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The finale that was…

From Tonight online:

Richard wins Big Brother Africa 2
November 12, 2007

In 98 incredible days, through the magic of cellphone, TV and computer technology, fans of M-Net’s Big Brother Africa 2 turned the 24/7 daily reality series into a blockbuster bona-fide hit across the continent.

On Sunday November 11, viewer voting propelled 24-year-old film student Richard Bezuidenhout from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to the big prize of $100 000 (about R670 000)! With seven of the 13 voting blocks voting for Richard, he is the winner of Big Brother Africa 2.

Beating Angola’s Tatiana and Nigeria’s Ofunneka to win the series, Richard was the last person to head out of the now famous Big Brother doors, straight into the spotlight as Africa’s newest reality series winner.

During the two-hour Finale that rocked to Afro-chic fashion, music and dance beats, DStv viewers in over 40 countries watched as the popular series drew to a dramatic end.

Reliving the triumphs, tantrums and tears of the past 3 months, viewers were treated to a special packaged insert that recounted the unforgettable moments that characterised the show.

From Bertha’s leg injury, the fake eviction and the inclusion of the “moles” Victor and Ashanti, to the African themed tasks, the eviction shows and the special guests, such as Senegal’s Baaba Maal, the highlights package took viewers down memory lane.

In addition, a second insert shown during the Finale, concentrated on romance and relationships, two themes that have characterized the current season of Big Brother Africa. From Code and Maureen’s close connection to Tatiana and Richard’s relationship, which earned the couple the nickname Richiana, and including the flirtations of housemates Kwaku, Meryl and Bertha, Big Brother Africa 2 was love-struck!

Meanwhile other Finale highlights that had the live audience gathered around the catwalk-styled ramp in high spirits were electrifying performances by South African super-group Bongo Maffin, Kenyan afro-fusion legend Eric Wainaina and award-winning Nigerian hip-hop stars P-Square. Plus, with the nine previously evicted housemates all in attendance, having already enjoyed ‘heroes’ homecomings in their own countries, it seemed fitting that a duet by Zimbabwe’s Bertha and Malawi’s Code was also on the Finale menu.

The entertainers brought even more energy to the charged atmosphere outside the Big Brother Africa house, where audience excitement was reaching fever pitch after the revelation that Angola’s Tatiana had the least audience votes and was out of the running for the main prize. As she headed through the doors, it was down to two!

With tension growing and the audience ready for the big news, Channel O VJ and series presenter KB Ngakane was handed the results envelope by show auditors Alexander Forbes. He opened it, paused and then made the winner announcement! Alone in the house for a few moments after the announcement, an emotional Richard headed through the house doors onto the Big Brother stage, where he was met by his brother.

Quizzed by KB about the show, the win and the 98 day experience, an overwhelmed Richard thanked his supporters and said, “I’ve done my country proud.”

With the winner now known, Big Brother Africa 2 comes to an end but its success has set new milestones for reality TV in Africa. Statistics from the series website and SMS strapline prove the point – over 900 000 SMS messages were received for publication on the Big Brother strap-line on DStv Channel 198, more than 14 million page impressions were registered online in a three month period and more than four million video clips viewed online from across Africa, including parts of Europe and the US.


9 Responses to “The finale that was…”

  1. hey robza, is it possible to fill us in on what happened during the after-party, that is for those of us who were not lucky enuff to follow the events after it went off-air. i mean how did the night wind up btw richiana given that none of their other halves bothered to show up n they had no cameras hanging over them for once, n how did that situation with bertha-k-meryl play out,

    its such a pity the the viewers never get to follow stuff after the screened event, any info in that regard will be appreciated.

  2. dat cool,i like my homie boyfor taking crown.he is great guys de
    deserve it……big up man
    we always support you dude

  3. dats cool,i like my homie boy for taking crown.he is great guys,he real
    deserve it……big up man
    we always support you dude

  4. Talk about no cameras following richiana n their spouses not pitching.One can only imagine…Bring da roof down

  5. I want to know how the Untouchables cursed. Lol.

  6. It is a pity that as neighbours from malawi we did not as block support our brother richard,but there are most of us that admire you and voted for you to win.I think the voting system is awkward indeed which needs to be improved in future.keep on and please visit malawi.

  7. Robza please fill us in on the evicted housies’ lives after BBA2, what they looked like at the finale, their dress, how they partied e.t.c we would live this and would be eternally grateful 2 u


  9. i spotted that Mole Mothusi in Jozi 2 weeks ago.He is sizzling HOT.i like your picture on O-boma social network baby.Kiss kiss from Cecilia.

    can i have your number

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