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When the hype dies down….

I know there haven’t been posts in almost two weeks but I just can’t seem to find any interesting news to give you about the housemates… When the second season of Big Brother Africa ended in November, I thought that visits to this blog would cease and I’d sink back into oblivion. Luckily that wasn’t the case, as all the devoted BBA fans stuck by me and continued to support me for months to come…. Now four months after the show has ended, it seems that everything BBA related is finally dying out… Sources of BBA news are so hard to come by these days – no one seems interested anymore. At the beginning of February people were still talking about Rich and Tati and Ricki and fingergate and BABY! – that just showed that BBA2 was by far the most successful Big Brother produced in Africa. It’s March now and there are still peeps pondering where the housemates are now, what they’re up to and of course obsessing about Tatiana… but it’s just not the same anymore… As Nelly Furtado says: “All good things come to an end…”

But that doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere! The few loyal bloggers that visit my site daily and pop in for chat mean so much to me and I’m truly grateful that UFW is still worth visiting… I’m here to stay and I must apologize for being so scarce with posts, but I have been lurking on the blog and reading all your wonderful comments and posts..ūüôā

Sure many of you have read about Lerato trying to save 8 year old, Muzi’s, life… Well keep up to date with the latest news regarding Muzi and Lerato’s attempts to help this young boy here:

Please, if you have any news on housemates, feel free to share it with us – contact me via or leave a comment under the most recent post…

Nthabi has provided us with a link on what Tatiana is up to – it’s translated from Portuguese, so it may not be very clear, but it’s understandable… Thanks Nthabi…


39 Responses to “When the hype dies down….”

  1. @ Robza its always like this everything has its begining and its end, as you see people through your web have intersified their means of communication in some other issues.truely your web is user friendly and easy to access.I have realised your web has so many non bloggers who visit the site.its becouse when i exposed my email I have received 198 emails in two weeks,I was suprised and those mails where from across Africa to Europe and US,so the web is a tool for communication.I sincerely thank you for your decision to stay longer.
    @ Nthabi thanks for your effort to google for Tati news its nice to have some news about her,I like her spirit she wants to be more empowered thats good

  2. Hi Robza,
    What MamaJ says is true…I too believe that many of us (including myself) come hear almost daily to see wassup!!! So please don’t despair…and please don’t go anywhere, cos I believe there are a lot of people still interested. Obama is disintegrating by the day it seems, so this may be the only place where the cool folk of bba2 can come to…This site rockz and so do you. VIVA ROBZA VIVA xx

  3. Hi Robza,
    What MamaJ says is true…I too believe that many of us (including myself) come hear almost daily to see wassup!!! So please don’t despair…and please don’t go anywhere, cos I believe there are a lot of people still interested. Obama is disintegrating by the day it seems, so this may be the only place where the cool folk of bba2 can come to…This site rockz and so do you. VIVA ROBZA VIVA xx

  4. Oooops….sorry about double post!!

  5. Robza, glad to hear that you are planning to keep this blog going.
    This is of the few places where we actually still get SOME updates on the housemates.
    And of course this is also the place where I have met some very nice people.
    Although I don’t comment as much on the blog anymore, I still pop in regularly to see if there is anything new.
    We also can’t thank you enough for the BBA2 music you put up for us to download!!!

    Thanks for the update on Tatiana…

    Although the English translation is quite atrocious and I must admit very funny, at least one get the gist of what is being said.
    By the way, I wonder who does these Google translations….(LoL)

  6. @ROBZA, u’re d MAN, had my misgivings at first, you even called me ur FAV SCHIZO.. lol..what you’ve done and still doing is amazing. Thank you for uniting Africa and giving us a place where we could encounter different kind of individuals,cultures and opinions. Pls keep it up and despite how hard and exasperating it all may seem, we appreciate it all and the new news will come when it will

  7. visit and u’ll find articles regarding meryl and richard

  8. Hola Robza!!! Just try and get some updates on other housemates namely, Bertha, Kweku…i mean those housemates who are not that visible in the UFW.

  9. Hi Robza

    Glad to hear that you are not going anywhere. I like it here.

  10. Robza…..great !

  11. @Robza
    Thank you for this unique forum. Am happy to read that you are not going anywhere.

    Thank you so much.

