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A typical day in the life of the BBAII runner-up

By: Dolphin
About a year ago, a young woman, after completing her university degree and doing the normal student things, was offered a job as PA to a professor at a clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.
Ofunneka Molokwu did the normal 9-to-5 thing most of us do. Get up in the morning, shower, get dressed, go to work, then back home, sleep and, at the end of the month, receive a salary big enough to pay for her immediate needs. Not enough to be called rich or particularly well off, but she was happy and content and her boss was extremely impressed with her. Tasks given to her were always handed in on time even if this meant that she had to take work home. She did it with a smile and after a short period of time she was nominated as the Employee of the Month.
Then one day, Ofunneka took stock of her life and realized that she wanted more, she wanted to spread her wings and fly. However, if opportunities wouldn’t come knocking on her door, she realised that she would have to take charge of the knocking herself! She saw the advertisement for the BBAII reality show and without hesitation forwarded her application to the interview panel.On 7 August 2007, Ofunneka Molokwu walked into our lives, when, as the Nigerian representative, she joined 11 other housemates from all over Africa in the famous Big Brother house in Jozi, South Africa.
For a period of three months, Ofu, or Foxy as Tatiana renamed her, rocked the house. She was never afraid; she did her “do’s” her way. How many times did we watch Ofunneka shower in the wee hours of the morning when all the other housemates were asleep? She loved the discussions, she loved reading and she loved to dance. Although she was quiet and withdrawn at first, she quickly established her position in the house and we all started to take notice of her.
On 13 November 2007, Ofunneka walked out of the house – looking stunning and sexy – dressed in a purple outfit that fitted her body like a glove. In a nail-biting finale, she became the first runner-up of one of the best Big Brother shows ever screened on international television.
And when the hype and the interviews and all that were over and Ofunneka returned home, what happened then? I asked her to give me a description of a typical day in the life of the BBAII runner-up.

Interview dated: 21st March 2008

This is what she had to say:

My life changed completely and my previous job took on a new turn, where I have become more of a consultant than a permanent staff, as was the case before BBA2. I paid a visit to my boss and the other peeps in the office, and there was a media frenzy there, more interviews and questions to be answered. They all wished me well in my new endeavors.

My mobile phone and my computer became my office and my manager. I received many invitations and contracts and dealt with them according to my schedule and my interest in the proposal. Soon my diary and appointments filled up and I realized how blessed I am.

I will consult my diary and plan my wardrobe before I go to bed. Depending on what I have planned for the day, I could wake up at 6.30am, 7am, the latest at 8am every morning. Then I will follow a strict exercise routine of aerobics for about half an hour to get me started for the day. This is very important to me, as I feel that the exercise is good for my mind, body and soul. I hardly ever take a headache pill and I am convinced that it is because of the early morning exercises I do. I love doing aerobics to my favourite music or will use one of the many aerobic video tapes I have. Unfortunately I am not big on breakfast and will normally be happy with a cup of coffee. Over a weekend, when I am more relaxed, I will go for a glass of milk and dry biscuits or a sandwich if I have nice goodies to garnish the sarmie.

Because I have already chosen my outfit the previous night, I am able to get dressed in a record time. Because of my new assignments and the fact I am recognized everywhere I go, I asked a stylist to assist me with a new wardrobe, colour coordination – nothing fancy, more funky, modern, true Foxy style. I am not big into wearing make-up regularly and would seriously prefer the natural way of going about, but once again, on strict orders from my stylist, I alternate. I prefer a more softer look and will never overdo on my make-up. I visit a hair salon for a regular cut and treatment, but for the rest of the time, I handle my own hair – washing, blow drying and the normal girly stuff. I am fussy on the shampoo and conditioner that I use for my hair and will not go for the nearest bottle at the convenient store around the corner. I changed my hair colour recently and received a few compliments on the colour.

