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Maureen’s new blog post

Hello Guys,

Happy new year. 2008 is a year of fulfillments and opportunities but the difference today is that, I’m in a better position to set my own terms.

I have received a number of offers, but most probably, I’m going to commit most of my time highlighting the plight of women and children under the United Nations. This is closer to home and as a woman, I feel the need to do so.

I’m also in the final stages of launching a cosmetic product on the market. If you have any suggestions or ideas, you are welcome to share them with me. Not forgetting my passion and profession, I will be relaunching my fashion label in style soon.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and I hope the new year is as bright and rewarding to all of you.



46 Responses to “Maureen’s new blog post”

  1. Hi Maureen
    Glad to hear you are doing well. Good luck with all your future endeavors.
    Have you been in contact with any of the housemates?


  3. goodluck to maureen .

    @sa,girl sexy

  4. nice too hear you are doing so well , keep on smiling and talking to your imaginary friends. all the best for the future

  5. I never like Mau and bored to hear from her. want to steal whose ideas Mau? just go ahead and launch your cosmetics!!!

  6. Good for you Mau.

  7. keep on smiling and talking to your imaginary friends.

  8. love u

  9. HI Moree!
    wish u the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i maureen see that u still have ur favourate jersey ,do u still have ur water bottle.

    sa.girl sexy

  11. Maureen,

    Impressive girl !!! Your own blog, your own cosmetics, your own clothing range and best of all contract with the United Nations.

    Now, do you have Richard’s number? Phone him and tell him how things are done.

  12. I wish you all the best Maureen in your endeavors, I know that you will make it 🙂

  13. Maureen a lot of people understimated u in the house but you also one of those strong woman who did your thing your way with out anyones approval , I simply loved it when you pulled you Monkey face in the mirror. Remember how Code freaked. Please do one for me tonite!
    Go WeLL


  15. Mhhhhmmmmmmmmmm!!! that is all i can say but please loose that jersey.



  17. my sista from a blvd continent. u knw wt? i ws touchd wen u said its ur yr of fulfillments. my man of God told me d same thing @ d beginning of this yr. all i have for u is thst anything you lay ur hands on will prosper in the mighty name of JESUS! jst bliv it, the set time is come

  18. i commend you for you are doing, may God always give you the strength and resources to continue to help others

  19. Hey Mau it’s gud to hear from u….and doin wel 4 ur self, jus wanna say….there was a boy!!!….stil have no idea what u meant?

  20. wish u the best Mau.May all your dreams cme true this year.Remember nothing comes 4 free!

  21. hi maureen idol
    thank God that u r doing great, u mean so much to me and all my folks.
    well, i must commend ur effort and pls dont relent.
    i miss u so much and will always miss u
    hope u will be part of big brother africa 2008
    remain untop my sweet idol and princess
    the most beautiful angel in BBA II
    u r my sweetest babe in the house
    hope u r still with ur guy CODE?

  22. seriusly u shud consider a career change coz ur stay in the house neva revealed any designing or cosmetic skills. i dont think a true designer cud dress the way u did in the house. a picture of u in ur black tights, oversize jersey and orange bag on ur head is still painfuly stuck in my head.
    for that reason alone pipo will neva take u seriusly in that field

  23. robza why are u blocking my comments. boreen has asked 4 ideas so i want 2 share mine.

  24. @genniouss,
    Loud out loud gal, I can vouch for that. I heared her in her own voice saying she wants ideas from @genniuss. I’s true.

  25. maureen u shud work as a nurse coz u dont mind otha pips body fIuids

  26. @babby …. hahahahahahahahaha

  27. Back from the weekend hope everybody enjoyed. Maureena a little bit of advise (IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO YET) see a psychatrist. I think your mind is not settled referring to the way you were in the house THEN MAYBE your dreams MIGHT come true.

  28. I’ve learnt that ‘IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY TO ANYONE, RATHER KEEP QUITE”. Having said that i will say, good luck to you in whatever you do. Some people like you and some don’t, that’s life. Don’t let the negative comments get you down, they are not worth your heartache, trust me.

  29. Roseanne.
    I liked all the housemates eventhough my favourite is TATI. If u really watched BBII like I did u know MAU was not stable. Hope she has done herself a favour and seen a psychatrist or a counsellor. I wish her the best.

  30. @ LADY K

    Give Mau a break, noone is perfect and that means you too. She will see someone if she thinks she needs help and not you telling her what she has to do. Who are you to tell her that? Get a life and stop the hatred, it’s so sickenning already! Let her do what she wants to do in ehr own time. Who are you to judge how stable or unstable she was? She’s been through a lot in her life and the sooner you realise that this is real life the better.

  31. @primma, thanx 4 placing ur self into Mau’s position. How ever is good 2 acknowledge differencies in people. I believe we all have weaknesses&strengths. I see MAU is a daring and a life confronting person who value other’s inputs 4 her success. Her availability 2 public tells much. Lk anybody else she needs support of various kinds 2 make her achieve goals in life. Both formative& informative ideas r likely 2 foster her. achievements. LOVE&PEACE

  32. @primma
    u dont need a phd 2 diagnose maus condition. the whole continent saw how disturbed she was and i kno u saw that too. my only hope is that she was only overwhelmed in the house but regained herself after exiting. but if what i saw is her true self, THERAPY is the only ansa

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  39. So much has happened since BBAII. Do u wana know what i have been upto? Join my chat group, Maureen Namatovu from Big Brother Africa II, on facebook and lets catch up

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