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Moments With Mo…

As many of you know, Big Brother Africa 2’s top 3, Richard, Tatiana and Ofunneka were in Nigeria last month to film an episode of “Moments With Mo”. This episode is yet to air. Many believe that the show will premiere this week sometime, but looking at the official website it seems that the episode may only be shown next week week after next (27th, 28th or 29th Feb). I’m really looking forward to the show, as many have created some sort of hype around it. The show is screened on M-Net Africa (channel 102) which is unfortunately unavailable to our South African friends. But worry not – I will be recording and posting the whole show for you.


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  1. Robza171, you are real wonderful. Thank you so much for your care to us!. Cant wait to see articulateness of the BBA show finalists especially THE QUEEN OF AFRICA, TATIANA TERESA DOS SANTOS DURAO!..



  3. EXCELLENT PIC …. thanks ROBZA !!!

    Love Richard’s beautiful smile as always.

    Robza …. and the news article about Richard being made Goodwill Ambassador of the S.O.S. Children’s Village in
    …. Dar es Salaam ????

    Please maaaaaaaaaan :-))))

    Thanx for adding the HELLO TATIANA to my address to Tatiana this morning. I was upset to see that you left that off as I am ALWAYS polite in greeting people either to say hello or good-bye.

    You’re precious …. Thanks !!!


  4. @4ever please stop nagging ,looking for attention dont u ever sleep, besides our queen said she did greet u so whats all the fuss about or are u lonely.feel sorry for u being all alone and nothing to do besides chating on the blog .

  5. lookin 4ward to the show
    guys jus ignore @4ever coz shes like a vampire, we are prey and our comments about her are the blood she feeds on. starve her

  6. Thanks Robza for having our back , cant wait to see the show. Its gonna be interesting.

  7. Thanks Robza you are a star.
    And peeps here in SA, I’ve got it on good authority that the show will be coming to Africa Magic (Channel 107) sometime in the future as well. As soon as the scheduling has been confirmed I will let you know!

  8. lol, 4ever stuff it already. nobody gives a crap about richard. we are all looking forward to see tati and ofumama.




  11. @Robza,

    Thanks man. Much appreciated. Cant wait until next week to see the three housemates on the show and hear them answer the questions.

    Eish this 4ever, always trying to draw the attention away. But anyway it is Friday, it is weekend, let us be happy, let us be glad.

    Smile. Smile. Smile. The best medicine there is.

  12. Richard good luck! you are doing well for yourself, but please look out for people like 4ever who are full of nothing but hatred and they claim to be mature and wise. this woman is really bad, he will destroy your popularity even if she claims to be dedicated to you. PLEASE! PLEASE! RECHARD!! You can do it on your own, you don’t need old pensioners around you.they can go on holiday and enjoy their last days, without destroying young people who have a bright future ahead of them.

  13. @Robza,
    We r waiting dear, please let it be.

  14. @huever…the onle pic i see is of richbor…but people are bussy praising the tart…blalaablala princes this ,queen that ,ohhhh shut up..u tart ass lickers…

    and please leave this kid..4ever alone….she has the right to complain

  15. How are u doing @Anonymous ?? hope you are well. Enjoy your weekend.

  16. How are u doing @Anonymous ?? hope you are well. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Anonymous my homeboy at GC get a life. We Tati Fans say it as it is. I have told u on many occassions that everybody has got his/her own opinion so stop insulting us Tati Fans cause we have never insulted any of Rich’s Fans. I want to meet you as I’m also in GC.

    Dolphin pse get me on e-mail and send me some of Tati’s photos. I just want to print one and put it in my lounge. I really love that lady cause she has a sense of humour.

    Hope all Tati Fans will enjoy the weekend.

  18. Robza thank you very much. Can’t wait to see Queen Tati and Ofuneka on the talk show!.

  19. @Anonymous,

    “I wanna know, I wanna know your name… why u gotta be anonymous!?” He he… *sigh* I crack myself up….


  20. @Robza
    Thanks dawg, very much appreciated, can’t wait to see this show.

  21. Robza my King

    thank u very much, if u cn c the smile on ma face!! I AM SO HAPPY cnt wait to c the queen & Ofumama & its been a long time since i hear their voices

    @ genniuss
    lookin 4ward to the show
    guys jus ignore @4ever coz shes like a vampire, we are prey and our comments about her are the blood she feeds on. starve her
    HA HA HA HA, thats true!!