I am very close to my family. Although I share an apartment with a very good friend of mine, I will think nothing of visiting my parents three or four times a week. Therefore you can rightfully say I pedal between their house and my apartment on a regular basis. I do have a drivers’ license but since I have discovered the luxury of a cab, where I can talk to my promoter on the mobile or do some work on my laptop, I found life is so much easier. Call me lazy girl, but it is really not my scene to fight other drivers in overcrowded streets on my way to an appointment.

After a hard day of meetings, interviews and photo shoots, I love nothing more to hang out with my friends. Those are the peeps who I knew before the BBAII show and they are true friends. They will protect me and allow me to be myself, without any fear that they will expose me to the paparazzi.

My tastes in music is very wide, as you will remember from the house – it varies from rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, garage, house R&B and instrumentals (yanni /enya). Although I adore reading, it is pity that I haven’t really had much time to do so. Weekends most times creep on while trying to make the most of weekdays. I don’t mind visiting clubs over weekends, depends on whose there. I am recognized by many when I go out, but I hardly go out alone. I am always with family or friends and I’m lucky that thus I haven’t needed a bodyguard.

I love to cook, anything with seafood and when I have the time, I will gladly spend some time in the kitchen otherwise I order take-aways. I am, however, careful with what I eat and a follow a special eating plan that suits my body and activities.

I have completed a movie called ‘WHO’ recently. The movie is directed by Lancelot Imaseun and produced by Simony Productions. Everything else you’ll know when it is released. It featured major Nigerian movie stars (6 of them) and of course me, Ofunneka. I love my new life. It really is a dream come true.


91 Responses to “A typical day in the life of the BBAII runner-up”

  1. @Robza MY KING…..our prayers were answered, fresh news….u are the man thanks.

    @dolphine you are a star (mchwaaaaa)

    Offu is looking lovely, and it’s great to here that she’s doing well. u deserve it Foxy.

  2. Great work Dolphin!
    Looking good Foxy – glad you are loving your new life. May all your dreams come true!

  3. @Dolphin, you’re the simply the best…a shining or is it shooting star? thank you for this refreshing news bout MAMA AFRICA, she was and is simply the best.I pray all her dreams and aspirations gets fulfilled

  4. @dolphin sorry bout my english, I wanted to say you’re simply about

  5. Dolphin…my capetonian girl..thumbs up girl…yu are the best..smooch.

    Foxy you are looking gorgeous. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours and remember everything happens for a reason…just enjoy your new life and keep rocking babe.

  6. Well done guys thanks for the update
    @ dolphin from a rockstar to a journalist all a days work girl you did well pat yourself on the back

  7. @dolphin,

    Good work gal !!!

  8. Sorry … am dolphin …. LOL

  9. Ofunneka,

    You rock babes …. keep it up …. stay the way you are …. luv you like jelly tots

  10. Tnks for the news Dolphin.

    Ofumama pleased to hear u are doing well. Go girl – the sky is the limit.

  11. Since this is the latest blog – can someone please just advise when the Moments with Mo show will air.
    Who is the lady with Ofumama on the photo?

  12. Dolphin Girl ..Salute! hands down..Atleast we can rock the blog again ..

    Ofunemama ..That is an inspirational and testimony for women who like to sit on their comfort zone ..complaining about life and how unfair it is …Opportunity can not come without us going out and look for it …

    Never give up in life ..Hardwork ,determination and persistancy pays ..girlfriends ..

    That is the message i got from ofunemama …

    Shalom Girlfriends..

  13. Leave the pity- parties alone lol


  14. @Dolphin, thanks

    @ Julie Nam , very true , it applies to everyone. Take control of your own destiny and make it happen.

    Foxy Roxy , good to hear you are doing well and all the very best to you .

  15. Dolphin Baby, you rock girl. Infact you are now my own African Queen. thanks for this great news on Ofu (Foxy Mama)

    Ofunne Mama, you go girl, the sky is not even your limit. what women can do

    A shout out to Tati, goodluck girl

    I am happy and proud to be a woman.

    peace and love to happy people here

  16. Dolphin! when are you gonna interview me too and post it here? remember i’m your one and only LIB friend. lol

    Goog work girlfriend.

