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See what Maureen is up to…

Having withdrawal symptoms now that Big Brother is over? Have you forgotten what you used to do before Big Brother came along? Well, some news from everyone’s favorite nut case should keep you busy and keep you hanging onto the reality show for a while longer. She has started a blog a while back and updates it regularly with her thoughts on her new-found fame and listing upcoming events…

Check out it at:

“blah blah blah…”


7 Responses to “See what Maureen is up to…”

  1. pls big brother, i will like to know the winner of the bigbrother africa 2 and also what Nigerian (ofunneka) and also what richard is up to please and also how tatiana was like after the show.

  2. @ frank
    the winner of bba2 is RICHARD
    and from wat i hear golden girl tati was fabulous as always afta the show,i saw her on channel o today with ofu and they both looked great.

  3. But where is Cherise, I thought BB would invite for the BBII Finale, the only person sounding in BBI is Gaetano. How is Cherise and what is she doing now?

  4. Honestly Maureen there’s no way you would have been one of the last 3. You were never a real contender and you did not last that long on merit but because we wanted the untouchables out first. Your comments show that you are not realistic. Too much make- believe and living in a dream world where you’re the be- all and the end-all.

  5. Becky or watever ur name is i know u cn’t even last 4 a micro second in that house in da first place dats y neva stepped in da house so let those who have the chance n brains to go other than fake ppl or nothing doers like u posting stupid comments that seem 2 even reflect ur capability i believ ur not capable of staying in that house but capable of posting nasty comments without her u wd not hv something 2 comment abt so she is useful. WAMMA MAUREEN TUKUMATIRA BANO ABALABI ABATALINA MAGEZI BALEKE, ignore there comments. KASITA FFE BANA U TUKWAGALA.


  7. A Maureen Blah Blah Blah Blog… Er No thanks !!! … Most likely all about

    How to talk to yourself to sleep
    How to swat a Fly
    Code Code My lost Mofu
    Ofu mama…Are you Ok ?
    How to apply pimple Cream … day in and Day out …
    How to admire yourself correctly in the Mirror while you dance
    How to Scream about NOTHING !!!
    How to get Blotched on ONE glass of wine !!!

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