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Meryl speaks but surprisingly says little…

Meryl answered a couple of the blogger’s questions:

A few Questions from ZB:

1) How did you REALLY feel when Bertha made her move on K after you left?
*She had her reasons for doing what she did and I can’t resent her for following her heart.I think I will get over it.

2) Were you upset that K and B hooked up after you left?
*After what he said to me(I love you and I will come find you!), it was a bit shocking and maybe disappointing.

3) What is your opinion on how the Untouchables reacted when Max was nominated. Do you think that they made a mistake or do you think their reactions were justified?
*The mistake I saw was when I left the next day there was division! I could see that everyone had their reasons for dividing themselves.

4) Which of the housemates have you been in contact with post BBA2?
*Kwaku,Lerato and Max.

5) What is your favourite memory of your time in the BBA2 house?

*Being the first Head of the House!!!lol

6) Has your opinion of your fellow housemates changed at all after the show has ended?


7) Who do you think was the reallest person in the house?
*Me…..No seriously I was myself

8.) What was your worst moment in the house?
*When we had no meat and when they took away my ciggy’s

9) What is your honest opinion about the Richiana relationship in the house. Was it real or just a game?
*It looked like they realy fell for each other but all I can say is that they different and I don’t think that they are compatable.

10) Are you involved with somebody at the moment?

* I can’t tell you that. I can’t put the name or exsistance of my love to anyone yet. (I’m not saying there is and I’m not saying there isn’t)

Questions from Hilaria

1.Meryl, why are you keeping a low profile?
*It ain’t that low… But I am doing some things in my life that I can’t share with people so I do it in the comfort of my home.

2. Are you still part of the untouchables after you made them false promises when they visited your country late last year?
*I have cleared my name and I was not the one who made the false promises to the untouchables!

Questions from Dolphin

1. Are you still living with your mother like you used to do before going into the house?
*Yip!! I can’t stand not living with my mum…

2. What deals did you sign after your left the house and did you met up with Stefan – your homie from the other BB show?

*I always wanted to be on television and hoping to start a TV show… I will be on television. But I can’t tell you yet.

I hope you guys enjoy reading these answers….



27 Responses to “Meryl speaks but surprisingly says little…”

  1. Girl you are hot! keep being hot. May Kwaku-T come back to you babaygirl. Sorry Dolphin you are still my friend. lol

  2. Meri,

    Now share with Dolpi. You said you are doing thing in your house that you can’t share.

    Please share. We won’t tell. We will keep it a secret.


    That 4to of Kweku-T. I kept on fainting that day. Me for seeing Mr Tutu again and @Honeybee for speaking to her special special.


  4. @Liz,

    I will never forget Meryl’s eyes when she was evicted. The raw hurt in those big brown looking at Kweku-T for help. Man, it was a sad, sad day.

    And @liz, can you remember how T-man cried when he washed da dishes? LOOLOLOL

  5. Meryl, I thought you were yourself in the house and I for one enjoyed you very much, however, I do think you were a bit influenced by other housemates that gossiped tooooo much. You tried to steer clear and sometimes looked uncomfortable, grabbed your book to TRY and stay out of the Bedroom gossip.

    You and Tatiana would have made a great pair, as you are both free spirits, just a pity it never worked out that way for you, and you never really got time to bond with Tatiana for very obvious reasons.

    You are young, well spoken, true, but not to the point were you really malicious and nasty, except when you guzzled and as I say I believe you were influenced in the house, that is my personal opinion.

    Good Luck Meryl and May all your Dreams become REALITY I think you are one person in the house, under different circumstances that WOULD HAVE MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THE WAY THINGS PANNED OUT AS YOU WERE VERY PERCEPTIVE.

    Take care Meryl and look after yourself.

  6. yeah dolphin that day was one of the sadest day ever in bbh, I saw her trying to hold back tears and mine came rolling down. she a sweet girl.

    pls Dolphin don’t faint again when you see Mr. Tutu’s pic. What will happen when you see him live? l

  7. i’m here partner in crime

  8. @Meryl
    Thanks for the answers. I really liked you. You are a confident, no-nonsense fun-loving girl. Good luck with everything…hope to hear more from you.
    BTW, I’m dying to know more about how your feelings towards the housemates have changed…maybe I should have asked you to elaborate…(LoL)
    As for the Richiana answer, you probably hit the nail right on the head!

