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Big Brother Africa 3 is back!


That’s right! I just saw an ad on Series channel (channel 104) on DStv and Big Brother Africa is returning for its 3rd season THIS YEAR! Can’t tell you how I happy I am that my favourite reality show is back and I have something to look forward to! Oh and something to blog about! With a new BBA comes a new blog – so look out for that coming as well!

So anywayz, with that great news a lot of people are probably wondering if the presenter will be the same, what the house’s decor is gonna look like this time around and who the new housemates are gonna be…. Well, entries are open till 30th April so there’s still time to be a part of those lucky 12 or 14 or even 16 housemates! Word is that there are gonna be more than 12 housemates this year and more twists (better prepared of course) than last season. The show is likely to start around August as did last year’s show…

97 Responses to “Big Brother Africa 3 is back!”

  1. Oh no, there goes my social life down the tube again..(LoL). Maybe I should take unpaid leave for three months? Come to think about, I’m not sure if I’m ready for this, still trying to get OVER BBA2!!!

  2. @zb what social life lol, we still haven’t recoverd from BBA2…..eishhhh here comes sleepless nights.

  3. LOL…. Its amazing how much of an impression the BBA2 cast have made on us…. People are STILL talking about them and will probably continue to do so during and after BBA3….. The wait is KILLING ME! :p

  4. Great to hear.I saw the advert and jumped up in joy,.Good stuff, cnt wait for the drama.Hope they send another hot boy from TZ, not married this time, but just as contoversial.
    LOL!!!!And a hot boy from naija also!!!
    Robza I think Kabelo wil host again, his face was on the advert!

  5. @zb what social life lol, we still haven’t recoverd from BBA2…..eishhhh here comes sleepless nights.


    LOL jujulicious!!!!!

  6. Morning – saw advert too. Eventhough we havent come over BBII lets just welcome the new one.

  7. As we cheish the coming of BBIII lets keep praying for the leadership of Zim and its people things are really getting out of hand. So far 60 farm owners have been removed from their farms. An MDC member killed by ZANU members. Most of the ZEC polling reps in detention being tortured. MDC legal adviser detained for sure he is being tortured. Things are really out of hand in Zim. God have mercy on the lives of people of Zimbabwe. Guide the leadership to know and respect humanbeings.

    The long awaited Moment with Mo show I dont think it will ever air. Right now the advert for BB has been taken out of the Moment list so what do you people expect. Nothing. On the list are new adverts and dates for them to air.

    @ Really Real – Please get my email from MamaJ.

  8. Morning everyone
    i really want to represent my beautiful country SA. lol…… as long as there will be single and very handsome guys that will be cool…..ha ha ha ha ha ha

  9. @Robza dont be naughty, you dont mention about the fight are we going to carry over to BBA3 ha ha ha
    and what about the busted with fake IDs
    and what about the family member being abudant fan of a certain housemate ha ha ha
    Oh my God am now old whats all this I need to retire

  10. i am so happy about bba3, i just cant wait for it to start, where is it gonna be held this time? is it still South Africa

  11. hi guys so excited cant wait to see if theres going to be another richiana in the house ,after all, that is what kept us glued to our screens. thanks to richard and tatiana ,will always be my favourite.

  12. @sa girl i agree with you richiana kept us glued to our screens i dont know why people all of a sudden talk badly about them anyway much to them and i hope the new housemates will also give us something to talk about like the big5 and the untouchables

  13. I hope the house is in South Africa – lord help us if they choose that ghastly Nigerian house 😦 I’m 100% sure though it is gonna be in SA…. :p

  14. OMG, im so happy, i cant wait for it to air. Ya, there goes my sleepless nights and some “fights” with my husband. He has threatened to sue Mnet cause i was so inlove with BBA2, thanks for the news robza, you have made my day.

  15. PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEW ..How wonderful to hear about BBA3..
    well as i said it before better the guys who will be in BBA3 prepare themselves well and be real ….

    Our mind still with BBA2 ..So they better try their best to beat that and intoxicate our system from BBA2
    ..How come i didn’t see the advert for BBA3 ???

    Am ready to rock again on BBA3 STRIP !! i HOPE THE HOUSE WILL BE IN TANZANIA or NAMIBIA LOL!!!!

