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Four days to go…

Well Africa… What can I say?! It surely has been a fantastic three months! With the final a mere 4 days away, I can’t even imagine my life next week without Big Brother! Aargh! Here come the withdrawal symptoms… So it’s Tatiana, Richard and Ofunneka in the final – who’d have thought?! *I did actually! Lol* Vote for who you want to WIN Big Brother Africa [here] before it’s too late…

Just in case you’re wondering if this blog will continue after the show ends this Sunday – the answer is: DEFINITELY! I’ll be posting more UNCUT stuff [which I still have LOTS of! :-)] and give you updates on how the housemates are enjoying their new-found fame.

Tatiana 4 the money!

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9 Responses to “Four days to go…”

  1. I think Richard is the winner.The guy has entertained us to the fullest. Apart from that he has a very nice Kazunga for the ladies…

  2. Tatiana? Robza, you are kidding, right?

  3. @sahara

    I know it’s never gonna happen, so I just thought I’d show some support for her seeing that no one else is. I wouldn’t mind Richard or Tatiana getting the dough, but we all know that’s never gonna happen! Ofunneka is clearly the frontrunner… [how boring!] Who you supporting?

  4. T.A.T.I.A.N.A. for the money.. $$$$$$
    Sorry Ofumama 🙂

  5. @sahara
    watz wrong with supporting he golden girl tatiana

    Robza i’m trilled you supportin tati and dnt you know neva say neva tatiana just might win.she has a huger fan base than what ppl think.i just adore her, she epitomises the women of 2day,sexy,down to earth,caring,friendly,fun,party animal,intelligent her only downfall is her intense love for matter what ppl say she really is a women of substance, and i will support her till the very end.

  6. @ sahara
    meant the

    Robza plssssssssssssssssssss help i have been lookin everywhere for a picture of gustav, t boyfriend. dis might help T sed they were in a few angolan magz.plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i really want to see a picture

  7. go ofuneka.we love you and are very proud of you

  8. go ofuneka all the way

  9. Tati
    I will always love you baby girl you may be in Angola but my heart is full of your loving memories.May God bless you in all your endeavour.

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