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‘Take It Easy, vol. 1’ music compilation

It’s been about 3 months since BBA 2 ended and I thought what better way to remember the show than to compile a couple of tracks that were favorites amongst the housemates, as well as those tracks played into the house by Biggie that bring back so many different memories…

Edit: Front cover has been added

[enlarge 2nd image (back) to see the tracks included in the compilation]

bba2v1cpfront.jpg bba2comp-copy.jpg

I’ve uploaded all the tracks to a folder where you can download each one separately. Once the link has loaded select your desired track, and follow the on-screen instructions…


Hope you enjoy the music!


65 Responses to “‘Take It Easy, vol. 1’ music compilation”


  2. up robza


  3. Nice work RObza, but where’s the HHP song….

  4. wow great stuff robza just brought all those memories back love that song [waiting to change the world , baby, baby , baby ,my african queen and i know it was richianas favourite songs too .thanks robza for bringing back thos memories.

    @sa girl sexy

  5. Robza , you just made my day. I am downloading all the songs now. Thank you.

  6. Hi can someone please tell me where to go to download

  7. hehehehe I like the title.

  8. robza you are back with a BANG!

  9. The song there by John Legen”SAVE ROOM” reminds me of rich boy when he ask bigge if there was any were in the house without cams. lol that boy is somthing.

  10. @Chipmunk

    It’s the first track – HHP = Hip Hop Pantsula…. 🙂

  11. Happy you all are enjoying the music….

    Tell me which songs I’ve missed so that I can put them on VOLUME 2….


  12. robza unberella by Rehana.


  14. The 1 Mau; Code played in Phouse. Chorus is ‘ wish i could hold you… Coz i really do. Dnt no the name.

  15. @MarjCT

    Of course! How silly of me to forget….The song is by Lemar – Someone Should Tell You – will definitely have it on the next CD….


  16. robza you are the man ,especially for the songs like

    1…waiting on the world…john mayer
    2…african queen…2face idibia
    3…what goes around….jt
    4…save room …john legend
    robza you know what i mean,dont hurt my heart again robza i am healing now,pse dont

  17. Robza

    Thank you so much sure know how to bring back the memories…

    For me not such a good thing ‘AT PRESENT’ I do not like Richard very much, becsause WHY? Because he is still not being truthful how can he FLIPPING CARRY ON TALKING CRAP. If he wants Ricki do everything plus chat for him so be it. BUT PLEASE STOP THE BULL DUST THAT HE IS CHATTING WITH HIS HANDFUL OF FANS HE HAS LEFT……………………….When is this ‘boy’ ever going to be honest.


  18. Sup gus what are you all doing in da music room?


    If I am downloading, it makes my PC slow right.? It’s ok like that and it will come right. I stopped it cause I thought it was wrong.
    Help Dolphi.

    And Robza, the music from Bob Marly? Both Richard and Tatiana liked him very much. I like No Woman No Cry.

    And Robza, that cd of Tatiana with the angolian music that sounded almost like cuba music? That was nice. They had it in the pent house once. She knows the singer personally.

    Pretty please. (look like you are going to cut vol 3 my friend)

  19. wow Robza, where did u come from?(fnb advert…), u r out of this world and mighty generous…..thanx dawg & continue taking it eezy…!!!

  20. Robza you are the MAN!

  21. oh robza, the other John Legend song from his latest album, the one that was playing when richard told tati he wants to leave the next day..tati was crying…very emotional scene….sorry, can’t remember the title

  22. Robza, if I could see you face to face, I would give you a BIG SMOOCH! Thanks, you are a STAR. I’ve made my own compilation but I have struggled to find some songs.

    Here are a few more suggestions:

    1) Bran New Day (One of Tatiana’s favourite songs)
    2) Dance to the Music (Shake it, Don’t break it)
    3) My love (the song they played when they showed Tatiana’s highlights on the grand finale)
    4) I will meet you in the long run
    5) Don’t need no reason
    6) Love me baby

    All of the above are sung by the late SA artist Lebo Mathosa

    7) Why me (D’ban J) (remember the lyrics: she said my coco drives her wild)

    John Legend
    8) Heaven
    9 Where my did my baby go
    10) Coming home

    11) Remember when it rained –DJ SBU ft. Wade

    Whitney Houston
    12) Greatest love of all
    13) So emotional

  23. @Robza
    Come here, let me give you a BIG KISS. You are a star!