  9. yah meryl was one of the cool chickas in the house.

  10. hey so ladyt… u made it here! sorry i can take you around, I will ask Dolphin to do so. hehehhe

  11. @Hawa,

    You take me hand and @Lady-T let us go for a walk through all the clips, I have savanna’s. What are you bringing to da table?

    The day I meet Kweku-T, I will make sure I am standing tall and strong (between 2 guys with 6-pack stomachs, shoulders, ray bans) just in case shu know ………


  13. @sa girl sexy,

    Hey you girl friend. I think all the peeps in Cape Town were in the water last night. What a stunning evening it was. And it ended with thunder. We even had an electrical storm over the sea at 12 last night. What a way to end the day. I tried my best to take photos of the storm and the electric flashes hitting the sea, but gal, nothing. The speed those things travels are breathtaking. I have 24 photos to proof my point. All black. LOL. Can’t put those in my photo album can I?

    And before our friends from other provinces in South Africa or Countries say something. Please understand that we Capetonians are not familiar with these types of storms. We seldom experience something like that. Wow.



  16. Hi Meryl – Happy vallentine.

  17. Cute interview, from a cute chick. Yes, her eviction was sad, but expected. To repeat Dolphin’s apt observation: “I will never forget Meryl’s eyes when she was evicted. The raw hurt in those big brown looking at Kweku-T for help. Man, it was a sad, sad day.”
    There was a general feeling by viewers that she was too young (compared to the others, that is) and therefore did not quite fit in. I think she allowed herself to be influenced by a wholly wrong crowd she clearly revered, tried hard to fit in with them, and somehow thought they would return her loyalty and cover her back. I personally felt she should have followed her heart and hung out with Tati, her true soul mate, if only they’d given their relationship a chance to blossom…Not too late to go that route, baby Meryl

  18. It is nice to hear from other housemates apart from Richard who bores me. What is the situation of your relationship with Kweku? All the best for the future.

  19. All the best to you Meryl.

  20. hey babe……….

    happy V/day with……..

    lotsa luv xoxoxox

  21. @ Merly
    You were indeed yourself and when you left the whole thing started to bore me. I can imagine how you felt when Bertha made a move on K. Following her heart or not, what she did was just not cool. I wonder what kind of a person she is outside the house BUT YOU ARE RIGHT, YOU WILL GET OVER IT. I’m sure you fell for K but hey, he isn’t right for you, i think you deserve better than that lunie excuse of a man. Let him go and move on with your life baby girl. All the best and happy valentine.


  23. Happy valentine day Meryl! u look so cute like always.

  24. Sorry, can someone enlighten me on Hillaria’s question:
    “Are you still part of the untouchables after you made them false promises when they visited your country late last year?
    *I have cleared my name and I was not the one who made the false promises to the untouchables!”

    Did I miss something? Robza? zb? Anyone?

    Oh, and for the record, Meryl was never, I mean NEVER, part of the untouchables.While Maureen coined the term Untouchables (Oooh the Untouchable supporters must be pained at this truth!Yes it’s true!), she was referring to Max & Rato, but it somehow was continued by the viewers to refer to the miserable group that formed AFTER Meryl left…GIDDID?

  25. i liked u in the house. am a sucker 4 free spirits and i wish maureen had left that early coz gal u are a better intertainer than that psychotic freak! wish u all the best 🙂

  26. Can someone let me know what Meryl promised the untouchable which she now says she has cleared her name.

    My African sisters as we have united Africa through different blogs enjoy you weekend. Will come back on Monday. Dont have an internet at home only at work – Need to organise one so I can keep checking you people during weekends.

  27. i think meryls a wonderful person but pretty dumb if she’s still hooking up with spiteful people like lerato.Kweku is just plain empty headed. meryls too good for him. lv you meryl

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