  12. Brigning it closer to you!!!!!

    Lutka and actress Tatiana Dur√£o shows projects for 2008
    20/02/2008 20/02/2008

    Passada a avalanche de entrevistas, telefonemas e manchetes de jornais, Tatiana Dur√£o abre a janela da sua vida com um grande sorriso nos l√°bios deixando escapar a aventura ea ambi√ß√£o que carrega em si. After the avalanche of interviews, telephone calls and headlines of newspapers, Tatiana Dur√£o opens the window of his life with a big smile on his lips leaving escape the adventure and ambition that carries itself. O novo ano ser√° um tapete vermelho cercado de muitos flashes para esta mulher que se entregar√° de corpo e alma √† participa√ß√£o em novelas, programas na √Āfrica do Sul e Angola, assim como num filme na Nig√©ria. The new year will be a red carpet surrounded by many flashes for this woman who deliver the body and soul to participation in novels, programs in South Africa and Angola, as well as a film in Nigeria.

    A manequim esteve recentemente na √Āfrica do sul onde, entre muitos projectos, pretendeu negociar o convite que recebeu do Channel O para apresentar um programa sobre Angola. The dummy was recently in South Africa, where, among many projects, which sought to negotiate the invitation received from the Channel to present a program on Angola. ?Tenho recebido muitas propostas de trabalho c√° e fora. ? I have received many proposals for work here and outside. Tenho um teste para uma novela na √Āfrica do Sul, al√©m de grava√ß√£o de uma nova mini-s√©rie da TPA. I have a test for a novel in South Africa, in addition to recording of a new mini-series of TPA.
    Mas, por enquanto, nada √© ainda definitivo, sobretudo em rela√ß√£o ao Channel O, ?ainda n√£o sei como vai ser porque n√£o quero deixar a vida que tenho c√°. But, for now, nothing is final yet, particularly in relation to the Channel O,? Not yet know how it will be because I want the life I have here. Talvez tenha que gravar alguns programas e depois voltar… Perhaps having to write some programs and then return … Mas desde j√° fica claro que n√£o vou recusar porque √© uma oportunidade √ļnica? But now it is clear that I will not refuse because it is a unique opportunity? aponta. Points.

    Indefini√ß√Ķes √† parte, o certo √© que Tatiana Dur√£o √© um dos rostos do Canal 2 da TPA, onde apresenta o programa ?Sexol√Ęndia?. Indefini√ß√Ķes aside, but it Tatiana Dur√£o is one of the faces of Channel 2 of the TPA, which gives the program? Sexol√Ęndia?.

    Com in√ļmeros trabalhos em cima da mesa, os olhos de Tatiana ?sorriem? With numerous works on the table, the eyes of Tatiana? Smile? por si s√≥ e √© dif√≠cil esconder toda a felicidade que, na verdade, √© uma consequ√™ncia da sua participa√ß√£o Big Brother √Āfrica II. Alone and it is difficult to hide all the happiness that, in fact, is a consequence of their participation Big Brother Africa II. ?O meu objectivo principal ao entrar no Big Brother era a projec√ß√£o a n√≠vel do continente. ? My main objective to enter the Big Brother was the projection at the level of the continent. Eu quero trabalhar fora de Angola, acho o mercado angolano pequeno para as minhas ambi√ß√Ķes e um dos meus maiores sonhos √© trabalhar na √Āfrica do Sul fazendo televis√£o e moda?. I want to work outside of Angola, I think the market Angolan small for my ambitions and one of my biggest dreams is to work in South Africa doing television and fashion?.

    Tatiana Durão quer brilhar e emprestar a sua luz à causas sociais, um sentimento que lhe foi despertado recentemente quando esteve no Ghana. Tatiana Durão either shine and lend its light to social causes, a feeling that he was awakened recently when was in Ghana.

    ?Fui para o Ghana à convite de uma instituição particular para comemorar os 7 anos de uma discoteca. ? I went to Ghana to call a particular institution to commemorate the 7 years of a nightclub. A minha recepção foi fantástica, tive um tratamento VIP, dei entrevistas para televisão e rádio e notei que as pessoas no Ghana gostam muito de mim, eles diziam que depois da saída do Kwaku eu era a sua favorita. My reception has been fantastic, I had a VIP treatment, I gave interviews to television and radio and noted that people in Ghana like much of me, they said that after leaving the Kwaku I was his favorite. Mas à par disso eu queria fazer algo diferente lá e pedi para visitar um orfanato onde levei doces, uma mensagem de boas festas e foi um momento muito especial? But the addition I wanted to do something different there and asked to visit an orphanage where they took sweets, a message of good parties and was a very special moment? afirma. Says.

    Depois desta experi√™ncia, Angola ser√° a pr√≥xima meta da manequim. After this experience, Angola will be the next target of the dummy. Com um projecto pessoal para visitar e ajudar institui√ß√Ķes sociais do pa√≠s, a artista diz que a sua prioridade √© lutar contra a fome e ajudar no combate a prolifera√ß√£o de algumas doen√ßas. With a personal project to visit and help social institutions of the country, the artist says that his priority is to fight hunger and help in combating the proliferation of certain diseases. ?Foram estas as causas que eu abracei dentro do Big Brother, houve um dia que tivemos que falar sobre isso dentro da casa e eu prometi que quando sa√≠sse iria emprestar o meu nome e imagem e para que isso se concretizasse. ? These are the reasons that I hugged inside the Big Brother, there was a day that we had to talk about it in the house and I promised that when sa√≠sse would lend my name and image and that this is concretizasse.