  17. foxy live to the fullest her. have all the fun you can peace.

  18. @hawa,

    Ticket paid – you flight is tomorrow. Interview tomorrow nite. Return flight – 14 days from today

    Enjoy. One sleep to go and then it is weekend again !!!

  19. Thanx Dolphine for the scoop, keep it up!!!

    I wish Foxy the best in all she has accumplished and yet to accumplish.

  20. i wish ofunneka the best. love you girl.

    @dolphin , a big shout out to u.

  21. Robza well done. You are now doing what you ought to have done in the past. You were choking us with Richard’s stories and I was really getting fed up since we had 12 housemates. Thank you for the posting on Offuneka and some of the other housemates in recent times.

    I wish Offuneka best wishes in all her endeavours.

  22. Sure Dolphin…

    All the best Nneka!!
    and other BBA2 housemates.

    We really want to see all of you succeeding one way or the other because you were offered more exposure.

    Hence, time wasted shall never be regained…

  23. Holla Dolphin thanx a lot dear for everything …..u really need to get 24???but dont u worry cos they coming …..u know what im talking about(gal)

    @Offuneka….u go gal just spread ur wings and fly….wish u good luck in everything….lots of luv

  24. yipeeeeeee fresh news…..dolphin you are the man!!!!oooops you are the woman!!!

    love you all

  25. dzax – hellow my baby looks u still doing good.

    Anybody with news on KWEKU, MAXWELL, JEFF, BERTHA AND MAUREEN? Eventhough we heard a little of Maureen, we havent heard anything about the other four. ROBZA if you can assist please find information on these five please. It would be nice if we knew what all the 12 housemates are really into. For sure each and everyone made a great contribution into the game and each one of them has got fans.

    Anything on when the BBIII will be. According to reliable sources it looks like there is a problem. Other countries feel the way the evictions are made is not fair and also things like Head of House and Replacing others should completely be taken out of the game. Anyway these are just hearsay, but can confirm I heard it from a reliable source. Let’s hope BB will resolve all these and air the show next year 2009 at least.

  26. LADY K..2009 is too far man..Hope is just a rumour

    The game was not fair ..i wonder how fair we africans want it to be ..It was perfect when it came on fairness ..

    It made the housemates to compete and work for the money ..Actually BBA3 was supposed to be called BBA Survivor

  27. Julie Nam – My dear it wont be this year that’s one thing for sure. Maybe next year I dont want to reveal who told me but its a reliable source. 2009 is near it’s not that far like one person once told me it will be in 2010.

    Coming to the fairness I have stated to my source that the fairness of the game is one the people wont understand because each person wish her favourite fan to win as each country wish their representative to win (even he/she is a bore and doesn’t really fit into the game).

    We dont look at things the same, I for one feel the way the show is run is fair, unless if BB could advise what he expects of the housemates (what the show really entails) then we will be able to know what to expect and put us in a better place when coming to vote. If I look back to BBI which I also watched, the one for Warona, Abby, Mwisho, Gaetano, Cherise, Bayo, Alex, Sam, Tapuwa, Stephanie, Brua) I think the show was just beautiful they all entertained us in their different ways.

    Lets just cross fingures and pray that at least BB show be next year because this year is completely out.

  28. should read Bruna.. Bruna

  29. Well done to one of the many reliable loonies for this wonderful news!! Always new the Foxy lady would do well with her opportunity since she has many similar qualities to our AFRICAN QUEEN Tatiana which can only take thm onwards and upwards.

    Keep on Keeping on Girl!

  30. Hi there you FANTASTIC LOONIES

    What can we say about our GIRL DOLPHIN, ‘simply the best’ better than all the sites/oops sorry rest. Thank you so much.

    Mama Africa, Offu Mama you looking so great, and YOU taught me many a lesson from that HOUSE…..You are so blessed thats why you are not stressed. LET GO AND LET GOD.
    I sincerely wish you everything, good, beautiful, wonderful and more than ever, everything you wish for.

