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Code is a daddy!

On entering their Mandala Flat, the feeling of a newborn are clear: clean nappies and other clothes to keep the baby warm are neatly piled on a table. As we make our entrance, the baby’s grandmother sprawls on a basket chair. She says hello as we enter, and apparently she knows the purpose of our visit, and she can’t hide the smile on her face when she says: “I am happy to be a grandmother.”

–Article by Jack McBrams–

Happy she was. But, if you could measure joy, her son-in-law Malawi representative at the Big Brother House Africa Code Sangala, smiling all the while, is over the moon with the birth of his first-born daughter with Juna.

Born at Mwaiwathu’s Mphatso Ward in the afternoon of March 12 and christened Jada Cathrina Sangala, the newly-born is, for Code, the greatest gift he ever got.

“It feels great. I don’t remember ever feeling so great. We have a new circle, a great inspiration for me. This is another level for me since Jada’s birth calls me to be more responsible as a father,” says Code, clad in a Khalidwe wear outfit labelled Code at the back, a pair of jeans and seems relaxed with his barefeet.

It is an open secret among Malawians and other African cultures that men expect their first born to be a son.

What was on Code’s mind?
“As a man, you think of a son as the first born. Being Malawian I had the same thoughts, but all that changed when I looked into the eyes of my baby girl for the first time. I saw in her eyes an inner glow and, instantly, we felt spiritually connected. The fact that she is a girl is even more precious,” said Code.

Code, spent 77 days as a BBA housemate to walk into the Malawi and African fame hallway, has since talked on the phone with fellow housemates Richard of Tanzania and Ofunneka of Nigeria. He has also had an e-mail from Bertha of Zimbabwe. All of them, he said, were excited with Code’s becoming a father.

What about Maureen?
“Not yet. Eventually, I will have to get in touch with each of the housemates, including Maureen. This is the genesis of the next level. Life was good, but now it’s better,” says Code.

Talking about his mother’s reaction, Code laughed heartily, before saying: “She was very happy. In fact she noted Jada has the Sangala nose signature.”

Reclined on a basket chair, Juna says she is looking at being a mother on a day-to-day basis.
“The first hours were unreal, I had to adjust a lot, the concept of being a mum was always running in my head. By and by, she turns out to be a sleepy girl, which is very good,” says the 24 year-old.
She denies that Jada is bridging two cultures: with Code, a Malawian on the one hand, and herself a Dutch on the other: “No! It’s not a bridge, we are already tight. It’s just the same as a Malawian from the North would marry another Malawian from the South: there may be some cultural differences, but the bond is there. We look forward to giving Jada the best of education and we would love her to grow into an open-minded person, with respect for the cultures of the world. We want to see her eat nsima in the remotest village of Malawi one day, and eating in an expensive hotel in America or Europe the next day.”

Code agreed: “She would have to appreciate the best of the two worlds.”

For Juna’s mother Cathrina, after whom Code gave Jada the middle name, the baby is a blessing. Being a girl, she is another jewel in the crown of her belief for girl power.
“All of my six children are girls. In our lineage, Jada completes five generations of women, since both my grandmother and mother are still alive. She is my first grandchild and I hope she grows into a multi-cultural world,” said Cathrina, who urged all people to support boys and girls equally.


26 Responses to “Code is a daddy!”

  1. ooooooooooooooooh look at her eyes glowing as if she knows that they taking a pic of her.LOL
    how i wish i can hold her now

  2. I quote what Juna said :
    “No! It’s not a bridge, we are already tight. It’s just the same as a Malawian from the North would marry another Malawian from the South: there may be some cultural differences, but the bond is there.”

    I liked that one Juna sure Jada is a Malawian. Congratulations again and with a granny around I know she will be over protected.

  3. Congratulations again Code on the birth of your baby girl. You and Juna must take good care of this precious gift from God.
    I’m glad to hear that you want to get in contact with all your former housemates, including Maureen.

  4. @ QUEST
    At least he appreciates Maureen as a housemate and friend unlike Richard!,
    Congratulations Juna and Code for a wonderful gift given by GOD!

  5. @QUEST
    jelousy makes u nasty , they still friends for ur info

  6. Juna congratulations baby, you are a mother now. You never cease to impress me by your gentleness, wisdom and maturity that I always detect in each of your conversation. Code, congratulations too, I hope you will continue to be a good farther as well as a responsible husband. I am happy for your current open heart to other housemates including Maureen.

    Wish you all endless pleasant moments.



  8. BLESSINGS !!!

    Congrats to Code & Juna on the arrival of their sweet daughter !!!

    Enjoy every moment because children grow up so quickly & this is such a special time !!!


  9. Well, lets just hope Maureen didn’t have a break down when she heard the news, we all know how fragile and unstable that woman is. I just hope she has moved on and wont be stalking code and his family in future. Stalkers can be dangerous you know. Ha……….ha…..LOL Congrats Codey!!

  10. Stop talking bad about code, u mean Maureen did not know that all wat was happening in the house was fake? They both knew each others status,that they were occupied. So wat ever happened to her is smthing she deservs. She actually a lady, old enough to read pple’s mind.

  11. do you know any other information about this subject in other languages?

  12. @Nonki
    Give Maureen some credit please. She has moved on and will definitely not be stalking Code…..and by the way, it would have been nice if he mentioned to her that his girlfriend was pregnant!
    Anyway, they have all moved on so let’s just wish them good luck!

  13. lol Nonki, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  14. Morning everyone hope u enjoyed the Easter Holidays and you are back at work.

  15. Hi every one the Easter holidays were good but short,lol. . . eish i still want some more
    hope every one did enjoy, i know it was so hard to wake up today but hey here we are at work again……….enjoy ur day

  16. zazisto,sa ,Lady K..We are back on track ..Lets keep the blog going ….

    Work hard and pray hard will you girfriends?

    Shalom !1

  17. aaaaaaaaaand gud morning y’ll !!!!!

    Eish, it’s Tuesday today – just think – one day nearer to the weekend…. LOL

    Hoping you are having a wonderful day !!!

    Catch you on the flip side

  18. ooh yes dolphin i wish it was the whole week …

    keep the blog rocking!!

  19. Congrats, Juna is a pretty name and she’s so cute. Take care

  20. congrats to code and juna im sure this baby will bring lotsa of joy and happiness to their lives. BTW congrats on the marriage as well.

  21. Every kid is such a gift!
    Nice fan blog!

  22. A big welcome to Jada, may God’s Grace guide her to grow into a wonderful woman. To daddy, may you teach your child, by being a good example of the universal principles of life which are honesty, loyalty, love, trust, care, kindnest, hardwork, genuiness etc so that she can enjoy success and happiness in the future. To mommy, your ability to forgive and to understand is admirable. I hope that your sacrifice is wothwhile and appreciated by Code. I hope that he never lets you and the baby down in the future. All the best for your bonny little daughter!!!

  23. BTW congrats on the marriage as well.


    Did we miss something??? When did Code and Juna get married?
    Please tell. Hold nuthing back.

    (nice to see back on WordPress my friend)

  24. dolphin i assumed marriage because of the following:

    Happy she was. But, if you could measure joy, her SON – IN LAW Malawi representative at the Big Brother House Africa Code Sangala, smiling all the while, is over the moon with the birth of his first-born daughter with Juna.

  25. Besa is very gud

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