  22. Well Richi, I cant wait to see you on this show,you are great the sky is the limit my boy may God almigty keep pouring his blessings on you.take goodcare of your wife.

  23. morning my fellow looners,happy people,today sat 16th-feb -08,there is Moments with mo again omnibus at east and central africa tv guide at 14pm cat time and again on 23rd -feb-08 at 16pm cat time ,enjoy

  24. @ Ken don’t forget to watch and remember all the details, can’t wait for you to tell all. Happy watching and have a great week-end!


  26. Thanks Robza u r d mannn….i cant wait 2 c my Queen Tati & Offune. Man Tatiana Teresa Dos santos Durao u r amazing……thanks 4 not forgeting and always acknowldging ur fans…….stay sweet baby gal, we got ur back. Tatiana fan 4lyf.

  27. @nato i watched moment with mo today they didnt show the interview for our 3 bba2 finalists ,may be to another programme which will be aired next saturday on 23rd,but i enjoy the programme,moment with mo is a great talk show ,i have never watched before ,but i learn a lot by watching it today ,they talked about inspiration,love stories etc,my speciall thanks for todays show goes to DAKORE EGBUSON a young Nollywood actress ,thank you for teaching me to love myself first before i love anyone else ,you have a golden heart,and you are so giving thank you for showing me that ,i love you girl.

  28. nato i watched moment with mo on yesterday they didnt show the interview of our bba2 3 finalists instead of they talked about inspiration and love stories ,we better wait untill next saturday on 23rd,but i enjoyed the show,because i learn a lot ,moment with mo is a great show,make sure you wont miss an episode

  29. Ken, I’m glad that you found the show inspirational and enjoyable, now I know you will be watching again because you learnt so much. I hope that our BB contestants episode will be just so good to view. Can’t wait to hear from you. Have a good day.

  30. it will also air onmnet west but i dont know when. most likely the day o 2 days afer it has been aired on MNet east.

  31. Ken which channel is the moments with mo talk show? Anxious to see Tati my African Queen and for sure Ofunamama.

  32. Ken I also watched the show Moments with Mo. It is a great show, enjoyable, exciting and entertaining. I liked also when one of guest spoke about Healthy Eating. She suggested to use the word health eating instead of using (DIET). I really enjoyed that and she said there is nothing wrong with eating carbohydrates but what matters is the quantities. For those dieting she discouraged measuring your food by counting calories but instead measure yr food using a teacup. If you use one teacup servings u will lose weight.So cutting down on carbohydrates is not necessay. And of course you have to excercise as well.
    The 3 BBA2 will be aired this Saturday the 23rd, i saw the shots this morning . Tati and Offuneka were stunning, they looked good and Richard also, as for the 13th Housemate no comment.
    Those who have DSTV Channel will be able to watch it. I am in Zim and Moments with MO shows on DSTV from 14.00 to 16.00.
    I can’t wait for Saturday.

  33. Rebecca DSTV with channel. Is it MNet.

  34. Rebecca you are right,iam glad that you learn a lot too, @ nato the show will be aired on 23rd next saturday between 14.00 to 16.00 on MNET channel

  35. Lady K Its on DSTV Channel 102

  36. Thanks Rebecca will watch the show.

  37. It is going to be VERY INTERESTING to read comments after Richards Moments with Mo. I personally cant wait for the interview. BUT I know no matter what Richard says, as long as he stands firm on his word that his wife is No. 1 he is in for it in this forum with these Tatiana Fans. They are all so brainwashed regarding Tatiana they remind me of THE STEPFORD WIVES. That movie describes Tatiana fans to a T. I wish they listen to what Richard has to say and stop thinking about Tatiana for a while. And I wish Richard be himself and come true to prove these web “psychologists” wrong. I am just sorry I live in South Africa hence I cannot see the show. I wonder why? I am a great fan of Africa Magic and wonder why it doesn’t show there?

    I will reserve my comments for until after I have seen the interview. Cant wait to see Ofunnemama though. That is my AFRICAN QUEEN.

