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Juna gives birth… is your One Stop Shop

Hey guys…. This is being posted rather late, but I had to let you know that Juna gave birth to a baby girl last week Thursday!!!! Wednesday!!!! CONGRATS to Code and Juna! I will be getting some pics soon to show everyone..


23 Responses to “Juna gives birth…”

  1. To Juna and Code is born ……

    a bundle of joy ….. a little girl with smiling eyes (like Da-da) and beautiful hair …… (like Ma-ma). May she be blessed with health, sunshine and love from the day she was born … for her parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts ………

    Welcome into our world …. ask daddy to sing you a lallabay every nite …. but plse not the quitar ..

    am gaga over babies… you are so blessed …. Juda and Code

  2. Congratulations Juna!!!!!!!!!!! kiss kiss kiss. Kiss the lilttle one for me.

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Juna and codeeeeeeee! Kiss Kiss!

    Little one well come to the world. pls don’t paticipate in big brother.

  4. when are we gona see the pic of the little one? i hope she looks like mama. Juna is one beautiful lady.

  5. ‘pls don’t paticipate in big brother’

    ……… whaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaa funny funny …… LOL LOL

  6. dolphin you should know why.

  7. did you say juna is beautiful?????eh i think i’ve seen a different one. Conds Code. whats yr baby’s name?

  8. @melanie yes i said Juna is beautiful.

  9. Congrats to the new parents!!

    Hope your bundle of joy will help you erase all those memories….blah blah blah (if you know what I mean)… LOL

    I hear Mau has nominated herself as the Godmother…….ha ha ha

  10. Congrats Juna, hope the child will fill ur home with good tidings.@Melanie, I concur with HAWA, Juna is beautiful both inside and outside and also very mature

  11. congra guys dats a gift from GOD give here luv and respet her by that she will respect u back

    hhhmmmmm i can imagine the joy u hav its overflowing ,again congra

  12. Congratulations Code and Juna. That new bundle sure has brought alot of joy in your lifes.

  13. Code is a father, congratulations to both of you. May your daughter be blessed with every good thing that life can bring.

    Enjoy being parents.

  14. hi there,

    Is there a picture of mother/father/baby???
    Whats the name of the child?

    where did you hear the news????
    cant find it on the internet.


  16. Congratulation

  17. how can i send a basket of baby things to juna? is it ture that she wants to name the girl RICKI?

  18. Congraluations Code and Juna. Hope your little bundle of joy only brings you happiness.

    Good luck with the pajama drill!!!

  19. Congratulations Code and Juna..For bringing Miss Big brother africa 2…What name are we going to call her girlfriends ???lol

    Congratulations ;; Please Code marry that Girl !!

    Shalom !

  20. CONGRATS………..!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. Lebza advise in Code and Juna’s other blog that Max and Lerato are engaged.

  22. Congratulations Code and Juna on the birth of your baby girl. Children are gift from the Almighty God, so train her in the fear of the Lord.

    Goodluck to both parents. i am happy for them

    peace & love


  23. Juna..Do you have a brother ..Please hook me up

    Congratulations again Juna !

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