    Mnet Tanzania bring the hottest guy and controversial as usual..


  16. PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEW ..How wonderful to hear about BBA3..
    well as i said it before, better the guys who will be in BBA3 prepare themselves well and be real ….

    Our mind still with BBA2 ..So they better try their best to beat that and intoxicate our system from BBA2
    ..How come i didn’t see the advert for BBA3 ???

    Am ready to rock again on BBA3 STRIP !! i HOPE THE HOUSE WILL BE IN TANZANIA or NAMIBIA LOL!!!!

    Mnet Tanzania bring the hottest guy and controversial as usual..


  17. I’m sure it will be in Jburg

  18. how do we register 4 this bigbrother africa3,i want to b part of the house matess

  19. can’t be twice in South africa u know that darling !

    Curious gal ..better hurry to register yourself at mnet branch in ur country …

    Will be waiting for you on our TV Screen lol

  20. curious gal, you will find the application form on good luck!!

  21. Out with the Old in with the new. Thank God maybe I will forget about the BBA 2 housemates. I have to, it’s actually getting to me that I can’t forget them

  22. I just checked the mnet africa website and bba3 starts 24 August to 30 November

    @ Robza you going to have to keep this site rocking coz i wont be in africa so i will be following on the websites

  23. Thank goodness, we will soon forget about that Mofu called Richard. Lets see how his patch patch marriage will hold without the spotlight.

  24. Hi Dorothy – shhhhh – let’s keep quiet and just wait and see.

  25. Quest you know there’ll always be loose women and men. we can’t do anything about it coz they spice up the show. Pity that Meryl left the show early I thought people love that. But meryl showed us too much too soon. we need suspense.Just as much as I hated Richiana they still kept me glued to my screen because I wanted to strangle that Richi boy. But I don’t want to be attached again. I’m not gon pay for my subscription because these things really get personal.

  26. Lets see if the Slut will get a man for herself not a married one. Thank Goodness for BBA3.

  27. Many thanks to the producers and crew of Big brother, Looking forward to see new house mate, watch that space ” Its nice to here goodnews

  28. hey guys……….

    have been gone a while………..sorry!

    but i’m glad to see that BBA3 is on its way……….really looking 4ward to meeting the new people.

    any of u guys interested? need tips..ha ha ha….just kidding.

    But good luck to all.

    Hallelujah holla back!

  29. he,let me see if richard `s marriage will survive after the spotlight cause i know the spotlight has been the one holding it.just imagine walking on the sreets of tanzania without a job.

  30. Lets see if the Slut will get a man for herself not a married one. Thank Goodness for BBA3.

    Ntaoleng – April 16, 2008 at 1:16 pm


    Because you are now the God of heaven and earth, the alpha and omega the giver of husband and wife.
    You talk as if you have a personal problem with Tatiana

    Jealousy can make people nasty.
    God forbid.

  31. Yippee yippee another drama, MNET want to loot us again.
    but niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  32. @larato a BIG HUG, how’s life? ha ha ha ha

  33. Ya, there goes my sleepless nights and some “fights” with my husband “.

    @Nonki ,you are also on that boat, hahaha!!!!! Here we go again but I dont want to be as addicted as I was with BBA2. No,no,no , The new housemates have a lot to do to keep my interest cause I swore to myself on the 11 Nov that I will never ever do that to myself again and look 5 months later I am still here talking about it.

  34. oh my Goodness……BBA3………

    Guys all the bloggers make sure one of you get’s in the house….so that it becomes nice…

    Lady K,Thanx for your call

    Mama you are not talking to me these days…are you well? i miss you though

    Poor Richard….no spotlight…Well God will help you buddie,better stick with Nollywood so that we at least see you there

  35. Mama J…HELLOW

  36. Oh maybe Robza…..LOL!

    And crazy….and Dolphin!

  37. Nthabi is true ..even me am afraid of sleepless nights ..No way it can’t be ..

    They need to be unique and controversial ..are they going to beat BBA2? ..LETS SEE!
    Are they be able to make us glue on our TV Screen ..mmmh
    we can’t wait

    Thanks M-NET for answering our prayer!

