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M-Net apologises to Nigerians…

From Vanguard Online Edition:

M-Net, a South African distributor network, yesterday apologized to the Nigerian government over some sexually offensive video clips on the just concluded version of the Big Brother Africa reality show. Joseph Hunda, Director, Africa Operations for Mnet, made the apology while briefing the House of Representatives Committee on Information and National Orientation on some of the immoral scenes on the show.

“We want MNET to bring out something we believed would be entertaining to Nigerians and Africans and I think it went a long way in projecting the local content. It is important for one to highlight that there were certain aspects of the show that were not acceptable to the public. The NBC called our attention to certain aspects that were not acceptable to the public.

We agreed to use material with parental advisory. We assured the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) that we would refrain from showing certain scenes of the Big Brother Africa and we complied with that, but what happened (during the show) was beyond our control. So we apologize for those scenes that were shown and in the future such scenes will never be shown.”

The apology followed the decision of the Committee on information to ban Multichoice and its distributor networks from airing the reality show on Nigerian Television networks.

The Chairman of the Rep. Dino Melaye(Bunu/Kabba/Ijumu-Kogi PDP) who spoke earlier, said Multichoice and other networks had no right whatsoever to continue showing obscene clips of the show.


8 Responses to “M-Net apologises to Nigerians…”

  1. Was directing the camera from the room and Ofunneka’s V beyond anyone’s control? M- Net knows on which side his bread is buttered and just wants Nigerian Niara to keep rolling into its account.
    An apology to Ofunneka whether private or public is neccessary.

  2. DSTv is a cable network. People subscribe to the cable network. NBC should not infringe on the rights of Nigerians.

  3. NBC is not infringing on anyone’s rights, every country has its laws, rules and regulations. If there is no NBC you will probably have only foreign content, porno and a lot of useless stuff on Nigerian TV.

  4. Its a pity that if NBC had not commented on the clips, there would not have been any apology. Too bad for M-net and BBA. Hope you apologies to Ofunneka too and compensate her for that rubbish you aired.

  5. Source:
    Multichoice Fined N10m
    From Stanley Nkwazema in Abuja, 11.24.2007

    Multichoice Nigeria has been fined N10 million for violating the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act by showing “pornographic” scenes to viewers during the recently concluded Big Brother Africa 2 programme.
    The Chairman, House Committee for Information and National Orientation, Honourable David Melaye who confirmed this to THISDAY said although Multichoice officials had earlier apologised, the punishment for the violation of the Act was inevitable.
    The Committee, he said, was unanimous that the South African terrestrial service provider violated the Nigerian Broadcasting Act and must be punished accordingly.
    Honourable Melaye said officials of the NBC and the Ministry of Information appealed against the $5 million fine which the House had earlier insisted that Mulitichoice should pay, relying on the provision of the Act which states that the supervising body should determine the amount to be meted to violators.
    Officials of Multichoice had on Thursday November 22 in the House of Representatives apologised and also confirmed the sack of MNET’s producer of the Big Brother Africa 2 Programme, Mr. Martins Ngubane, who produced the show on the day the Nigerian representative on the programme, Ofunneka Molokwu was harassed by one of the Housemates.
    The superior officer who was supposed to screen that section, Mr. Stephen Waraner, according to MNET was also sanctioned for dereliction of duty.
    The company explained that it took these decisions, following pressure from the House of Representatives that the Nigerian girl was not adequately protected and that viewers were treated with obscene pictures during the period.
    The operations director of MNET Africa, Mr. Joseph Hunda who appeared at the House Committee Room 13 with eight other officials of the company including Ofunneka, apologised to Nigerians, stating that there were certain editorial guidelines spelt out for the producers of the programme which were not adhered to.
    Hunda said, “those things were not supposed to come on anyway and we are sorry that it appeared and we will not allow it again.”
    He explained to the committee: “We commissioned MNET to come out with something that will project the image of Africa. We agree that there were certain things that were not acceptable to a large part of Nigerians. We have since had discussions with NBC and agreed that we are going to continuously use parental control on all DSTV channels. Our customers should be able to control their homes.”
    Honourable Melaye told the Multichoice officials that Nigerians were fed too much indecent clips during the period the programme was aired.
    Melaye said: “We will not allow our image to be dragged on the floor. Ofunneka projected the image of Nigeria and we are proud of her. We had earlier banned clips, previews and full airing of the programme and we want you to apologise to Nigerians over what happened.”
    Hunda explained to the lawmakers that Multichoice has been making serious efforts towards encouraging more local content in its programmes, confirming that six local stations, AIT, Channels, Silverbird, MITV, NTA and M Multichoice

  6. Let me state the issues in the Big Brother Africa as I understand them first, then argue against them.

    Emphases have been placed on, as I have read, “not protecting Ofunneka”. Also Ofunneka has been declared, as I have read, “representing Nigeria well”. Finally, as I have read, the demand of the House of Representatives from MNET was based on the finger-sexing of Ofunneka by Richard in world public, and not on the fact that the whole event was corrupt and (most) offensive to our reason, sense of morality or decorum, and our obligation to the sexual demands of our traditions and religions.