    Here are a few more suggestions

    1) Bran New Day (Tatiana’s fav song)
    2) My Love (song played during Tatiana’s highlights on the grand finale)
    3)I will meet you in the long run
    4) Don’t need no reason
    5) Dance to the music (Shake it dont break it)
    6) Love me baby

    All of the above are sung by the late Lebo Mathosa

    7)Why me? — D’Ban J (remember those funny lyrics…she said my coco drives her wild)

    John Legend
    8) Heaven
    9) Where did my baby go (Penthouse song)
    10) Coming home (Penthouse song)

    11) Remember when it rained — DJ SBU ft. Wade

    Whitney Houston
    12)So emotional
    13) Greatest love of all

  24. Thanks so much Robza. sweetiepie!! You really are the best and so is this site. Mwaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. @ROBZA
    Thank you.
    (1)Remember when there was a dance marathon on a saturday where housemates would wear costumes and dance if their song was played?
    Code was wearing a white dress:
    Richard doing his belly dance
    I love the song that Ofunneka was dancing for I am not sure of the lyrics it goes
    ( the chorus ;I will buy clothes for you if you were born in the eighties the eighties…………….)

    (2)The song by SIPHOKAZI titled AMACALAit is the song whereCode and Mureen danced for during the circust task.

  26. Excellent Robza ….!!!

    I mentioned when the show ended … that I wondered if they were going to come out with an album like they did when Ferdi won & they used his phrase HECTIC as the title.
    How fitting that the winner’s phrase … TAKE IT EASY …coined by Richard is used for your compilation.

    SPOT ON & FUNKY !!!

    Thanks Robza …. !!

    BTW added the cover of your album to my RICHIKI blog

    As Code would say…

    KINDA NICE !!!!

  27. madly ,deeply in love remains me so much of the RICHANAS, What a life it can be fuuny

  28. @Robza
    Any possibility that we can get the song that Code and Bertha did?

    A few other songs
    1) Justin Timberlake: SexyBack
    2)Timbaland: The way I are
    3)Shakira: Hips don’t lie
    4)John Legend: Each day gets better

  29. Thanks everyone for all the tracks…. As dolphin said – it looks like we’re gonna have to make a vol. 3 and maybe a fourth. But hey – I’m not complaining…. 🙂

    The song I would really like to get my hands on is Ruva Rangu (the Code and Bertha song)… It’s kinda hard to find. 😦

  30. Eishhh Robza…..ungenza ntoni?……what r u doin to me? Al those memories…..i was begining 2 forget that boy who won forgot his name but i kno it’s starts with an R……and tatiana shaking dat boom boom like nobody’s business, eishhh but my Queen sure can dance!!!…whilst d untourchables drink their lungs away and stealing al d guzzle and wetting their beds… dat point in tym Mau would b picking Code’s nose……Offune jus cleaning, dancing and laughing at that clown Richard….ohhh i rememberd his name…..thanks again Robza u rock.

  31. Oh…. and please gimme titles for the next volumes….

  32. @Robza, there is another song by Anthony Hamilton, that played in the garden the night Tatiana saved Richi and nominated herself. When they both went in the garden and Richard told her it was okay if she nominated him. you remeber! Richard was on top of her.

  33. @Robza your the man! i have downloaded all the music.

  34. Kudos 4 the songs robza, nice. Other songs are 1. Can’t let go by Anthony Hamilton 2. that other HHP Song (i don’t know it’s name) it’s kinda catchy and I remember 1 day bertha and lerato were dancing to it and tatiana also came and join them and they did that lerato dance with the hands. 3. Three little birds by bob marley, Tati used to sing it all the tym (baby don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing’s gonna be alright) 4. I Feel good by James Brown (Foxy and Tati used to sing it) 5. LoveStoned/I Think she knows by Justin Timberlake (that night the boys went to the penthouse they put that song on repeat for like 2 hrs).

  35. And i forgot “Nfana Ibaga” by 2face. Foxy and Richard used to lyk it (No man can curse).

  36. I must say that listening to the songs brings me back to BBA days, robza u really did one helluva job.
    Other songs are
    1. John legend – P.D.A. (we just don’t care)
    2. Temptation – P Square (Tati said he likes the song because of Richard and one day he told him that his tempations to her was his eyes and lips, and Richard said that he tried but failed the (Tati’s) Temptation.
    3. It’s not right but it’s okay – Whitney Houston
    4. Tell me what we gonna do – Joss Stone
    5. Your love is my love – Whitney Houston
    6. Baby can I hold you – Tracy Chapman (Remember one night Tatiana and Foxy were playing that song guessing game while Richard was script writing and she told him in a joking way “Sorry is all that you can say” and Richard laughed).

  37. Pls robza i think TEMPTATION by P Square should be the 1st song in the next CD.

  38. Sups all the peeps in da music room again.

    Pambaboy, please standby for green light ….


    my king. We are in the loonie lounge Oboma and we are working hard on titles hey. Between the guzzle and savanna’s and all that.

    Will post later. I’m tipsy, but nice.

  39. “my hands on is Ruva Rangu (the Code and Bertha song)…”


    Suggestion. Richard and Dolphi can sing dat song again and you record???? It will work.

