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“Big Brother ‘rapist’ wins”

FirstPost’s article on Richard’s win, here.


7 Responses to ““Big Brother ‘rapist’ wins””

  1. Hi, Mark, thanks for this line on the incidence in the house…. what l cant believe is that the rest of Africa cannot see the situation for what it is, lf that happened to me or any of their family, l am very sure the case would be in court before the show comes to an end….. but Africa is blaming Ofunneka,,,,, when lt was obvious that she was drunk and wasnt aware of what was happening!!!!!!! Please, lm glad you mentioned this though you’re south african. When we mentioned this as Nigerians, they say its becos Ofunne did not Win. Please…… telll the rest of Africa what this means…. guess thats why there a high rate of crime cos people get away easuly with it. From discussions with people from the Western world…. after watching that piece…. they conclude Richarge shd be charged to court for this!! pls voice it out…. thank you


  3. zola i back that up,toooooooooooooooo many sore losers in africa. i wanted tatiana and only tatiana to win but u dnt see me blah blah blahing our split milk.RICHARD WON FAIR ANG SQUARE,BE HAPPY FOR YOUR TAZANIAN BROTHER AFRICA.

  4. For heaven sake ..people should just leave my brother alone,,,,,,now that he was crown as the hero of Africa …they want to make stories against him,,,,,,Richard was drunk like all other crew in the house……so what …..Viva Richiana ……..Ricky back to Canada

  5. Who ever is talking bad about Richard you are wasting your time the man has made it . Richard think twice for your family affairs don,t depend on people,s remarks. If you deside to leave a mono or polygomy life the choise is yours.
    I wish you success.

  6. people for heavens sake did you all watch what took place that afternoon Ofu was definetly not comatose at all when richard kissed her she turned over onto him and started jirrating against him she was just as guilty because when she awoke that evening the first thing she said to him was and i quote you are a moron a real mofo and later she called him an idiot then when speaking to to tati and maureen she said she could remember nothing when they went to the room that evening to take the matress off the bed in the pink room richard and Ofu were alone he said Im sorry I could not resist it you are so beautiful she replied its ok there is just nothing you can tell me about BBA2 i literally watched until 3am everyday went on holiday and even bought a holiday smart card and would not live where there was not a decoder lets stop with the slander no one in that house deserves to be spoken about at the rate they are been spoken about it is a shame Richard and Tati are one hell of a couple and they entertained us all if things work out for them then they deserve to be happy we have to accept that we need more reality shows such as BB to keep us Africans bonding take care all hope we have a BB real soon to keep us busy

  7. stop with this nonsense,ofunneka nd richard were al drunk and men are so bitter bout richies win bocoz of his big youthful gazunga ohhhhhhhh my rickie i fill 4 u,the guy is big heyyyyyy.go richie go.Richiannnnnnnnnnna 4 life

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