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Code’s fight to eradicate Malaria

When Code was in the house, he talked a lot about how malaria has killed a lot of people in Malawi especially children and expectant mothers. This sounded a joke to many others who took the whole Big Brother thing a game. Little did we know that this was a real concern to Code.

Recently, with Multichoice Code went to the Lower Shire (Southern part of Malawi) at Chikwawa district hospital where he donated mosquito nets, blankets and foodstuffs. People barely sleep without blankets and nets in most rural hospitals in Malawi.

In his speech, he retaliated that what he said in the Big Brother house was in his heart and he wants to help the suffering people. He got some of the donations form different companies he approached.

Currently Code is running a programme on Malawi Talevision sposored by Celtel.

(thanks to Njawala Jame) 


10 Responses to “Code’s fight to eradicate Malaria”

  1. You go boy, keep up the good work.

    I don’t understand the bloggers of UFW. They scream they want news about all the housemates but nobody comments when the news come. As long as you are not Tatianing then they are not interested

  2. Code, what you’re doing is a good deed, keep it up. You all are in our thoughts whether positively or negatively, which eva way, life will be dull without critics. Keep up the good work

  3. @code big ups man keep on keeping on lots of luv

  4. Well done Code, keep it up. Hope to hear more of what you have been up to post BBA2.

  5. We are bihind all big brother housemates.

    Keep on!! Code…

    Sure Robza!!!!

    Update us on Maxwell…tuuuuu!!!!

  6. Code u doing a big job man. And a big congrats to u and Juna on your new bundle of joy Jada.

  7. @Code
    Well done man, u said u were going to do this and u keeping true to your word. That is the work of a true character. Also have to say u handled yourself well after BBA.

  8. @Code
    Forgot to say, I saw you on Studio 53 two/three weeks ago You interviewed an artist in Malawi and had a design painted on your T shirt. Have to say you looked good.

  9. @Code
    I admired your courage when you called Maxwell and spoke to him about your relationship with him and not involving his untouchable friends.Not all friends have the courage to do that and keep up the good work,and enjoy your baby she is here to complete your life and make you happy.GOODLUCK

  10. Code ..God will bless you..May i join you in your campaign ? ..As individual ofcourse…

    Otherwise big five Code ..Wish you the best…

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