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The Lurve Triangle

From TashiTagg over @

bertha kwaku

An update on the Bertha/Kwaku/Meryl kinky lurve triangle for you! I caught up with Bertha and Kwaku at the Survivor SA Finale After-party on Wednesday night and snooped out what’s going on and apparently – surprise, surprise – they’re all three just “good friends”.

What’s dirrty is that they didn’t all sit together for the show – Kwaku and Bertha sat together and Meryl sat with Max and Lerato – the impression I got generally is that Meryl’s giving Kwertha their space to see how steamy they want to get in the future while she does her wild child thang. I reckon she doesn’t want to be tied to one person and that Kwaku and Bertha are more on the same page in terms what they want their relationship to be.

Of course when Bertha came out of the house she said her and Kwaku had been “kissing friends” and nothing between them seems to have changed so I just assumed they still are.

From what I could work out from oggling them hanging out together they’re gonna stay friends even if they don’t get officially hitched. As for Meryl – the goss I heard, but couldn’t confirm with her ‘cos she didn’t hang around the party long enough, is that she’s already crushed the heart of one of the bodyguards!


8 Responses to “The Lurve Triangle”

  1. I can’t say how I know this, but I’m willing to bet that after Kwaku returns to Ghana, it’s unlikely he see Bertha or Meryl ever again.

  2. U r now celebrities do what you want. Merly was far too fit for Kwaku. They entertained us alot!

  3. Oh Bertha forever the FAKE !!! Makes me Sick

  4. ok kul guys but yo dnt be like max and lerato atleast be mature man

  5. Bertha I u hoping Kwaku will marry you???? You two are not compatible – Bertha looks like ”BIG MAMA”. Meryl you had good time with Kwaku in that house and is just that the guy has no morals.

  6. I think kweku and bertha will eventually be together, he has alot in common with her. I think meryl will be too young to handle Kweku

  7. I was not a fan of Kweku and will never be. This 2 girls deserve better. With Maryl. My gal huk up with someone else not this Porkinyo! Stupido gay!

  8. oh pls ppl get real kweku will not end up with either meryl or bertha.rem wat he tld ofu about meryl n bertha @ the penthse?


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