  38. Ntaoleng, when did you start liking Ofunnemama? though you and d oda two at hottest gossip, hate all hsemates apart from Rich? I love Tati cos believe it or not, she has a good heart, I also Love all d oda hse mates except..bla bla bla, doug d 3finalists were my Fav. Richard to me is redemming his self by makin himself accessible to fans and I admire his wife, could almost love her…but Ntaloeng you hav to remember people hav a right to their opinions, you,me,anyone might not agree wit d opinions but its their right and dat should not be grounds for mockery..

  39. Well it seems I have a new title: A STEPFORD WIFE (LoL)

    Ntaoleng, my dear why can’t you just accept that Tatiana’s fans like her for who she is?
    You don’t have to like her, that is your perogative, but why care if other people like her and call them brainwashed for doing so…?


  40. Say it as it is zb – this forum is for freedom of speech. Period!

  41. @Ntaoleng,
    It seems like is tough for you to accommodate other people’s feelings and freedom of expression. All it proves is that we are a diversity of individual qualities blogging here. You can not successfully deplete Tatiana’s fan base simply by calling her fans the “brain washed”. I don’t think the strategy is likely to impact positively on Richard’s fan base either. Unless Richard and Tatiana are competitors otherwise, for me it is meaningless why Tati fans should recess thinking of her while listening to what Richard has to say, if one can consider both of them simultaneously.

  42. @Sarafina, I agree with you. Our differences of all kinds should not be bases for mockery.
    Yes baby, thank you for saying it.

  43. my EPG shows that the show will start 2pm-5pm. a 3hr talk show? am planning to record but its 3hrs! well they probably hve otha stuff to show besides bba2.
    @Robza, why dont we do a competition on “who posts the show to Robza 1st” i can take any1 on that 😉

  44. @Gemma, it is very interesting. You know, I cant understand why @Ntaoleng is worried with Richard performance in the Nigeria show.
    I do not know what makes her think that Richard didn’t make it well. Has she lost hope on his improvement to an extent of regarding him a permanently boring entity?

    @Ntaoleng, it is better you think it positively that he has done it outstandingly and that all observers will clap hands for him.

    If you real love Richard, take off the defensive cushions you are covering him that his performance in the show will be not applauded because Tati fans cannot appreciate him. Accept that he is also a human being with some impurities, which might attract some negative comments from observers. Assume that all negative comments that might be given out will be for betterment of his individuality and positioning him for the better performances.

    @Ntaoleng, the issue of his wife is a weak shield that you are trying to synthesize as a tool for him to avert facing and addressing realities, and impeding his own progress.

    Do not hate Tatiana and her fans for your presumptions on Richard’s low performances. Acknowledge that Tatiana and her fans is an independent entity that is not interlocked with Richard’s.

    The efforts you are using in pulling down Tatiana fan base could be more productive if will be employed in elevating Richard’s qualities, undertakings and achievements. By enhancing his development, he will be better and probably with abilities to outshine Tatiana ( if she will be a sleeping giant), and enlarge his fan base. In the other way, Tatiana’s scale-down is not a synonymous to Richard’s advancement, and will never help him in any way, unless he accepts and works on his shortfalls.

    Tatiana Fan for Ever!.

  45. hi guyz lov u keep da fire burning ba leave Rick’s Richard.they belong together

  46. @lol, Who cares about their togetherness ?

  47. They say birds of the same feathers flock together, one can never trust people whose stories change all the time, i have lost faith in Richard and he can try as hard as he likes now, i have my doubts and suspicions because both him and his wife unfortunately has been discovered as people without integrity, so how can i trust and respect them, it should be earned. Stories and behaviour is too inconsistant. Once again, Sis Linda confirms that it is not all so wonderful as they have projected. There is always two sides to every story, currently Richard wants proclaim everyone is against his wife and money etc. The question needs to be asked why are so many people except for a few against her? It leaves you wondering, therefore i will join all our Tatiana fans, since she is consistent both in and out of the BB house. DON”T POINT FINGERS AT OTHERS THERE IS THREE FINGERS POINTING BACK. LIES, DISHONESTY, LAZINESS, DISRESPECT etc always leads to unhappiness, unsuccessfulness and a life with no peace, this i predicted a long time ago and is very sad to say the trouble in the family is already an indicator and richy can pretend as much as he can but we know his family and sister means a lot to him. Time will tell.

