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Eviction 12 : Tatiana makes her exit as 2nd runner-up

Angola’s Tatiana Durao is the tenth Housemate to be evicted. Tatiana receives the consolation prize of a ticket to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, courtesy of MTN.

Speaking with KB outside the House, Tatiana admitted that she had no idea how her relationship with Richard would develop outside the House. “We decided that the decision was to come from our partners,” she tells KB. When asked whether it was all part of the game, Tatiana says it was not. “That was me and that was real,” she says.


13 Responses to “Eviction 12 : Tatiana makes her exit as 2nd runner-up”

  1. Tati our SISTER INLAW U WERE SMARK AND EAST Africa love u so much. Plis culd u kindly join us for Richard Party? We shall miss u DEAR. Thanks for playing da GAME so well.
    Wish u da best luck.

  2. Tati, pls make me understand, why would yu leave a 5yr seemingly stable relationship for Richard or are you generally attracted to abusive men or is there more to Gustav than meets the eye and what you were letting on. If the way in which you fought in the house with Richard is what you are used to then i fear, it aint gonna work baby!

  3. I neva cried soooooooooooooooooooo much in my life i was soooooooooooooo sad i wanted you to win so badly.i spent 100’s and 100’s of rand voting for def washad sa’s votes for second as way as nambia and kenya. but i little bit happy coz rich won n i know tati wanted him to win.

    nway tatiana if you get to read this just want to tell you dat you ur one special lady, i neva met you but throughout the 98days my love for you grew day by day.i see u as a sister.wen you cried, i cried wen you laughed, i laughed.Tatiana the quality i admire the most is your strenght wow in all my lyf i hav neva seen such a strong women,you truly r amazing and you have a heart of gold.,u made such an impact in my lyf i will forever be grateful and brought me so much joy,u really r a ray of sunlight.TATIANA DURAO GO WELL MY ANGEL,GOD BLESS,U WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART,MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

  4. foooooooorça….taty minha prince, estou torcendo por ti!!!, mas ja sei que és a vencedora do BBA. se isso não for então é batotas!!! bjos
    tatiana durão is my favourity girl, to BBA.
    No doubt, tatiana is we champion ship in the BBA.

  5. tatiana durão is the really sex girl. i love it!!!!

  6. hei people, vote to true, look the justice. tatiana is very beatifull, coming vote in she. kiss for snoy master. 923971560. cacuaco. lda

  7. tatiana is my special lady to BBA. kiss

  8. Tart well now you see, you were ridden upon as a horse, u dint need 2 cheapen urself for 100,000% u dint get, Now Richard is out of the house, his need for you is zero we will knw wat true luv means, I wish u luck cuz its easier 4 a guy especially now he has the money 2 escape, hope 2 c u soon gracing the cover a pun magazine

  9. tati where is gustav???

  10. Tatiana should wake up shes in the real workd now forget Richard and focus on reallity my sista. Richard loves his wife he only used u to get to where he is today with all them $$$$$$$$$. He wont even share a little of it with u silly tart. Go to Gustav the rich boy . Richard is not rich he will blow that money on guzzle and his poor wify . Hope and pray that Gustav takes u back otherwise all men will do the same thing that Richard did to u, so girlfriend wake up and smell the coffee in the real world. Theres no more cams. and BB sexy voice.

  11. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no game no win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. tatiana é verdade aquilo que as pessoas dizem qoe tu fizeste no bigbrother

  13. the way richard was childish inthe house regarding his relationship with tati, she could have noticed that he is airheaded like the way they went thick and thin ,tati always surpporting him on his down falls without her support he could not have won bba2 but look at him now he is enjoying the money with someone else he shud have given her at least 5%. basically i think for richard that was infatuation

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