    Robza keep going with the website ……..

  38. Julie….i have observed you like saying Shalom do you by any chance fellowship in Family of God Church?

    Just wanna know gal!

  39. LOL! Julie Nam, I think the bar was set quite high with BBA2, so the HMs have a tough act to follow, and I’m so looking forward to it!!

  40. Giving someone all your love Is never an assurance that they’ll love you back! Don’t expect love in return; Just wait for it to grow in their heart But if it doesn’t, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, An hour to like someone, And a day to love someone, But it takes a lifetime to forget someone. (oh RICHIANA)Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are, and send it to the person who sent it to you. Let old friends know you haven ‘t forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will. Remember, everyone needs a friend, someday you might feel like you have NO FRIENDS at all, just remember I AM HERE….!

  41. Morning everyone more especially Tati haters. We are now looking and analysing what will happen on BB3 bring some ideas and advises, what you expect, how the contestants should handle themselves etc.. Let’s give the 12 housemates some tips and forget about the Richiana saga that one we have talked about it for a full 5 months.

    @ dzax hi dear your last message in cute will call you tomorrow. Aren’t you trying your luck for BB3 (just a joke).

    @ Nneka stop wasting your time and breath with the Rich fans let’s start now and just imagine what we expect on BB3. May I please have something for laughs.

    @ zazisto, Sarafina, jujulisious, sa girl sexy, Real Really (SA) , gemmy, Dorothy, Tsile, Nthabi, killie, zb, Sylvia and all Tati Fans hello. There comes another show what do we expect?

    @ MamaJ hello dear – got you on the flip side.

    Lets keep praying for peace and stability in Zimbabwe and may God guide the leadership to recognise that Zimbabweans are humans who need and deserve a better life.

  42. ha !ha! ha ! so so happy about BB3 show that is coming,oh africa let us celebrate for something that is our own.u can c we have made friends,learn to be patient,public relations and many more from this web.
    Thanks to MNET,ROBZA AND ALL FANS u r great people Africa really need u guys.

    we r expecting a lot of fun u can imagine, moreso they will be competing with BB2. let us wait and c!!

  43. hello tatiana again to day she is in all television stations,daily news papers all advert about her coming.
    Abby she is also sponsoring one of the evening event she will host Tatiana and other 40 Tanzanian celebs in her and husband Mediterranio Hotel one of the best hosted people like Mr.Cooper a comedian from USA
    The Bang Magazine is out,Tatiana tells all Very nice interview,she is covering full fredged four pages,What a respect

  44. Lord have Mercy! there goes my marriage again. glued to TV 24/7, burnt food, fights with Hubby. luckily am prepared this time, just purchased a PVR no fighting over channels.
    All Tati fans – especially in Tanzania please keep us posted on her visit in yo country.

  45. dzax..Yes am a christian of 21st Century ..I realise i don’t need to run away from God but to go towards him ..
    He is the one who has all the power to change me and not myself ..Thanks for asking darling!

    dzax…and Other girlfriends don’t change your ID on the BBA3 .It will be fun to rock on both (blog and BBA3 Strip)with the same name ..
    Tatiaaaaaamo..Abby is going to be your host ??mmmh you are going to get stuck in there Girl ..Ask Abby …

    Hot Guys in Tanzania ..Trust me they know what they want …

    Shalom Girlfriends !

  46. oh yeah,icant wait but i dont know wether i will ever like someone in any bb like tatiana,she is so special that u cant help liking luck girl.

  47. Morning everyone. I hope you will all enjoy your weekend.

    @ aidah-ug Tati is one special lady. I like and love her at the same time. Without her my life is not complete. Her strong character makes me respect her and that’s why she will always be my African Queen. Let’s just wait and see who will try to imitate her.

  48. Hi friends,
    I am happy to see the peaceful family of Tatiana fans is still rocking the blog. Thank God for these few minutes that I have been able to blog coz I have been missing you so much.

    I believe Queen Tatiana will be an ever-shining star no matter what jealousies may wish and say.

    Lady K, I am real busy but soon I will be blogging here as usual.

