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The after-party in pictures (updated)


Check out Shuga’s ( “Personal Red Album” from the BBA after-party. She managed to get pics with all the housemates!

Here are some pics off of from the Big Brother Africa II Finale after-party (and a few misc ones)… It’s from a Tanzanian blog so most of the pics are of Richie and family…

[click the thumbnails to enlarge]

li6.jpg linda1.jpg li2.jpg li4.jpg li7.jpg linda.jpg li12.jpg li15.jpg richies.jpg li21.jpg

More from :

r.jpg rrr.jpg kkk.jpg

Looks like they had a whale of time… If you look in one of the pics, you can actually see Botswana’s first famous midget, Justice, in the background… It looks like Richard’s sister, Linda, believes that she won the money. Look at how she’s all over that briefcase! And could anyone be more FAKE!! Dancing with Tatiana, holding her, having a laugh – that woman [Linda] truly is a piece of work [Sorry, Rich, you’re a nice dude – I just dunno what happened to her!].

Does anyone else think she looks like a Jackson?! LaToya Jackson to be exact… Wonder how many times she’s been under the knife…


17 Responses to “The after-party in pictures (updated)”

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my babygal tati had one hell of a nyt,dat linda is a rip, she cracks me up.,she’s just bein all nyc nyc withT to rub it in ricki’s face.
    on channel O, wen kb asked rich if T and him got tym to mmmmhmmmm(lyk duh meaning bump) on sun, rich smilled and gave a quick yes.
    apparently they have been stay in the same hotel room,and judgin by des pics sumthing def wen down on,richard finally did the motion and released the potion nyc and properly(not a quicky 1 min bang bang finish lyk in the hse.

  2. @ robza
    thankz a million for the pics.if u can plsssssssssssssssssss get more,especially of my golden girl tati if, u shud know by now i can’t get enough of her.

  3. Richard’s sister is such a pain in my ass. Looks like me that she won the money. Louis was all the time there for him and now she’s the one who rule the family and Richard’s money. We us viewers vote for the man who entertained us not for a idiot of a sister, a mammon.

  4. Linda or whatever your name is they say “Do unto others what you wish them to do unto you”, the same thing you are doing to Ricki will also be done to you by the sisters of your old white husband, and people do you know this Linda bitch is married to an old white man, and to Tati dont think Linda loves you, you will see her true coloures just give it some time you will tell me

  5. They gave him the money in cash?

    I can see the headlines now.

    “Big Brother Africa winner robbed as he leaves Dar Es Salaam international airport. “

  6. Hi richy,
    Spend ur $$$$$$ with pride

  7. […] blog also posted after-party photos: Looks like they had a whale of time… If you look in one of the pics, you can actually see […]

  8. oh God Linda is sooooo white! I am scared for her. She should just stop bleaching or doing wat she is doing. Thats tooo exagerated. She now looks like a white woman !(u r right too white like latoya jackson)not a black woman. I thought she should be the same complection as her brothers!

  9. @Dave. haaa haaaa haaaaa!! Lol.


  11. linda that fucking low life bitch, on her initial blogs she slammed tati called her all sorts of nasty names, and now that bitch is hugging tati,in tati’s interview t sed that linda tld her that she is very pretty and blah blah blah,that linda is such a hypocrite.i hope wen tati reads linda’s blogs she must go n give that wicked women one tight clap,and ricki must boot linda black n blue.omg i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that cow linda.

  12. Do you see the picture on the bottom left with Linda and Tatiana? If you look at Tatiana’s face she looks like she’s thinking “If this %&$#! doesn’t get her stinking hands off of me, I’m going to slap her.

  13. if Richard sister is a pain in ur ass GOOOOOD let ur ass tear off bleed to death bitcheezzzz first of all this was not di money the money went to TZ 2 mth later and Linda never got even a peny and she was not doing what she did for money she got that kind of money 10x.OKEY bitchez pluse those who own this blog get a life!!!!!!!.ASSSS HOLES.
    you said a lot abt her but the next thing you know she was chilling in her jacuzi with her own money.the fact remains there BOTH HER AND HER BROTHER CUT YOU HEARTS BLEED TO DEATH.her job was MAVELOUS.

    abt TATI and what she said it all went with the swing of the game asssssssssssseeeeesss

  15. who so ever put the pictures here and explain what you explaind bitch some is wrong with you b4 you say shit abt Linda ask your self if she even give a damn abt your low painfull heart.Linda must realy killed all ya bitches plus who so ever wrote the crap above.”linda is peace of work”
    the lady is classy,beautiful or the prettiest in Africa(GO KILL UR SELF.) she is classic and rich no wonder you’all hurt.

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