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Richard leaves S.A, arrives in TZ.

Leaving South Africa

Here are some pictures sent in by blog poster Angel7 (Thanks so much!) of Richard at OR Tambo airport in South Africa leaving for Tanzania (note that Tatiana is nowhere to be seen!) Both Tatiana and Ofunneka are still in South Africa, I can confirm, as they were last seen on tonight’s Survivor SA finale. There aren’t many pics, but it’s the best I could do…

photo0198.jpg photo0199.jpg photo0200.jpg photo0202.jpg

Arriving in Tanzania

Got these pics over at: and

Seems the reception Richie got in Tanzania was MASSIVE! But still no Ricki in sight… but wait a minute… WHERE’s RICHARD?! His dad, brother’s and sisters all seem to be lapping up the limelight without him. My guess is, he’d probably been trampled to a pulp by those journos and fans…

rii.jpg r9.jpg r20.jpg r21.jpg dad.jpg r6.jpg r4.jpg

Oh… there he is…

dsc02344.jpg r15.jpg r17.jpg r1.jpg


7 Responses to “Richard leaves S.A, arrives in TZ.”

  1. I can confirm that I saw Tatiana on Survivor last night still wearing the bangle thing Richard gave her with her beautiful dress.

  2. Richard was always there. He just dissapeared for a second to chase the thugs who ran off with his briefcase. I’m telling you, that money is going to get stolen if he keeps walking around with it. That money is going to get stolen by …


  3. @Dave.

    Lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already secretly nicked a couple of grand out of the case… She’s a slippery one…

  4. Ah rich must not leave tati n he shud gve a litl to louis but he must watch linda VERY carefully n it WONT get stolen


  6. Actually, if you look at the last set of pictures, and look at the 3rd picture on the far right, what you are seeing is Richard chasing after Linda after she attempted to run off with the briefcase. As you can see in the picture, the police are also joining the chase with their batons out.

  7. richard congrat!!!!! but pls go back to ur beautiful wife.

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