    Para tal pretendo trabalhar com a UNICEF. For this plan to work with UNICEF. Al√©m disso, quero visitar prov√≠ncias como Cabinda, Benguela, Huambo, Namibe e Hu√≠la para com o apoio dos governos provinciais angariar fundos para as institui√ß√Ķes de caridade mais necessitadas do ponto de vista local?. Additionally, I visit provinces as Cabinda, Benguela, Huambo, Namibe and Huila with the support of provincial governments raise funds for charitable institutions for the needy from a location?.

    A actriz confessou ao JA que muitas as coisas a deixaram triste ap√≥s a sua chegada, nomeadamente alguns artigos escritos sobre si. The actress confessed to JA that many things left a sad after arriving, particularly some articles written about you. ¬ęEu gostaria que a minha recep√ß√£o tivesse sido diferente, n√£o houve divulga√ß√£o da data em que eu regressava e quando cheguei ao aeroporto fiquei triste porque estavam apenas a minha fam√≠lia e amigos √≠ntimos¬Ľ. “I would like that my reception had been different, there was no disclosure of the date on which and when I came back to the airport I was sad because they were only my family and close friends.”

    Por outro lado, n√£o acha ¬ęcerto o que alguns Jornalistas t√™m escrito sobre mim, j√° afirmei diversas vezes que me apaixonei pelo Richard e que represento paix√£o e amor e n√£o sexo. Furthermore, does the “true that some journalists have written about me, I said several times that I apaixonei by Richard and I represent passion and love, not sex. √Č preciso respeitar as pessoas at√© porque para se vender Jornais n√£o se precisa de tanto¬Ľ, contrap√Ķe. We must respect people because to sell newspapers does not need both, “contrasts.

    Se por acaso estas situa√ß√Ķes a deixam magoada, as demonstra√ß√Ķes de carinho por parte do p√ļblico angolano s√£o para ela uma verdadeira festa. If by chance these situations to leave magoada, the demonstrations of affection by the public are to Angolan it a real party. ¬ęEu j√° era reconhecida nas ruas por causa das novelas, mas com o Big Brother as coisas mudaram muito. “I was already recognised in the streets because of the novels, but with the Big Brother things have changed a lot. As pessoas convidam-me para ir √†s suas casas, mesmo n√£o as conhecendo pessoalmente e eu vou. People invite me to go to their homes, not even knowing the person and I will.

    No tr√Ęnsito muita gente baixa os vidros dos carros e passam-me os seus telem√≥veis para eu falar com algu√©m da fam√≠lia e por vezes choram ao telefone. In transit many low glass of the car and pass me their phones for me to talk with someone in the family and sometimes cry on the phone.

    No momento fico sempre sem saber como reagir mas √© uma alegria muito grande¬Ľ revela.Aos 26 anos e como qualquer mulher da sua idade, Tatiana Dur√£o pensa tamb√©m em casar e ter filhos. Currently I am always without knowing how to react but it is a great joy “revela.Aos 26 years and as any woman of his age, Tatiana Dur√£o think also in marry and have children. Mas a esta altura apenas o destino ser√° um √≥ptimo aliado. But this time only the destination will be a great ally. ¬ęQuero estar estabilizada financeiramente, ter a minha casa pr√≥pria e depois pensar nisso mas tamb√©m n√£o quero que isso aconte√ßa muito tarde. “I want to be stabilized financially, have my own house and then think about it but I do not want that to happen very late. Antes de ir para o Big Brother eu pensava em engravidar aos 28 anos, mas agora tudo mudou e eu eo Gustav (noivo) ainda estamos a ver como √© que as coisas v√£o ficar. Before going for the Big Brother I thought in pregnant at 28 years, but now everything has changed and I and Gustav (bridegroom) we are seeing how things will be.

    N√≥s ainda n√£o estamos bem e eu penso que se as pessoas acreditam em Deus sabem que o nosso destino est√° escrito e se n√≥s tivermos que voltar isso vai acontecer. We are still not well and I think that if people believe in God know that our destiny is written and if we have that this will happen again. Agora estamos a dar tempo ao tempo, ele tem que tomar as decis√Ķes dele e eu n√£o quero pressionar¬Ľ. Now we are taking time to time, he has to take the decisions it and I do not want to press.

