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Ricki forced to deny allegations; it’s war between Ricki and Linda


Who does she thinks she is fooling?????

WELL Several sources close to Ricki and Richard’s family have just e-mailed us to explain what the whole setting the record straight is about

  1. Richard’s family (especially Linda) were angry to learn about Ricky’s confiding her turmoil to her friends because they knew it could tarnish Richard’s reputation and affect his chances to win BBA.
  2. They were right because the emotional pain of Ricki got exposed and the fact that it was spreading so fast they had to do something about it.
  3. Linda who recently blasted her sister-in-law openly on the BBA forum has had a heated fight with her sister-in-law to the point where they are no longer on speaking terms. Ricki was shocked and disgusted to learn that Linda revealed she hasn’t always be a good wife to Richard.

Basically this is the tension she is speaking about…

Damage Control

Richard’s father and his brothers have asked Ricki to rubbish the allegations for Richard’s sake. The adultery and the hell she has been through [which has been exposed] could jeopardize Richard’s chances of winning BBA especially at this very crucial point in the game.

Ricki thinks denying, publicly, the allegations we made will make everyone think she is fine and everyone is fine when everyone knows that everything is not okay and the water is boiling at 100c

Several viewers have seen through this denial on the forums as a way to get people to vote for Richard at these very last moments!


9 Responses to “Ricki forced to deny allegations; it’s war between Ricki and Linda”

  1. This is the best BBA site apart from the Mnet BBA website.

    You are very profesional and have addressed the controversies rationally.

    You rock and you deserve an award for this fansite.

    Cheers and God bless.

    Orikinla Osinachi,
    Nigerian Times

  2. Thank you so much Orikinla! It really means a lot. Please keep supporting the blog even after the show has ended… 🙂

  3. It is natural that Ricki will feel the way she does. It is absurd that Richard a married man goes into the house for money and he does what he has done. Richard’s family need to understand that it is there own who has betrayed the wife. Inlaws can be funny. Ricki has parents and a family too who also have feelings. It is only a sadist family sich as Richard’s who would blame Ricki for the way she feels about the hubby’s immoral acts in the house.

  4. However much people talk, stick on your guns Ricki. He is yr man until death does them apart .

  5. Hottest goss ip is just what it is – pure gossip. 100% of what they write about ain’t true, Robza.

  6. Dear ricki,

    I myself am a married woman and know what it is like to be married and further more in a cross cultural marriage.

    All I can say is that love is never enough,let alone anything else but what you want and decide. Remeber to look beyond the current emotions and circumstances and do what is best for you. For without you being happy and content, there is no marriage between you and Richard. But at the same time, you will do what is best for both of you in a way.

  7. We love Richard, and we enjoy the show so much!! Without him no BBA2!!!! I eat, sleep, drink, BBA2.

    Its not for me to say, about Richard and his wife Ricki, they must sort their own personal problems, because both of them decide for Richard to join the BBA2 show!! And I don’t want to be nasty, but my honest opion is that both of them knew what is the show all about, and damn man, like Richard said, all of us are human!!!

  8. Next in line for BBA 3 is LINDA’s Husband … Lets see what happens when he finds his own Tati in the house …:)

  9. faaaaaaaaaaack you who so ever wrote crap abt Linda this is all crap here watch ur back.

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