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*Exclusive* Baby Jada pic

Here’s the first *EXCLUSIVE* pic of proud papa and proud mama Code and Juna and their beautiful daughter Jada Cathrina Mfumukazi Sangala.
Isn’t she just the cutest little thing!
Jada’s doing well and is healthy but currently under heavy guard from the public…
Code has spoken to Richie and Ofunneka since the baby’s birth and they are excited about him becoming a father…
Bertha has also congratulated Code and Juna on their bundle of joy.
Code’s mother is a very proud grandma…


33 Responses to “*Exclusive* Baby Jada pic”


  2. Jada Caterina Mfumukazi

    You are cutest little pink foot …. am going gaga over you and big ups for Robza for the exclusive rights to the photo !!!

    What a scoop Robza, my King …

  3. Aaaaaaah sweet. We all just looove babies.
    Congrats Code and Juna…and welcome to the world little Jada!!!

  4. JADA is so cuteeeeeee and adorable and Juna is looking good as well, Jada may ur arrival be the beginning of more good things to come in the lives of Juna and Code

  5. Wow nice… Code and Juna Congratulations on your new bundle of joy…

    To Jada..welcome to the world little one….

  6. Cute baby but then all babies are cute and look alike. For whats worth congrats

  7. congrats codjuana on your little buddle of joy……..she sure is cute.

  8. yeh congrats to the snitch and his girlfriend, why did you keep the pregancy a secret in the house, u knew that your girlfriend was pregnant when u entered the house, so why did u not tell any of your housemates, but u only used maureen, at least she saw right thru u and did not let you get to far, u even would have used tati if she had allowed you, and as for you juana, thank you for keeeping ricki informed about richard and tati in the house, do you think we are stupid, u and code and ricki have brainwashed our richard, is he blind and deaf that he did not see or hear all the things that code said about him, please set him free, we do not want the fake richard, we want our real richard back , you three have brainwashed him, pls set him free,
    Juana you make the most of code the snitch now because guaranteed you will not be tying that snake down for life, he is to much of a womaniser, i never supported him in or out the house and i never will, i never liked u either from the first interview, somehow you were too much like richard’s ricki, makes me think, was this all planned by somebody?
    RICHARD, FOGO, ACORDA, BABY, ANDA COM MIGO PAR ANGOLA As for your little girl i wish her all the best that life can give her, RICHIANA FAN FOR LIFE

  9. congrats


  11. I have called in on this location on many an instance now but this post is the 1st one that I have ever commented on.

    Congratulations on such a first-rate critique and site. I have found it to be very helpful and educational – I only wish that there were more blogs online like this one.

    I never disappear from this blog without learning anything, from time to time I may feel a tiny bit saddened that I may not agree with a blog article or comeback that has been made. But hey! that is existence and if every one decided to agree on the same thing what a boring old world we would exist in.

    Please maintain your admirable work.

    Having said all of this, and if I’m kindly allowed to continue with my entries I will come again to post on your blog site soon

    Cheers, have a great day and thank you.

  12. Welcome Jada to this world. Congrats Code and Juna.

    look at that little ANGEL ,u shoul thank GOD for the BABY she is a blessing from him
    ooh she is soooo…..o cute

  14. congrtulatons to cole and juna tkae cereof the baby.

  15. hi guys

    i normally just come on2 this site and read what everybody has to say but never write anything. but i have some incredible news…….and believe me when i tell you that its true and it comes from a very reliable source….

    drum roll pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz…..

    Max & Lerato are officially engaged and lobola talks are under way…….

    if any of them do come on this site i would like to congratulate them….i was always rooting for them to work out.

    i will tell you all the information once i speak to my source again, maybe 2day even.

    bye for now.



  17. Good news Lebza – that’s lovely. Is it in any of the RSA newspapers.

  18. funky gal please live our CODE alone, Jada is cute and Juna and CODE looks pretier than before.this is time for celebrations.
    Congratulations to code and Juna for Mfumukazi.

  19. hey juna thanks for showing us you lil pinkie. i can see code is already enjoying being a dad.
    she brought code’s nose.

  20. @ lady k

    no its not in the papers yet because they have not announced it to the public yet. i heard from a very close friend of the 2.

    apparently they are so happy and so are the 2 families.

    i’m trying to get more info for you all..

  21. Juna pls let jada get use to pink. i love to see lil girls in pink.
    love to you and code for the hard work. pls gave Jada all the love she needs.

    I wish mine was around too. you know what i mean.

  22. Ok Lebza thanks.

  23. Code…Cutie Cutie!!!!!!! little bundle of joy…..

  24. code you are one lucky man. Juna is a sweet lady.

  25. CONGRATULATIONS. Enjoy the baby and embrace life!!! And continue to be a true friend to all your housemates Code.

  26. Congrats to the proud parents. Jada, you will be loved.

    @Hawa-Know you feel sad, but believe that you will be blessed again soon. Best of luck, just keep trying.

  27. Code and Juna, congratulations on the birth of your lovely daughter, she is a beauty. Keep well and enjoy – they grow very fast! Cheers, Ricki’s mom Ora

  28. @lebza great stuff man keep us updated…..congrats to Lemax.

  29. Jada, a sweet looking baby!! I pray that God takes care of you and your parents.

  30. Guys am in a shock, I cant imagine L would hide such a thing, I’ve owez that she is the one in love mostly than max! would one of u tell me where K is abd what he is doing-get him out of the cacoon!

  31. Who said, Juna is beautiful??

    She is the ugliest white woman I have come across.

    The good thing is that even Code is ugly.

  32. No person is ugly because we are the photo of God.Your mouth talks ugly thins

  33. Juna,i did not know that thats what you meant when i met you in the corridor at KCN in lilongwe and i wondered why you were back.Remember your answer??????I was happy you decided to not only stay but be part of us …..we have a few nurses as well so you can add up .When Jada grows we hope to see you in thje Corridors of our hospitals.Where are you with the malaria project by code?What are you doing /are you still in malawi or Netherlands?

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