    Welcome BBA3, Bye Bye Richard but hope you remembered to sign the contracts. On the contrary, I believe your counselors have prepared you to make it with no regrets on discarding the golden opportunities that are normally don’t easily happen twice in one’s life. Love you and wish you an enjoyable life.

    Tatiana, the Queen of Queens, welcome to Tanzania baby. You are now rocking in the media baby. Tanzanians love you so much girl. You will enjoy your visit and you gonna get a number of genuine friends whom you can trust. Can’t wait to meet you baby.

    Dear fellow bloggers, keep on making it. Till then, bye.

    Tatiana Fan for Life.

  49. @ Dorcas hi nice to here you are back and at least you had a chance to blog. Tnks for those lovely words.

  50. should read hear …

  51. BBA3 is around the corner get everything ready; august is just 4 months from now, housemate wannabe apply now 12 days to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  52. I very much want to participate in the Big brother 3. I am a graduate of Mass Communciation and currently working with WBS Television

    I am a strong fan of Big Brother and cannot wait for the fall of an opportunity

    My number: +256-712075721

  53. will there be girls girls thing in the house?

  54. lol Tumusiime, i will call you and see how i can help you ok!

  55. @hawa,

    ROFL! 🙂 I wonder how many calls Tumusiime has gotten already?!

  56. NTAOLENG – THINK ITS TIME DEAR, DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FOR BBA 3. COMPLETE IT AND IN AND SUBMIT IT TO MNET – You are so “perfect” sure without a doubt you will be short listed seeing that you are judmental. Lets see if you can MAKE THE GRADE AND DO THE TIME????????????????


    Apologies to my fellow loonies, but flip this is one vindictive person seldom says any decent thing on this blog. LEAVE TATIANA ALONE THERE CAN AND WILL ALWAYS ONLY BE ONE TATIANA——IF SHE IS SUPPOSEDLY THE ‘slut’ YOU SAY SHE IS, WHAT IS RICHARD????

    Get a life whats done is done, move on, or are u one of those bitter, miserable humans that always HAVE TO MAKE A REMARK REGARDLESS………….FORGET TATIANA IF SHE IS SUCH AN IRRITATION TO YOU, CHANNEL YOUR VERY NEGATIVE ENERGY – BY PRAYING FOR ZIMBABWE, OR IS THAT OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE TOO………………….What a ditz, I keep reading her stupid comments and ignore them, but NOW she is really irritating the LIVING c..p out of me. She really seems obsessed with TATIANA……………..AND SO SELF RIGHTEOUS………….

    Love my fellow loonies have a great week and Dolphin my dear take care…………………Cannot blame you for not checking into this site for a while, maybe I shoud take a break too. All these new Bloggers are just such a pain…….and IRRITATION.


  57. Morning all Tati Fans. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

    @ Really Real – hope you got my email.

    @ MamaJ – hello dear.

    @ To all Tati fans – I think it’s really time we moved on and forgot about Tati haters. Tati has already stepped the ladder to the top and is making money and has already made a name for herself and what do the haters gain, Nothing! Jealousy is a very bad medicine. TATI OUR AFRICAN QUEEN IS A STAR IN THE MAKING.

    @ Hawa and Nneka something for laughs this Monday morning after the weekend.

    Yesterday at 8pm Moments with Mo showed an old interview of Offu’s family her mum and brother whilst they (Offu) were still in the house. I wonder where the BB3 interview the very one we are anxiously waiting for is. Someone please tell us what exactly is happening with Moments with Mo.

    Let’s keep praying for all ills in Zimbabwe and hope the beatings , the killings and arrests will stop. Let God show the leadership the way and the light.

  58. Tumusiime Kabwende Deo
    good idea, Sure you will make it, and I will definitely vote for you to win, if you succeed all evictions. For UFW sake.

  59. REALLY REAL( SA) 20 April 2008 at 3.39 pm: No I am not obsessed with the slut but YOUR OBESSION with her makes me sick hence I only post a comment here when one of you starts
    with Richard or his wife. If you are such a sluti-whoshipper like you say and you follow comments you will notice that I only answer those who rubbish the poor boy for choosing his wife.

    And as for you saying: “All these new Bloggers are just such a pain…….and IRRITATION.”
    Who is this thread for? Only the sluts whoshippers?

