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The Meryl and Bertha showdown!

From a forum poster at the official BBA website:

Yes, it’s finally come to this ladies and gentlemen.

The two ladies are fighting over the sitting arrangements on the finale.

Apparently Bertha feels she and Kwaku would have better conversation, and therefore deserve to sit next to each other.

Meryl, on the other hand feels Bertha wants to sit next to K as a publicity stunt. Apparently, Bertha wants the whole of Africa to think ‘she got the man’ when the cameras focus on them.

Also, according to inside sources, following Bertha’s eviction night “sharing is caring” comment, Meryl allegedly fired back with a “Bertha, did you like the taste of me when you went down on K?”

I dunno if this is true, but I must say that these two never cease to amaze me. Lol! Go on girls, have your 15 minutes of fame… It would be hilarious though if Kwaku didn’t want to sit next to either of them! 🙂


8 Responses to “The Meryl and Bertha showdown!”

  1. lets be really sincere this is just a game and whatever happens in the house is just in the house let think about this for once “ARE THESE GALS REALLY FINDING TRUE LOVE OR FAME FROM K” this guy would bump both and still dump them i wonder if they got time to catch the K’s home coming and the white girl he was with? those two fustrated monkeys should get of K’s back ASAP i got a better offer for them —if you know them tell them to contact me

  2. We shall indeed enjoy watching these three buddies, on 11th November 2007 but I think Bertha is serious with Kwaku . We wish them well.

  3. Truth be told bertha suckzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz big tym,through out her stay she always tried to fit in she was neva herself ,she became rato’s puppet.Meryl good or bad was always true to herself just lyk my golden girl tatiana.i just loveeeeeeeeeeeee those two girls.

  4. Am waiting for Bertha’s response about what Meryl asked her. she should tell us whether she liked Meryl’s taste when she went down on Kwaku. Since she decided to go for left overs. Hahahaha


    Now THAT is a comeback response!!!

    I guess the bond between the so-called untouchables isn’t as strong as they are pretending it is.

  6. Bertha and Merly are both fools, Kweku clearly said that he is not interested in either of them.

    I can excuse Merly coz she is still a baby, but Bertha at 40 and getting into a fight with a kid? noooooooo!!!! she is really desparate.

  7. pls tell those 2 gurls to go search for some other guys cos KWEKU was just playing a game in the house.

  8. I love ofunneka and i am sure that she will carry the day by bringing the money to Nigeria, all Nigerians are proud of her and we are sure of what she is capable of, carry on ofunneka, we are here for you, bring the cash and don’t forget me, call me on my phone when you return 08025630441, i love you.
    Dre from Nigeria

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