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New site alert!

Big Brother Men Uncut is finally here! Initially advertised as Big Brother Men Exposed, the site’s name was changed slightly. At the moment, there isn’t much content on it, but Jason (the guy running the blog) promises that he will be updating it daily

So without further ado, click over to:


18 Responses to “New site alert!”

  1. hi tatiana just had a look at ur uncut photos of u an richard ,well girl u look dam sexy as for richard u were to hot 4 him to handle ,just watch his expresion on his face well that says it all.woow tatiana too hot to handle ,loved the bath scene even the penthouse.well richard she is to hot 4 u anyway to handle so plkease stay with ur mother please
    sa.girl sexy

  2. Good work Robza! we really appreciate it. But then how come we can’t view the videos?

  3. Robza, these clips on the BBA highlights; is it me or have they been removed? cos i can’t veiw them. The message says “WE ARE SORRY BUT THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED”

  4. @mystery,

    the clips seem to playing fine for me – they don’t seem to have been removed…. just try again it… 🙂

  5. Cant we get a closer view of wht you are giving us?And also i want to know wht can i download to view th videos via my phone (nokia n70)

  6. okay! Robza, maybe its my computer cos i am using my work laptop. It could be the IT guys blocked any streaming content. I will check with them.

  7. thanx Robza i can view them now!

  8. Robza thanx for the link, but pliz help me coz when I click to try and download any of the videos I find myself at the link and don’t know where to go next. Please help!!!

  9. @lorato,

    Select any host – FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS from there and you shouldn’t have a problem…

  10. Glad to see the new site is up and running, but I am disappointed with the lack of content and updates.

  11. Robza , Maureen denied having sex in BBA2 , please post the video here so we can put her to shame , those naked pictures of her and Code are not enough proof , please give us a christmas treat with the video …………….

  12. Yo, this is off the hinges, too bad its not on t.v! I wonder if a teen big bro nigeria will ever show. It is a swell job whoever is running this show is doing ! Big ups and much love, by the way I’m not south African

  13. I downloaded the videos fine. They were excellent. It is always good to see my brothers and sisters from the motherland. I always dream of returning to my roots one day. The men are handsome and the ladies are fine as wine. Damn I’m impressed.


  15. i want to be a geniuene fan club member.

  16. how do i access the videos and pics on this site


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