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BBSA1 Blast from the Past: Nina Zani


(by Tashi Tagg)

Here’s some trippy goss – I recently got a message from non-other than Nina Zani – the very first African housemate to be evicted from Big Brother. She got in touch to say hi and sent through a pic for her TVSA bio.

Despite her signature pink undies, Nina was the first housemate to leave the 2001 first season of BB SA ‘cos of being quieter than everyone else and I’ve often wondered what happened to her. With all the time that’s passed and all the character’s we’ve suffered through in between it’s like she’s become an icon that makes her leaving in first place cool instead of crap.

As for what she’s been up to – after the show she did some MC’ing and presenting work, some inserts for BB – I think it was the for the second season but not sure – and she did voiceover work for radio and ads. She’s in England at the mo. – she’s spent two years there partying with the UK BB housemates – she decided to go over to spend some time in the country and went wild on the social scene.

She got recognised by South Africans there, one party led to another and she’s ended up hooking up with some of the UK housemates. She’s also watched every season of the show while she’s there in between working in PR three days a week and generally chilling out.

I asked if she keeps in touch with the rest of the first season crowd and apparently she’s re-hooked up with a couple of them recently through Facebook – Vuyo and Brad specifically and she’s also still in touch with Irvin (picturing him getting his toes sucked by Janine.) Her and Irvin were good friends immediately after the show so they’ve stayed in contact since.

She’s coming back at the end of the year and wants to get into radio and presenting again. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next don’t you think?


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