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Richard’s radio interviews

From and For the full story, pop over there – but be warned – it’s entirely in Swahili (me thinks that is the Tanzanian language!?).

Here are some pics from today:

21852.jpg 46021.jpg 21822.jpg 100_0795.jpg 100_0792.jpg 100_0765.jpg klynn.jpg ssebo.jpg eatv.jpg


12 Responses to “Richard’s radio interviews”

  1. hey robza,come on we want to know about ofu and tati,who’s cares about a radio interview,but i’m not complaining thankz for all the info so far.

  2. I dont understand Swahili, but I would like to say something to Riki. You would be al lot better off without Richard. Divorce him and take half of the money, that is all his family and Tatiana is interested in. When the money is finished, he will be all alone. Go get you somebody who will appreciate and respect you. You go girl!!

  3. @ marina
    how do u know tatiana wants the money?????????,
    sorry to break dis to u but 100k ain’t dat much of money.
    y dn’t u go n read all her interviews
    and read wat she sed regardin soooooooooooooo many ppl wantin rich to give her some $,becoz
    if it wasn’t 4 her rich wud neva hav won.
    my babygal tati ain’t no golddigger if she was she wud hav neva gotten involved with broke rich,remember gustav is a multi-millionaire, and wats millions compared to 100k? NOTHING


  5. Marina, Tatiania does’nt need Richard ‘s money she is a very successful model and I am sure has enough money of her own..If it was’nt for Tatiana Richard would not have survived the BBA house, now leave Tatiana alone. She is the Queen of our Hearts she has not got a malicious, vindictive nature, she NEVER spoke badly about any housemates, Tatiana is sincere, compasstionate and I sure as HELL would not have put up with Richard’s bullshit in the house like she did….She deserves a GOLD medal for her patience and love…. Put yourself in both their positions in total isolation for 98 day and maybe you will sing a different tune.
    Whatever happens is their destiny, seems Ricki is keeping a very low profile if she was that in love with her “husband” she would be fighting for him.. Hell no if that was me I would have been there for him supporting and FIGHTING FOR HIM. Love you Tatiana and I hope Richard did not USE YOU, as I have said before Tatiana does not deserve it. Please keep us up to date with the Richard/Ricki thing if you can, please give us honest facts not a whole lot of sensational crap………….Maybe soon we will all see just how real and honest Richard was in the house, although I loved Richiana in the house………….Thank you for keeping us informed on the this website you guys doing a great job.

  6. Pls translate 2 Eng. Wil luv 2 no wat he said. Tati supporter

  7. i have seen ricki’s photos damn she is old and ugly also she was not supportive why keeping such a wife anyway, give her a boot

  8. @ed. my dear boy, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Richard must have seen what he liked in Ricki, that s why he married her. Yes he was tempted in the house because of the isolation and its possible to love 2 women at the same time.
    If Ricki wants to take him back, she should just follow her heart and forget all you haters. It might be very difficult for her and if they get back together, they need time off in an obscure place without the interference of family and fans.
    I wish them all the best.
    As for Tatiana, women are normally stronger than men, i wish she had resisted the advance made by Richard, but all that is water under the bridge.
    All in all, every decision and action has its consequences and repercussion.
    100,OOOK is not a lot of money and can go down the drain in a jffy.
    I hope Richard will not make more enemies.

  9. Robza, where are you from?

  10. … … When he was at the Daily News offices he said he never expected to be as famous as he is now … Max was a threat, as he had believed he would win … though Ofunneka was down to earth and real, but to him Max was always a big competition towards the mula.. it was difficult as he was used to sleeping with his wife but suddenly he is sleeping with all these different people from different walks of life, he really missed his wife then … he didn’t like how the untouchables used to talk about him …

    Enhe, I’m still curious, so were are you from Robza?

  11. Marina if u have something to say to Ricki pls do so without talking crap about his family and our Tatiana.I really dont know what u think $100k is.Our Richie’s family has been standing by him since the day he was born till today that he is a $100k rich.Our Tati had a boyfriend who was richer than Richie.Her love 4 Richie who had nothing at that time made her lose her rich boyfriend but she was so in love and didnt care about what she was losing(money).So what in God’s name are u talking about marina.Get ur facts straight b4 u say anything next time especially when ur aim is to demean others.Just so u know,our richie will never be alone cos his family,Tati and us fans love him regardless of whether he has $100k or not.We all supported and voted for him,remember?

    Masalagal and Jasmine thanx 4 defending our tati .Haters find something good to do with ur time and leave Richiana alone.Peace…CINDY NIG

  12. robza171 thanx alot for all these info u are sharing with us.U are the best.Even MNET,ENDEMOL etc cant match u cos they are not telling us anything.They left us high and dry.Love u too dawg

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