  48. “@Robza, why dont we do a competition on “who posts the show to Robza 1st”


    Laugh out loud, you not from South Africa? You can watch the show?

  49. @Robza, why dont we do a competition on “who posts the show to Robza 1st”


    You are not from South Africa? You can watch the show. Laugh out loud, always thought you were……

  50. @genniuss,

    Laugh out loud, you’re not from South Africa?? Competion indeed.

  51. @dolphin
    am half SA, half Malawian. i travel back n forth so i am in Mlw til the end of this month. so am definately recordin the show

  52. @genniuss,

    You are a lucky one you. Greetings to your half homie. You know that one – what’s him name again, you know, the shortie, the father-to-be

    Ps Bring tape with to SA …. pretty please

  53. @dolphin u kno i dont like that gossiper. Can u biliv he once went 2 an internet cafè and asked the owner to send evry1 out and lock the door coz “he’s a celebrity” and didnt want disturbances

  54. @genniuss,

    Serioussssly, he did that!!!! ???? Serious !!!??? LOL

    Celebrity, my foot ……… you made my day, eish my night. Best news I heard in a looongg time.

    Celeb pllleazzzzee………………..

  55. @gennniuss, this gossiper said that? i am not surprised. He always claims to be busy with contracts. what is he doing?

    Celebrity my foot!!!!!!!!

  56. Keep rocking this blog – I’m just waiting to see the show then it looks like there will be more fire here.. Just waiting.

  57. “Can u biliv he once went 2 an internet cafè and asked the owner to send evry1 out and lock the door coz “he’s a celebrity” and didnt want disturbances”

    OMG , Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!Comeon guys ,Shorty ( the gossiper)wants to be treated like a celeb just coz he was on BBA2 for 2 months and he is family friends with the BBA2 winner. LOL

  58. @ntaoleng where do u stand? u go to hottest gossip and abuse the whole housemate calling them diffrent names. and come here and do damage control?
    u call ofunneka african queen here, but there u call her monkey and ofufinger, just go to hottest gossip and see how u messed ur self up there. i couldnt comment cox of peep like u. eishhhhhhh,

    @ntaoleng, no one is interested in rich marriage, his wife being the no1 is none of our biz. the other 11 hs has their boyfriend/girlfriends too.
    we just want to watch the show and the 3 BBA2 finalist. TATIANA, OFUNNEKA,RICHARD. period. get that into ur thick scull and stop mentioning ricky.peep like u are the one draging her into this forum.

  59. Sometimes one is left with no choice but to favour someone regardless of how they feel about them.

    NNEKA, yes I said those things about Ofu but that was between us the viewers and her country people. I always admired Ofunneka but when Lerato was still in the house if you can check the comments on BBA2 forum it was us against Ofunneka’s countrymen. There was a time when we told them that they are spoiling chances for Ofunneka to win because of their attitude towards other housemates especially Lerato.

    After Lerato and other housemates left I concentrated on Ofunneka because to me she was the only one who deserved the money but the debate after the finger was so hot and it was us and her country people again.

    There were only three housemates left and one had to vote for one and given a choice of having to name someone AFRICAN QUEEN? besides the finger and everything about her I still respected her behaviour and voted for her and would rather bestow the title AFRICAN QUEEN to her, SIMPLE. She was not bad but if you have been following BBA2 and the comments from day one Ofu was OK but we the viewers were fighting amongst another especially her countrymen who were very nasty to most of the housemates and if you REALLY were into this you will know what I am talking about.

    Since you are have the time to read past comments maybe you can go to the BBA2 website and read comments from the beginning then you will understand better why sometimes people change their attitudes towards certain housemates.

    This is a game and sometimes people need to lighten up and get the gist of things. Arguements are healthy but when people start taking them so very serious it is not exciting anymore.