    Take care and never ever be ashamed of who you are or where you come from, you are one smart LADY. If we could all have that kind of attitude what a peaceful AFRICA we would have. Hard work has never directly killed anyone, its how you do it and Offu you did it with love, peace, honesty and sincerity.

    Take care, weekend around the corner again. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  31. Hi. hope you all had a good easter.Nice interview Dolphin.There was an interview with her in the march issue of TRUE LOVE WEST AFRICA mag.I wont bother to post the details so as not to bring up old wounds.There was also gossip about Meryl fighting another actress on the set and alittle about Richard in the CITY PEOPLE NEWS PAPER current edition……..cheers every one and have a nice night

  32. @FUN2,

    …. gal why do I feel like a lil child left by her mother out in the cold on a winter’s night?

    Eish, bring your black over here and send us those articles – yoyoyo, that one of Meryl fighting another actress sounds juicy ….

    Please pretty please

  33. cracked me with laughter..Lol ..Am on your side ..
    Fun 2.. Bring that news girfriend of merlyl ..

    Fun 2..Fun 2 ..Fun 2 ..How many times did i call you ?? Bring it on girlfriend !!

    Merly went for another BBA aaah ..Bring the gossip maan!
    i cant wait ..


  34. Fun 2 ..Who is the actress..Is it Genovieve ? She will definately loose aaaaaaaaaah

    Where is Vur ? Hope she wants to give me a slap..I told her ..MERLY will snatch one nigerian Guy ..She didn’t believe me ..Now their fighting aaaaaah i can’t stop laughing..

  35. Hello all you good people! Tomorrow we go to the polls here in Zimbabwe to elect a President who will lead this Country for the next 5 years. We want Peaceful, Free & Fair elections….most of all we need all your prays guyz PLIZ!!

    Thank You!

  36. @Noni,
    We are praying for your country my dear. We need to see people are enjoying peaceful life across Africa. Wish you a peaceful, free and fair election.

  37. @LADY K
    Moments with Mo show will air very soon, if not this week , it will be next week. Go to this website and read more:
    Have a nice weekend to all . Pliz pray for us here in Zim as we a going for our elections. Pray to God to provide us with peace after the election results are announced.

  38. Rebecca,
    Take it easy babe. I know some prayer groups here in Arusha, which are seriously including Zimbabwe in their prayers. I believe the Mighty hand of God is going to be with you for all that period thru.

    We are now holding our thumbs for you.

  39. @Gemma
    Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes we look up to the Lord becoz we know that he is in Control. Have a good weekend.

  40. You are welcome Rebecca. Wishing you a good weekend too.

  41. @Gemma, thanx my dear, may God bless you. Have a good weekend.

  42. Noni,
    God Bless you and wish you a happy weekend too my dear.

  43. @Noni,

    I will keep you, your family and all our fellow africans in Zimbabwe in my thoughts and in my prayers.

    Be save peeps of Zimbabwe let us stay calm and let peace be our focus with the election at all the voting poles.


  44. May the almighty God’s favours and Peace be restored in Zimbabwe…

    Shalom !

  45. @Dolphin and Julie Nam, the actress that presumably fought with Merly is called Uche Jombo, she’s a top actress in nollywood and some people said they fought cos she went to advice Merly to be serious with her acting and concentrate on her rehearsal instead of playing around Rich boy. Merly then mouthed abusive words to her and angrily she slapped Merly, who slapped her back and all hell was let loose until they were separated, the other people said they fought because Merly is havin an affair wit d director of d movie, who is Uche’s man…when the actress was interviewed, she claimed dat nothing lik dat happened, which of course was expected…hope this appeases ur curiousity, until Fun2 gives us the low down

  46. ????????

  47. @Sarafina,

    O lordi lordi …. !!!!


    LOL oooooops

  48. @all our zimbabwean people you are all in our prayers and i hope all goes well 2morrow.

    @Sarafina……such drama, oh my!!!.

    thanks Sarafina for the fresh, brand new from the box news.

    have a great weekend @loonies

  49. @All Tati fans

    Watch this space!!!!!

