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Tatiana meets Zambian president




President of the Republic of Zambia

Tatiana’s popularity continues to spread all over Africa. Recently Tatiana met H.E. LEVY P. MWANAWASA President of the Republic of Zambia on the request of his beautiful young daughter. At such short notice Tatiana who was busy filming her TV show at the time headed to a state dinner party where Angolan officials were hosting the president and his family. She posed for pictures with the family and signed autographs for the president’s daughter who was elated to meet Tatiana. After the brief meeting Tatiana was personally invited to Zambia for a state tour of the country. Zambian fans look out for news on the tour in the immediate future.


49 Responses to “Tatiana meets Zambian president”

  1. Thats is very nice spread your wings all over Africa,I would love also when you come in TZ to visit our president

  2. Hey Queen Tati,
    The whole world is for you and we are proud of having such an amazingly exquisite queen! Go Queen Tati Go!. We are praying for you. Go all over the places baby!!.

    Love you so much.

    Hug and Kiss!.

    Tatiana Fan For Life.

  3. The Zambian president’s daughter has GOOD TASTE! This is great news..I’m sure she knocked the president’s socks off…
    Zambia..get ready Tati is coming to TOWN!

  4. @TATIANA gal u r everything i really mean it, woow look at you u r so wwoooow keep it up n enjoy your day again

  5. damn,always in my prayer, i know the sky is gonna be u’r limit.
    go girl,
    who else????????????.

  6. the presidents daughter has taste,so me .have a wonderful bday tati.

  7. congratulations Tatiana, keep shining. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

  8. My Woman, the world is ur playground, revel in it and use it wisely..d sky is just ur beginning am so proud of u

  9. Ooh Tati that’s lovely. Zambia Tati on her way to u I know u will welcome her with open hands. Tati our Queen enjoy life and whatever comes with it as if there is no tomorrow. Your sincerity will and has opened windows for you.

    Now to all RICHIANA FANS.
    Last message to u all. No need for bad comments on these two. They have really gone ahead with their real lifes after BB. Let’s just cherish the moment they entertained us when they were in the house. Let the rest be HISTORY, PERIOD!!

    Let each one of us just praise their fan. If she/he is not your fan just get out of it and then I am sure we can enjoy these blogs more than all the insults that have been happening on the other blogs. PLEASE my dear brothers and sisters we are all adults and lets just leave the sleeping dogs rest. I think the blogs are to keep us busy and just let us know what the 12 housemates are up to as the REAL show is long over.

  10. tatiana 4 lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. And even presidents request her presence!!!The sky is the limit for you and all good things will come to you Tatiana because you are a sincere ,wonderful person .

  12. You know what Tatiana GOD loves you,your fans loves you, they are everyday praying for your success,you are shinning my girl,you are doing wonders now,all that because you are a speciall person go girl.

  13. @nneka I feel u gal…Tatiana 4lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Tati jus kno u are loved, u r special person we ur fans always have ur back. definatley the presidents daughter has taste, my Zambian people watch the space Queen Tati is on her way.

    Love u Tati always.

  14. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Knock them dead

  15. eishhhhhh @loonies I’am so proud of our girls achievements and all the achievements to come.

    go Tati, go Tati, go Tati, go Tati.

  16. The Zambian president’s daughter has GOOD TASTE! TRUE……….DAT…………TRUE DAT…..!!!!!!!!!!!LOL….

  17. Morning everyone.


  19. It is so interesting how the queen if moving on. Go girl. You are giving the real definition of intertainment industry. We are with you to support you.

  20. Another good day lets cherish and pray to god that we are alive and breathing love all and love your enemies as well

  21. @mamaj,

    Loonies have no enemies!. We are in a free world where we are proudly speaking it as it is!.

    Viva Queen Tati!.


  23. Where the haven is NNAJI? she has been crying out for something new about tatiana, nnaji pop in here, alotttttttttttt.

  24. @ Gemma true we say it as its and loudly

  25. Hello Whats up Robza your Blogg is florishing thank you again for uniting Africa we love you,Morning guys,

  26. Morning everyone. Just waiting for the Star magazine interview.

  27. To Richard and his dragon wife, eat your hearts out!!

  28. Tatiana my Queen.

    The world has everything for you. It just needs you to stand and pick whatever you need. Your good heart is repaying you. When you arrive in Dar, I will love to talk to you about your visions.