    I see the way some comments of people like MOCATZ are deleted from this weblog. Are we taking this name-calling so seriously that we only have to say: Oh so and so is our hero and when one shows a different opinion the whole blog take out paws at them. Hotgos is nice because you can even tease someone and very soon end up the best of friends. This blog is so serious and boring. If I start geering at someone or making remarks sometimes about a certain housemate that does not mean I am anybody’s enemy. Yes, sometimes the truth needs to be told but people take exception when you tell the truth about their favourite housemate. The other day I read a comment about someone REALLY INSULTING LERATO. I didn’t see anyone from Lerato’s camp reacting the way the people of this blog react when you say something similar about Tati. It is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH people, FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  60. @ Robza
    When will you post the Moments with Mo Show ? Please post it on Saturday shortly after . And where will you post it ?? On this blog or You Tube??

  61. @Dolphin
    A u sure the Moments with Mo Show won’t show in SA. It shows on DSTV (MNA) Mnet Africa channel 102. Try and ask someone who has a Dish with DSTV Guide, I am sure u will be able to watch it.

  62. @ Rebecca , no sweetie , we dont have Channel 102 (Mmet Africa) in SA , we have Channel 101 Mnet.

  63. MNET (SA) do have plans to broadcast Moments with Mo on the Africa Magic channel (107) at some stage. Will let you all know when as soon as I find out when…doubt though whether it will be before the show with the BBA2 final 3 airs on channel 102.

  64. @dolphin u kno i dont like that gossiper. Can u biliv he once went 2 an internet cafè and asked the owner to send evry1 out and lock the door coz “he’s a celebrity” and didnt want disturbances


    Wait a minute, are you talking about that twit CODE???Hahahahahhahahahahhahaha, i’m seriously?????LOL!

  65. yep @chipmunk, code did that but good thing is cafe owner refused to compIy. he didnt even kno who code was! personaIy i think he needs to drop the ego and good contracts might come thru. l mean he only has a short while b4 pips 4get him so its beta 2 get exposed now while producers still remember his name 😦

  66. “yep @chipmunk, code did that but good thing is cafe owner refused to compIy. he didnt even kno who code was!”


    hahahahahahahahahahaha, and tssjjjjjjrt he was brought back to size …… twit

  67. @genniuss,

    hahahahahahahahaha – and smack man bang – he was bought back to size…

    One small step to mankind, one big jump to one internet cafe owner in Malawi.

    Enjoy your weekend @gen and I hope that you are in Malawi to watch the show …

  68. Morning everyone, it’s a lovely Friday morning her in GC nice and cool weather. We had some showers last night. Has been very hot lately.
    Can someone please update on the time the show will be aired on Saturday on MNet.

  69. Let me try again.

  70. @genniuss,

    Laugh out loud and smack, damn bang, he was brought back to size. Big five to the internet cafe owner. One small step to mankind, one big leap the owner in Malawi….. LOL LOL

    Please tape the show.

  71. @ntaoleng, now u make sence, i see u have ur own favourite housemate, why not contact the housemate, INTERVIEW him or her, email ur INTERVIEW to ROBZA 171, then he will open a BLOG for the housemate, and we will comment and support ur hs. it took FANS time and money to contact these hs, and interview them, get their PICS and make a nice BLOG for them. so that peep can still show their love to them.
    so dont come here and insult them.

    bba2 hs are CELEBRITIES in AFRICA today, expecially THE 3 FINALIST. they are SUPERB. they are recognise in AFRICA. i love them no matter what they did, they still entertained us and we love them sooooooooooo much.

  72. @ntaoleng
    I see the way some comments of people like MOCATZ are deleted from this weblog. Are we taking this name-calling so seriously that we only have to say: Oh so and so is our hero and when one shows a different opinion the whole blog take out paws at them.
    MOCATZ so u feel that guy is normal? sorry………

  73. @loonies….i hope everyone of u is doin great, big day 2morow…..d final 3 on d moments eishhh cant wait 4 feedback. But why don’t we have d channel in SA mara this is wrong……guys what time is d show?… i can keep my eyes glued on this blog 4 d feedback.

  74. moments was all about Aids. am confused now. when the hell is the bba show?

  75. @ntaoleng
    evrythn u said makes makes sense apart frm the mocatz thing. Dyu take racially offending comments as freedom of speech? ask robza to tell u why @mocatz was erased. even myseIf i write some nasty stuff but neva on that and if i was eva racially analysed i wud pack n go.
    l love the fact that we blog without knowin what others look like coz it really makes us equal

  76. yep @chipmunk, code did that but good thing is cafe owner refused to compIy. he didnt even kno who code was!