  50. Ofunne, good to know you are doing well, always knew your positive attitude will take you a long way. @Sarafina and Dolphin, holla my chicks, still loving the story of Merly, the said actress is known for having a volatile temper and has been enmeshed in one fight or the other, read that article and was happy merly matched her fire for fire and yes, Merly is dating the Movie Director

  51. chalie ,how was ur trip,

  52. Ola @Charlie !!!!

    Trust Meryl to stand her ground – LOL – hope that the cameraman kept da camera rolling at that point in time – eish, wish someborri will send the article to Robza …. (plse @fun2, @sarafrina or @charlie)

    And mmmm for Meryl dating the director. Did you see she posted on the clip ‘Meryl parties in Naija’. She said that she is going to be in Lagos for a loooong time…. that explains it.

    Thanks for the news – saw of photo of Uche on Oboma. She and Meryl can pass for twins hey …

    Chill out Sunday to you guys

  53. Am sure that Meryl and Ofunne cook up a storm ova weekends. And a high five to the two of you ….

    Ofunne and Merly

    Have a hoo-ha time and party like there is no tomorrow !!! Eish JulieNam, how true did your words turned out to be – Merly and a Nigerian guy …… dolphin is laffing out loud, seriousssss

  54. @Dolphin, wont be able to help you out with that cos I had to email a friend of mine in Nigeria when I read FUN2’s post and he gave me the low down, didnt actually see a copy, but from what I was told, its a popular soft sell magazine, they might have a website

  55. @ Tatiana fan this a link for Tatis picture in one of her shows

  56. Nneka my sister I never come back here oh, just come check how una dey and use style find trouble

  57. Morning everyone hope you enjoyed your weekend. Ooh Tati’s pictures are lovely – thanks MamaJ.

  58. Happy 27th Birthday Tatiana – wherever u are enjoy this day.

  59. Happy bithday to Queen Tatiana…may ur day b full of love, joy and happyness and of course al d goodies…love u like jelly tots. Hugs an kisses to u Tatiana Dos santos Durao. Tatiana fan 4lyf.


  61. @ Rebecca
    I just clicked on the web you showed about Moments with Mo. According to the ad there it says BBII aired on 21st March. This is not true cause ever since I learnt of Moments with Mo I always watch it. But under Moments with Mo they have still put the sign “Coming Soon”. Can someone tell me what’s happening.

    Oh my god .. what’s all this fighting Meryl has gone into. Anyway I know if she wants something she’s gonna get it. That ‘s the flexible and energetic Meryl we all saw on BB show and of late. Hope it didn’t be that serious to destroy her acting career.

    Robza – Please organiuse some pictures and news on Tati’s special day.

  62. charlie u sabi find d trouble wel wel, u dey mek me laugh, wetin uche jumbo do u, hahahah, which director? moses inyang?

  63. Yeah, that is Queen Tatiana Dos Santos Durao. . so gorgeous as usual. Go girl, the world has abundant to offer you where even sky can’t be your limit. Never mind the hateful worlds that are deliberately fashioned to sludge your stunning personality and dishearten you.

    @Mama j, you are a real mama. Thank you so much and keep it up.
    We love you.

  64. isnt it ironic that tatiana has a birthday to day and i read on oboma it is ricki and richards annaversary today if that is true

  65. @cmnet

    yes its true
    Where have you been nice to hear from you again.

  66. Happy Birthday Tatiana Thereza Dos Santos Durao our Queen!. Cmet, Welcome back baby.

  67. @Dolphin, please go to Richard interviewed in Genevieve and see whats happening there. The whole beef has gotten out of hand and its now clearly irritating and disgusting@how people have refused to let sleeping dogs lie and just concentrate on making their pathetic lives better…how long will these people continue letting their jealousy get take over their existence..I apologise to anyone my comment here might hav offended but some peeps need to grow a heart and learn to have a conscience and continually put themselves in people’s shoes, instead of acting barbaric and satanic…

  68. @LadyK, I think it was actually self defence or maybe reflex action but we all do know our Merly can curse someone out but we still love her though

  69. hello mich and mama j i have been around just busy how are you guys

  70. Tatiana

    Have a beautiful day today with yur birthday and all. I know you are not alone … and will have a blast ….. !!!!!!