    I am real proud of you.


  29. Katse – we dont want to make Tati’s blogs a war zone. Relax and let’s just praise our Queen – Ok sister mine.

  30. Goodmorning friends. Nearing weekend.

    @MamaJ – Thanks alot for Tati’s interview. Very diplomatic and sincere answers – that’s how it’s done. Tati the Queen of Queens I salute u.

  31. Good Morning every one why today the blogg is so quite where are you guys or already its weekend

  32. All Tati Fans have a blessed and lovely weekend and please don’t dose yourselves too much with the devil’s water.

  33. You go Girl, the world is definitely your oyster! Keep on keeping on

  34. Morning all Tati Fans hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    @ MamaJ – morning dear.

    Please everybody let us keep praying for Zimbabwe as the situation is now getting serious as it is in the hands of the law at the court. Let us just pray that there won’t be any blood shed. GOD PLEASE SAVE THE LIVES IN ZIMBABWE.

  35. @LADY K

    Im with you on that one, Africa can not have any more blood shed. We seriously need divine intervention. Zimbabweans have surfered long and hard.


  36. i’m not a hater or anything but WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lerato did that last year already! plus she’s met 2 many other prominent Africa figures but i don’t think she thinks its unnecessary for her to scream & shout about it all over the place…..

    She is after soon to be a Zambian…..

    by the way she’s shedding the kilo’s and is looking stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Tati my Queen, everything works out for the good. I pray that you bless every soul you meet with your good heart. The world is your oyster, just enjoy.

  38. he he he For us is news,tatiana meeting with President Monowasa is one of our greatest news,hi hi hi hi
    Its good news we love the news Go go go Tatiana we love you

  39. @Lebza
    That’s great for Lerato, I’m happy for her.
    The whole point of this blog though is to keep those that are interested updated on what the housemates have been up to post BBA2, so why complain?
    I for one am glad to get these updates on Tatiana because she is my FAVOURITE, but I will also welcome news on the other housemates.

  40. Morning everyone. MamaJ for sure it’s great news meeting with a president. Most of us people haven’t met our own presidents in camera only see them on tv and newspapers. So Tati was really blessed to meet a president from another country in person. TATI HERO, TATI QUEEN, VIVA TATI VIVA.

    @ Lebza – Are u newcomer to UFW? @ zb has explained the reasons of these blogs hope u got it clear. JEALOUSY is a very bad medicine for most people you included. If you dont get over it you will never and I say never accept anything. Always look on both sides of a coin. Hope I am clear – If you need clarification come back here.

  41. @ Lebza – when did u see Lerato cause she is the very same Lerato from BB hasnt lost any weight. Saw her on TV in one of the SA awards.

  42. Morning everyone. Hi MamaJ, Really Real, Sarafina, Nneka, Nthabi, funkygal-kzn, Tsile, zazisto and all Tati Fans.

    Dorcas dear where are you. Morning to you.

    I hope you all read newspapers and listen to tv and radio on what’s happening in Zimbabwe. Lets keep praying for peace, unity and stability in Zimbabwe and may God our father guide the leadership of Zimbabwe and bless its people.

  43. Morning all Tati Fans. Our Queen is really blessed. The layout as MamaJ has put on web really suits Tati right. Her heart of gold is now paying back. Kindness. Tati you are a winner in your own rights you deserve it. Touring all those places and taking shoots and making adverts .. ooh my god I am really proud of you. God bless you.

  44. Morning all Tati fans hope you had a lovely weekend. Lets keep praising our Queen and hope she has the best time in Tanzania.

    Let our prayers still be on Zim more especially may the almighty guide the leadership to recognise that its people and humans who need a better life.

  45. never cease to amaze me..woow thats cool maan

    But don’t go and meet max please Tatiana …

    Congrats real go into places ..

  46. lady k..God will answer our prayers ..You watch …

  47. Morning all Tati Fans. If u havent been to Playa go there and scroll down u will get a link to Tati’s new web eventhough its still under construction she has left a message for us her fans. The ever smiling Tati.

  48. Hi Taty,Good news you are giong to London go out there and network, set up connection with people and maintian those connections, Miss u Lemax

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