    Longe dos sentimentos e encontros pessoais, a musa do Big Brother Africa II tem o ano todo preenchido, n√£o sendo necess√°rio adivinhar que 2008 ser√° de grandes desafios, tal como foi a sua entrada para a casa mais vigiada de √Āfrica. Far from the feelings and personal encounters, the muse of the Big Brother Africa II has completed the whole year and not necessary guess that 2008 will be of great challenges, as its entry to the house more secure Africa.

    Fonte: JA Source: JA

  13. I miss Mmaj,Dolphin,Everpitt,Dorcus,Julie …..Guyz where are you?

  14. Thanx robza for the wordpress forum, u r the same yesterday, 2day and everyday.may God bless u for keeping the web for AFRICA.
    @dzax thanks for info on Tati the african queen, i believe very soon we will see or hear again about her.


  15. Robza thanks a million times for all u have done for us to keep this web going.

  16. @ROBZA , God bless u, u are really a good guy knowing the mind of the hs fans, please always keep the blog flowing. thanks so much.

    @Nthabi, u are a special person, thanks for the update of my lovely tatiana,
    @dzax u are sweet, thanks for the translation, i love u
    God bless AFRICA, God bless my sweet tatiana, TATIANA ENJOY.
    i wish you all the best.

    @all bloggers love u all, keep posting and Keep the love flowing.

  17. @robza thanks to u for all ur info on this blog and thank u to all the bloggers on this site for all ur comments and all the friends we have made on this blog thanks to @robza, we the bloggers will make sure that this blog will keep going and with the help of @robza of course. i am sure u will have some news soon .

  18. i love this SITE.

  19. @ Robza – I love this site too.Thanks.

    Keep blogging everyone, because people like me may not be very verbal but enjoy reading all your views daily.

  20. @Robza ur d man….thanks 4 always keeping us updated, preciate it dawg……@nthabi nice one baby gal u kno we like some Tati news…..@dolphie pls come back pls!!!


  22. At least thanks to his post there is news on Meryl as well

  23. Its nice to know that they all seem to be enjoying themselves in Nig (rich,meryl and ofu) and Angola (Tati). Good morning to all blogers past and present…….Dolphin a shout out to you too.I know you read.

  24. @Robza



  25. Robza,
    I appreciate you so much for keeping us united. Keep it up Robza, you are a star.

  26. @Nthabi, @Dzax.

    Thank you guys for information on Tatiana.
    It is so lovely to see how consistent she is continuing to be. Her wisdom and progressive achievement is real amazing. Going through the series of her conversations and presentations, still placing her in a class of wonderful people. I never missed to see her high standards of determination, consistence, intelligence, affirmativeness, compassion, commitment and dependability.

    Her attitude towards risks and capacity of handling challenges in life are among of her peculiar traits, which make her an ever spackling star.

    Tatiana Durao, keep it up baby. The world has numberless offers for you. So many opportunities are ahead of you whereof only skies are your limit. God be with you.

    Love you so much.

  27. oh dear, i love this story, the hs are really doing great. yaaaaaaaaaaa

    tatiana i love u, keep it up baby.

  28. Its good to hear about Richard in Nigeria and seems like its hard work but at least they have had a bit of fun. Meryl is also in Nollywood , wow , good for her.

  29. Thanks to the owner of this site for updates on the housemates.

  30. hi guys good to hear that u all still doin very well, i always enjoy reading ur comments
    @Robza thanx a lot for loving us so much,just want u to know that ur love for us is DEEPLY TREASURED ,we love u and will keep on blogging till the end
    @DOLPHYwhere r u gal we miss u so much pls come on

  31. @nthabi,siyabonga ntombazane u khulele phezulu
    @dzax, thanx for the info keep it up

  32. Morning. At least another housemate on the map, Meryl keep it up girl I know you can do it in Nollywood. This is just the beginning Rich — enjoy.

  33. merly merly merly wow good to here that ur still kiking,where is betha?mourween? and the other housemates
    we want to know how r they doing,pls any one with some news share with us pls pls guys

  34. Morning bloggers. Meryl, Rich and Ofu really enjoyed themselves during Meryl’s birthday. Nice to see that they were booging again like at BB. Waiting for that movie – sure it’s going to be nice with the energic Meryl and the funny Rich on screen. We are going to laugh our lungs out. Congrats guys!!

  35. Morning everyone – we are nearing the weekend lets keep blogging.

  36. Morning everyone hope u enjoy your weekend.

    Thanks Hawa for that picture.

  37. DZAX,,Am online now constantly ..i will be with you ..Thanks for the translation girlfriend ..Keep rocking the blog ..

  38. Morning everyone – keep rocking these blogs.

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