    ANd as for praying for Zimbabwe? What are YOU doing about it? Dont delve into things that are beyond you. Leave politics out of this and concentrate on your slut.

  60. ntaoleng your such a stupid person,why don`t you leave the poor girl alone,for heaven`s sake she has gone through alot but she is tying to move on which is not easy,but the srong person she is thumbs up for her for handling the situation the way she has,for yor own information richard is the male slut,remember he was the one chasing her in the house yet he knew he had a wife at home,if his marriage was so wonderful as his telling us now why didn`t he tati off cause he knew his wife was wactching.instead he kept crying for her everytime he saw her with another guy,he is a stupid married man,i wonder how his miserable marriage is gong to last,lets wait for bb3 to start and see how more sronger their marrige became,cause the fame is the one holding it ,i won`t say so much,lets just wait and see.

  61. hello mama j
    where can where find the interview of bang i live in cape town can someone please give us some details on the interview i really would like to see it please

  62. I will like you people to send me information (form), to enable me to apply via online. I appreciate if this form is send to me perhaps tomorow, David from Nigeria.


  64. @Ntaoleng
    You sound like a broken record girlfriend….blah-blah-blah-blah!

    By the way all Tati fans..I saw the lady herself at the Oliver Tambo Airport in Johannesburg on Monday night and she is looking fabulous and looking forward to her Tanzanian trip.

  65. Morning everyone.

    @ zb – hellow darling pleased to hear that, that’s our Queen always stunning. Why not?

  66. @ David from Nigeria., hope you fine well well , and you sabi shag, abeg I want fine bobo to represent us, and peson wen sabi act drama, so that you go fit win. Abeg.

    Scroll up and Click download online form, and fill. Good luck.

  67. @ cmet go to Tati Graces Bang blog at the bottom you will see the interview posted by ngara on April 18 at 9:03 am.

  68. NTAOLENG IF YOU FEEL THAT causing problem is an entertainment, you are loosing out in the whole fiasco, and nobody is buying your package, for now quarrel and name-calling is no deal. I don’t know what you are battling for. You started the insult with your Ntaoleng – April 16, 2008 at 1:16 pm post, keep posting one day you will post something reasonable.

    You have been crying that fans are worshipping, please leave us let us worship pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, are we using your Laptop? Do you pay my bills? Enough said.

  69. @ Nneka – shhhhhh…. give me something for laughs man. I asked since yesterday and forget about worshipping.

  70. @Ntaoleng u just don’t get it do you. You cannot control what other people say or feel . So rubbish talking everyone who just dont give a damn bout Richard or his wife is just a waste f time. Coz we also dont give a damn whether you call Tatiana a slut or whatever. So please find something else to do coz its quite clear this is too much for you.

    As for Zim. at least Lady K is doing sumthn about it and thats called “praying” if you no what the word means. And as a christian I belive its causing more effect than your tang lashing in this site. U just full of urself. And please dont make excuses and say you only out for people who hate Richard for going back to his wife when you want to to indulge in your trush talking. I ve read all ur comments and I have one thing to say to yo glorified idiot with a pea brain.Please note I dont care what u say the truth hurts.SUCKER!!!!!!1

  71. @ Miss Hilton morning – glad you have blogged today. I always try to say let’s just keep peace in these blogs but its unfortunate cause Rich fans Ntaoleng more especially does not love peace. So let’s just leave her alone even at times you end up commenting.

    I am one person who is not tied of praying Miss Hilton cause without God most hings are impossible . If at all you get what I mean (Christians will understand). So when it comes to the situation next door in Zim I really get angry and just ask what exactly did these people do to deserve all this treatment and that’s when I call the almighty to give me strength and guide me in my prayers.
    Tati Fan For Life my African Queen the Lady with a Heart of Gold!!!

  72. When Joe, a nice man married for over 50 years died, his wife, Martha was devastated.

    A couple of months later, Martha also died. Once in heaven, Martha, anxiously looked for Joe. Suddenly, behind a cloud, she could clearly see him. She runs towards him, calling his name: “Joe. Darling… ”

    Joe said: “Hold your horse woman, and don’t “darling” me. The deal was very clear!! “Until death do us part!

