garvin.

  7. Ricki will be a fool to take richard back,
    but my thing is y come out with you statement now at this point in the game WHY WHY?, very fishy indeed. i think this is a cause just like the movie INDECENT PROPOSAL, if anything rich and ricki must have planned the whole thing,and if that is true and r was just playing tati the whole time i promise you ricki if rich wins that money it will be nothing but BLOOD MONEY and


  8. richard is a wondreful african man, who has a wife yet he stand the test of the house. that shws a real man. likewise tati

  9. I don’t think Rechard is playing with Tati’s feelings, my openion is that he lost his mother when he was too young, and when he met Ricki he thought he was in love but all he needed was a mother figure in his life the age difference says it all.

  10. Ricki, can so well just go to hell, Viva Richy marry ur African Queen Tati….viva Richiana

  11. Wishing them the best there is. What is happening with Tati n Rich. I would love to know

  12. hi t en richie you rocked the show, as for Ricky pse be a wife look at Codes wife she played the wife en has won codes heart code also had his stuff in the house with maureen but his wife played it cool its just a game, Ricky this is African we do support our husbands no matter wat u should ve been there the later discused issues with Richie, U think T wasnt attached she wasnt but they fell in love its now up to you to Ricky to do wat a wife should do coz men can move on en ur heart will be hurt.

    secondly you shdnt ve calld you hubby apig U needed to respect your hubby even wen you were angry, moreover before ur father in law this africa for calling out loud. Respect richie watever the case especially if you love him.

    As for T en Richie please keep us posted love you guys you gave love the its real meaning.

  13. Hi guys any update on T en Richie

  14. Hi Richard,
    How things are going man!! Please get your own website, than you can make money galore – not BBA website!! I search through all the papers to get the latest news!!!! We live in Velddrif, West Coast, South Africa!! We support you till the end to win this!!
    I just want to ask Ricki, because this is the question I asked myself when I see you are a married man!! Why did she ever allow you to join this show, when she really knows what this show is all about!!! I will never allow my husband to do this if I was 3 months married!! So she must take the punch or leave it, you was the best ever I see on any BB show. Ricki must do whatever she wanted to do, but we enjoy this show man!! I was 3 months sleep behind!! Good luck for the future and keep us on date whatever you up to!!! From our Velddrif viewers in the West Coast, South Africa

  15. Send me your latest updates and also where I can find updates from Tatiana!!!! I saw her and Ofunneka last Sunday night on the Survivor show on MNet!!

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