    My defence concerning the above, briefly: Is “protecting Ofunneka”, if that means not showing the world audience the finger-sexing of Ofuneka by Richard, a married man, right? Even if Richard was not married, would it have been right?

    Was the finger-sexing of Ofunneka the only thing that was corrupt, bad, shameful, and condemnable about the BBA? Was it right for the participants to have had their bath naked, seen by not only the people of their opposite sex in the competition, but by the whole world nations, including children who, under the rights of the child, should be protected from such perverse, dissolute, sexually affective, and sexually corruptive pornography?

    Why did the House of Representative not speak about the failure to “protect Ofunneka” in terms of demanding why the MNET demanded or required her and the other participants to bathe naked, or allowed them to have their bath naked before viewers, and not in bathrooms and in absolute privacy — a privacy such that no camera was in the bathroom or at any other remote place intended to pick them from that remote place?

    Demanding, stipulating, requiring or allowing Ofunneka and the rest of the participants to have their bath naked and before either sex and the whole world of nations means that MNET meant to destroy the beliefs and values that are attached to human being as human beings, and not wild animals, the honour and dignity that are attached to the privacy and sacredness of sexual organs and parts of the human body and the traditional and religious demands of chastity or beliefs about chastity.

    The House of Representatives and, indeed, every person who deserves to be called a persons and not a wild animal, and every person who is religious, in the sense of believing in the existence of God and the worship of God — and I have read that Ofunneka claims to be religions in the sense that I have defined religious, and that she even intends to meet the pope — would not take part in such a competition, no mater how much is involved as reward for winning it.

    This is because bathing naked before the opposite sex and before the entire world or nations violated the commandment of God and religious sexual morality.

    Ofunneka cannot say that she did not know that she had to bathe naked or that there was no other alternative. Can it, therefore, be said that it was moral or right for her to have participated in that BBA, knowing that such self-debasement, self-degradation, self abusive, shameful and utter violation of the privacy and sacredness of the private part was part of the contest?.

    Would it have been considered moral or right if a tradition in Ofunneka’s town or village (and, indeed, anywhere in Nigeria) had demanded bathing outside by Ofunneka (or any girl) before all the people in the community of Ofunneka (or any girl), not to speak about the whole town?

    If it is assumed that she did not know the rules until she got to South Africa, why did she not refuse to take part in the competition when she learnt there that the rules included bathing naked?

    Concerning drinking an alcoholic beverage: The organisers have said that they asked participants to “sip”, and to be reasonable. Granted that sipping an alcoholic beverage does not mean that one cannot get drunk, was it reasonable for Ofunneka to have agreed to take alcoholic beverage? Was it reasonable for Ofunneka to have got her self drunk?.

    It is absolutely clear that Ofunneka is sexually loose, perverse, dissolute, rotten and maggoty.

    If the Minister of Information would reward such a girl where is “war against corruption”? Was bathing naked before the whole world of nations and the participating opposite sex not corrupt? Was giving self to finger sexual intercourse (or finger sex) before the entire world of watching nations not corrupt? Was declaring, as Ofunneka did, that she had no regret fort what she did at the BBA not corrupt?

    Should a girl of 29 years not have concerned her self with how to make herself honourable, dignified, and respectable in order to attract a suitor and a husband?

    Are the free and deliberate indulgences by Ofunneka which I have analysed and shown here not the characteristics of a loose, Perverse, dissolute, rotten and maggoty girl?

    Did the Minister for Information and any other person or group of people who approve of Ofunneka’s participation mean to teach or encourage younger children to indulge in such events? Would they encourage their daughters to indulge in it?

    The Ofunneka’s appointment ought to and should be revoked immediately —PLEASE — in order to teach her to have noble aims and to endeavour to achieve such aims morally, honourably and through consistent and persevering hard work. By revoking her appointment, the younger girls and boys would also be taught the same lesson and moral existential values.

    The failure or refusal to do this would make the sexual looseness, perversity, dissoluteness, corruption, and shamelessness of Ofunneka an indelible scandal, justification of her action before our children, and younger people, and a very corrupt and condemnable motivation of our children ad young people.

    Prince Pieray C. P Odor

  7. Bullshizzzllling…reality is reality and what is the FUSS about? The clips show us how some of the housemtes are or behave in real time. In a nutshell, there was no need for an apology.


  8. Prince Pieray C. P Odor, you are just right and i want to commend your observation and analysis.

    Obviously,Ofunneka came from a home where good morals has became “the thing of the past” Her parents are not worthy to be called parent. I am certain that Ofunneka is aware of the rules that guides the BBA and she got into all those act just to get out of the abject povery that her family is going through but she fails to realise that ” it is the ladder that a man climbs up that he will climb down” Just watch her life in the years to come and you will never see a noteable growth in her life. Offunneka you are a DISGRACE to yourself and to your future.

    As for the lawmakers that said that Ofunneka represented Nigeria well, the truth is that they don’t even have moral justification to condemn Ofunneka’s act since immorality had been their way of life. You can immagine someone who pays a prostitute the sum of =N=500,000 just for a 5 minute sexual intercourse. Such a person will never see anything bad in what Ofunneka did.

    As for the MNet there are lots of way to promoting african unity not through the indecency show called reality show. Stop this nonsense else……

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