    More blessings to the Cafe owner!LOL Genius! Hahahahhaahha!

  77. When was the show aired gennius? yesterday? i missed it

  78. the show was on 23rd frm 1400-1630

  79. Just checked the Moments with Mo site and it does not seem like BBA finanlist interviews will be this week either. Perhaps next week. All that build up excitement and nada, eish.

  80. Will update u on the exact day and time the show will be aired. Just called Ofunneka who is checking on my behalf. Was disappointed cause I was glued to the screen on Saturday from 2 – 4.30pm only different issues. Will let u people know.


  82. Dolphin ..don’t forget to send me the CD darling ..Guys we are moving on ..Nollywood here we come …..

    We got what we wanted ..Top three Richard ,Tatiana and Ofuneka …Am the Happiest woman on this Earth ,,My money spent was worth it

    Go Richard and show them what you have got …Nollywood will definately see who are you..Good luck Richard and all the Best…

  83. BIG BROTHER AFRICA (ENDEMOL) BRING IT ON ..WE ARE WAITING TO CHOOSE THE NEXT BBA3 Winner…BBA2WINNER will be in Hollywood soon.. BBA3 LETS SEND HIM OR HER TO BOLLYWOOD ….We are the one who choose ..What we want is what we get ..Goodluck Guys

  84. Is it true that BBA3 is only going to be in 2010?

  85. why 2010 you are joking ? is too far maan ..its worldcup time ..Please hope is not true

  86. Moments with Mo show – coming soon. How soon. This is the 3rd week since the sign coming soon was written. Are we going to see the show or it was just a matter of raising our hopes high. Someone at Moments is not doing her/his job – give people what u have promised them. We dont want to wait more than we have already waited. If it is no longer going to air just write under the ad – no more or scratched out. SIMPLE!!

  87. Hi everyone – hope u all had a wonderful weekend.

    Robza please bail us – we need something new and have you heard anything about the Moments with Mo show – why the delay?

  88. pls mo i will like to know the date the big brother top 3 will be on tv. bye

  89. please i like to more about to me onemail address and also the aim andgaol that have been made by the organisation ,if intresting i like to partcipate

  90. Well am a young graduate of cinematography from PEFTI FILM INSTITUTE,am i will like to work with the crew of MOMENTS WITH MO,as a staff/student IT,i will be glad if my request is granted.

  91. You are doing well keep it up.I will like to know where the event takes place [venue time and day],just to patispate in your programme.and your production,desingnig,and editing are ok ! Please keep it up also bcos am a mass communicator.

  92. Dear Mo,
    Great work you are doing, i must comend.I have carefully watched your show and am so thrilled.
    You are good,your good heart is evident on your lovely face,your disposition, your help to your guest in answering correctly is obvious.
    I watched your show last nite and just want to wish you all the best.
    i am a music minister with live worship music videos,looking forward to meet you soon,
    may the peace of God, be with your lovely soul, amen
    pastor Moji Alawiye, PMA

  93. Hi mo!
    It’s really great and inspiring watching your program every sunday, please do keep it up. I wish you the best!

    Gracethy Wilcox.

  94. u are touching d life of so many people. pls keep it up;

  95. The programme is good and and touching. Infact most of the youth can get build up their future. THAnk you

  96. U r realy doing a great job,keep it up.

  97. hi mo,am actually a big fan on your show,u are really doing a great job keep it up.

  98. hi mo am actually a big fan of yours and pls kip your good work up cos u are touching life of youth

  99. hi Mo,its cool reaching you right now,your show is lovely and i love the way you go about the whole thing,am proud of you.keep up the good work.

  100. HI MO,
    I really love your a student of federal university of technology and i also have a company of my looking forward to be a guest in your programme.GOD BLESS YOU.

  101. i want 2 jion the moment with mo programe



  104. I love the talk show of moment with mo.

  105. thanks for the great work you are doing. kindly send me the address of your second speaker on the topic AFRICA MAGIC of your season 3.

  106. whao what a excitment program to watch without missing nothin

  107. celebrities with out makeup…

    […]Moments With Mo… « BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog[…]…

  108. Heya this is kinda of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or
    if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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