    No? It will not work??? Why Robza??? Why??


  41. @Robza

    A special request….the Bongo Muffin songs (can’t for the life of me remember the titles)!

  42. @zb,

    Drop email to Robza. Tell him. Tell him of the special special request for Bongo Muffin …… please pretty please.

  43. @Robza

  44. Man listening to those song really brought back memories, it’s like the show still goes on. I remember that day in the penthouse when Richard told Tati that he’ll tell big brother to let him go home so that he wouldn’t continue to hurt his wife, there was a song called “Where did my baby go” by John Legend playing in the background.

  45. The way i are by Timbaland is also not a bad idea, Richard used to like it.
    It’s like the show ended yesterday with all these memories in me head.

  46. some1 pliz paste the song titles here for me 2 jus see whats there coz i cant open the link 😦

  47. Robza dont forget Blenda Fasi in swahili song Richard used to dance with Tati and told her Nakupenda

  48. 01 – Let Me Be ft. Mo’lemi.mp3 02/15/2008 4.8 MB Share


    02 – African Queen.mp3 02/15/2008 4.01 MB Share


    03 – Waiting On The World To Change.mp3 02/15/2008 4.63 MB Share


    04 – You Give Good Love.mp3 02/15/2008 6.27 MB Share


    05 – When A Man Loves A Woman.mp3 02/15/2008 2.68 MB Share


    06 – What Goes Around-Comes Around (Interlude).mp3 02/15/2008 8.56 MB Share


    07 – After The Love Has Gone.mp3 02/15/2008 4.21 MB Share


    08 – Save Room.mp3 02/15/2008 5.5 MB Share


    09 – Me And Mrs Jones.mp3 02/15/2008 6.54 MB Share


    10 – It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over.mp3 02/15/2008 5.55 MB Share


    11 – Where Did It Go Wrong.mp3 02/15/2008 4.77 MB Share


    12 – Dock Of The Bay.mp3 02/15/2008 2.53 MB Share


    13 – Baby Baby Baby.mp3 02/15/2008 6.31 MB Share


    14 – Truly, Madly, Deeply.mp3 02/15/2008 4.24 MB Share


    15 – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.mp3 02/15/2008 4.53 MB Share


    16 – Sexual Healing.mp3 02/15/2008 3.81 MB

  49. @anonymous thank you so much 😮

  50. @Robza
    The coco song, and the lucky dube song that kept playing on the day he was sadly robed of his life. i will neva 4get how poor mau casualy asked biggie to bring him 2 the hse as a guest not knowing the fate that had jus met the legend

  51. @ROBZA
    More titles for the next volume;

    Nosh and guzzle
    Its kinda nice
    Just dont do it
    Halleluya Hola Back!!!!!!

  52. @Dolphin
    Will drop Robza a mail regarding the SPECIAL SPECIAL request…

    I laughed my butt of that night when Tati and Offu played that song guessing game and Tatiana sang “Sorry is all that you can say” ….it was just so damn funny. Richard tried to be all serious, working on the script but he couldn’t help laughing!!!

  53. Tnks Robza.
    Annonymous did u get my message on Tati’s blog.

  54. @Robza,
    You are a resouceful person indeed!
    thanks a lot.

  55. @ Robza

    Thank u, u r a star but where is that song Ofu liked ( Heaven only knows) this song reminds me of the last day of BBA

    i mis BBA

  56. I am enjoying the songs so much Robza. I am at work , busy and I have my headphones on. Just loving the music and being a bit nostalgic. Cant wait for Volume2 .

  57. Oh! Robza.

    You are the best. Ultimate Fan Blog is the best. Everyone here is a darling, may y’all be blessed.

  58. Thanks Robza, you are a star.
    Suggestion for Vol. 2…..can you also add these songs
    1. Remember when it rained by DJ Sbu – Tati love that song
    2. It is not easy by Leemay or something – Rich love that song
    3. Wedding day by Brenda Fassie – They enjoyed that song too

    I will think again…and come back

  59. Great stuff Robza! Brings back memories!

  60. @ robza

    nicely done there…………………..i had flashbacks reading the track selection…….Each song has a special memory for me (and i’m sure my other house mates as well)….some good, some really sad.

    i have a special play list on my iPod called BBA2. it has all our fav songs and u’ve got most of them right!!!!!! i will send you more songs 4 volume 2…

    thanks again.

    hallelujah holla back


  62. Hi Guys

    Sorry to comment on something unrelated to the topic but I need to ask . Is it just me or someone is also battling accessing Oboma lately??

  63. @hawa

    hey how u doing?

  64. Rato hello. Hope u enjoyed yr weekend. I like your style – coming onto the blog to chat.

  65. […] 'Take It Easy, vol. 1′ music compilation « BBAII : The Ultimate … […]

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