  71. @Nneka,

    moses inyang – is that merly new boyfriend’s name — eish photo please man….

  72. @Dolphin, please go to Richard interviewed

    Eish @Sarafina

    …. and all this on such a beautiful day … lol let me go seee

  73. Tati may your day be full of thebest moments ever girlfriend!

    Meryl is hot!

  74. Happy 27th Birthday Tatiana
    I hope you have a wonderful day and that ALL YOUR DREAMS come true!

  75. @Hawa,

    You have a 4to of moses inyang – @nneka thinks it’s him … meryl’s new boyfriend.

    Please post on Oboma …. I saw uche jombo … lady posted picture of her for me coz I like to see them faces

    Please Hawa, pretty please .. ?



    …. eish my ears, you sing false … start again. This time with a lower voice ….. lol

    And 1, 2, and 3 …… all together now …

  78. Sorry dolphin i have not been around.i will post the full article tom.It is city people a gossip newspaper but the gist is what Sarafina said

  79. Morning everyone

  80. Hi Dolphin. As promised these are a few lines from the article written by Juliana Orji.The title of the article-TOP ACTRESS UCHE JOMBO @ WAR WITH MERYL OF BIG BROTHER…….
    “The source revealed to us that there had beenan existing grudge between uche and merylas they see each other as rivals.meryl we gathered fell foulwhen she stepped into the hot romance between the movie director ewan moses and uche

  81. According to what an eye witness told city people former bba giants were playing and hugging each other when Richard was supposed to rehearse a particular scene with uche jombo. uche allegedly saw this as going to extreme.Consequently, she cautioned meryl to be serious and leave richard alone for him to do his work. meryl mouthed some invectives at her.true to who uche jombo is , a no nonsense person, she gave meryl a dirty slap.meryl retaliated and a royal rumble began before the intervention of others including the newest hansome ghanian actor,Vince Vicker

  82. City people called on a star actress uche jombo and she told us that “meryl” is a serious minded person when it comes to rehersals.i only told richard that he should be serious with his work and stop playing around with meryl.he told me dat it dosnt rili mata since it wer only rehersals but i told him that it was serious buisness.what happened between meryl and i was not a big fight that someone will call me wasnt a serious thing.i dont have anything to do with her .she is not my match anyway.nothing serious happened between us.
    Getting meryl’s side of the story proved abortive , as ewan mosesshielded her and refused every effort we made to talk to her.

  83. Morning everyone. Someone please post article on Meryl and Tatiana’s interview on Star Sports magazine.

  84. @ Fun2 this is serious mmh

  85. Goodmorning friends. Nearing weekend.

    @ Fun2 – Please get us those juicy news. Havent they posted in any newspaper in Nigeria. Meryl replied us on her blog with Rich and said she will be in Nigeria for sometime. Hope it does not jeopardise her acting career – she is still young must take great care of herself.

    @MamaJ – Thanks alot for Tati’s interview. Very diplomatic and sincere answers – that’s how it’s done. Tati the Queen of Queens I salute u.

  86. Thanks Lady K and Mama J.Will keep you all posted.Have a nice weekend

  87. Just read this article for the 1st time ….. great read !!

    Thanks for the interview Dolphin …. most enjoyable and informative :-))

    Keep it rocking Ofu … my fellow LEO.

    Good to see you, Richi and Meryl had such fun in Naija together.


  88. Morning everyone – Rich with Ofu and Meryl photos in Nigeria are really lovely. Even Rich photos for Playa film are great. Congrats to u all.

  89. Ofunnemama, just saw the pictures of you rocking on Richard’s website, girl you rock, just rock on

  90. dating,…

    […]A typical day in the life of the BBAII runner-up « BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog[…]…

  91. At long last, a worry which here’s fervent on the subject of. We’ve seemed just for advice from this quality for the last a long time. Your website is normally dramatically preferred.

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