  73. “A lawyer defending a man accused old burglary, tried his creative defense.
    “My client merely inserted his arm into the window and removed a few trifling articles. His arm is not himself and i fail to see how you can punish the whole individual for an offence committed by his limb.” Well put” said the judge.” Using your logic, i hereby sentence the defendant’s arm to one year imprisonment, He can accompany it or not as he chooses.” The defendant smiled together with the lawyer’s assistant, he detached his artificial arm, laid it on the bench and walked out.

  74. welcome bb3 and goodbye to richard,hpe you dissapear out of the tati,i really admire u cause you have a srong personality,not many women would have handled that situation the way u`ve had,keep it up,and to all tati haters eat your hearts out cause the girl is going pleces because of her nice personality,and she is also an influtential person,just take a look in tanzania,she is going to make a fashion show to help upcoming models and another one to collect money for charity,now thats what they call having a heart of gold,i now know why most of her fellow housemates wanted her to win,but all in all she is still a winner in her own rights.take care

  75. Morning everyone.

  76. Eeeeeh!Such nyc time n occassion once again. The BBA is bak agen,ths amazin’.Let me op tht ths tym round Kenya will be serious in her selection.Gonna giv it a try,men Rich was wow!last season n ths season Kenya shld be wowx2.
    C ya

  77. the 1st BBA and 2nd BBA southafrica had a female rep we would love for them to have a male representing them but all in all we want people who will bring fun into the house and keep people glued onto their screens 24/7
    STRICTLY no married people in BBA3


  78. BB please bring people who have children for a change that will bring a defferent thing and a big challeng and will see how they will manange without their kids.I wish to enter but i married but i will always support South Africa 24/7 and this will prove you.But you know the one that goes first on bb2 that was the most intelegent people and by line.JUSTICE,JEFF,MERYL,MAXWEL THEN LERATO those were very intelegent people that is why the other country vote them because they were affraid of them.VIVA FIRST FIVE TEAM VIVA.


    Otherwise a hint girifriend ..intelligency alone in a reality show mmmhhh ..I think everyone of us will be watching ” educational channel”instead …

    wyclef..i like your music ..can u enter BBA3 are hooot too


  80. 100% Namibian, c me in da house!!!

  81. Guyz, my heart is restless untill I see myself in the Big Brother house representing Uganda! This is the biggest reality TV show I have ever seen in my life. The man who planned it must have been extremely brilliant.

    Fellows out there, drop me a mail on: and let’s share our sentiments about this all time craze of BBA III

    Love you all and can’t wait for the occasion


  82. It’s very nice 2 hear about BB 3….i wanted 2 join but lack passport….otherwise,it’s so nice..

  83. another season with another seasonal reality program with a different dimension on our screen,BBA. i’m always glued to my tv set during this program. i luv it so much dat i had wanted 2 apply and if possible be happy 2 be admitted 2 join but i was too late to register. hope 2 apply next season. ghanaians, let’s make the right choice this season, and with support move the person high up 2 the first position. long live ghana, long live africa, long live BBA.


  85. he i am nas a muslim i want 2 represent my country nigeria in bba 7

  86. nas i crazy about luccile

  87. Watch out for the next star! Me!

  88. Kenya this time round we are taking it!

  89. hi evryone can anyone tell me how to activate my dstv channel 198?FOR I DONT WANT TO MISS BBA

  90. Hello to all my fellow bloggers man its fantastic to be in contact with you ALL, and I hope you are all healthy and Happy -Sylvia TZ, Julie, Lady K, Nneka, ZB, Mama J, Lady K, Dorcas, Dxaz, Evepitt, Chipmunk, Innocentia Zazisto @SA GIRL SEXY and sorry about the ones I have overlooked, BUT not forgotten. This has got to be the BEST BBA WEBSITE. Looking forward to chatting with you all again
    Not getting into any tongue lashing this time round thats for sure. It just gets too nasty. Take care

  91. diy headboard…

    […]Big Brother Africa 3 is back! « BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog[…]…

  92. great publish, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector don’t understand this. You must continue your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’
    base already!

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