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Website photoshoot


Website coming sooner than you think but until then here are some backstage pictures taken on the shoot for the website. The shoot for the website took place on a cold and rainy London day, and mostly ended up being shot indoors instead of on location, however Tatiana being the professional that she is, graced the cold and rain and posed outside for some photos on a roof top warehouse in East London. All those on the set commended her professionalism as they all hurdled up in the warm indoors whilst drinking hot drinks.

53 Responses to “Website photoshoot”

  1. Tatiana our Queen, wonderful photos. Everybody loves The Queen of Queens. Can’t wait for your website baby!.

    Viva Tatiana Viva, you are rocking the world baby.

  2. Nobody can do it better than our African Queen Tati. You really are a MODEL in your own rights and no doubt about that. Sure Tati’s web is a knocker if you know what I mean. SUPERB….


  3. @QUEST

    Why are you so bitter?


    OH QUEST KEEP TYPING, one day you will TYPE something REASONABLE.
    what is your business? oh BOY wake up , you are a MAN. go do the things of REAL MEN.



    QUEST – April 23, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    QUEST if you dont like her good, then leave her alone. you dont like her yet you cant get off her, that means you love herrrrrrrrrrr, she is giving you sleepless night, how do you sleep at NIGHT with BITTER mind.
    hey WAKE UP. Time wait for no man.

  6. Well I will simly ignore a certain somebody before I forget all the good manners my momma taught me…

    Can’t wait for the website to be finished..its is gonna ROCK just like Tatiana! So far so good!

  7. Quest
    you can only eat your heart out you idiot
    jealousy is making you nasty LOL

  8. Quest, ur negativity wnt make we her fans to stop cheering her on, not only does she deserve it, she appreciates it as well. Envy is a bitter pill, you always rush to comment once its her story, yet you claim u hate her, no one is forcin u to like her but yours is an OBSESSION, which can prove to be detrimental to ur health..relax man and make some sense

  9. @Tati and all her fans,
    A good woman is proud. she respects herself and others.

    she is aware of who she is.

    if her love is taken for granted ,it soon disappears

    A good woman knows her past,understands her present and forces toward the future.

    A good woman does not live in fear of the future coz of her past,instead she understands that her life experiences are merely lessons meant to bring her closer to self knowledge and unconditional self-respect.


  11. QUEST who really gives a fuck what you like and don’t like. Dude stop hating man, your boy’s reign is over, get at the back of the line because QUEEN TATIANA is here to stay and reign forever!!! TATIANA is looking smoooooooooking HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  12. @crazy

    nice to see you back missed you.You tell them who cares what the haters think.

  13. Lol @ crazy. Tati is looking very hot

  14. tatiana u go girl , if u have it u have it it it is all urs.u rock girl.

  15. Morning all Tati fans. The honest ones anyway.

    @ Crazy and sa girl sexy – morning girlfriends. Not much to say on our Queen as she always rocks. Hardwork and honesty have taken her places and has still to take her places.

    @ Sarafina, Nneka, zb morning.

    @ dzax – what’s wrong with you phone?

    @ gemmy – your message is nice and clear thanks for reminding us some of the things we always forget.

  16. Taty you look like Beyonce, nice look

  17. Good morning to all Tati fans, zb,nneka,cmet,lady k, mamaj,zazisto and everyone else I did not mention.

    Its clear the has got it, everyone wants a piece of her and she is handling it like a pro. QUest you are just jealous probably you wanted to be a model but they turned you down and now you are bitter someone else has what you want. Babes keep praying and fasting someday it may come to you. Till then you have to behave and respectful. Oh and the jealousy…….it doesn’t work. Do you know the say you only attact what you potray.

    Love you Tati, God is blessing you because of your pure heart and Quest thats a fact.

  18. Miss Hilton , how are you today? ya our BBA2 housemates are making it big time, love that so much.

  19. The queen is reigning!…..Lady K…MY PHONE IS OK…CALL ME AT 2

  20. @ dzax mpha mogala wa gago.

  21. i love her, let her shine.

  22. taking pictures of herself getting ready to take pictures. booooring and arrogant. and what the hell is that shirt she is wearing. youve lost it girl

  23. @Baraka
    It can’t be THAT boring if you took time out your busy day to read the thread, look at the pictures AND post a COMMENT!!
    LoL…I think YOU are the one that have LOST it.

  24. Mara why????,Eish!!!!

    @Baraka,stay strong my dear, it will be ok. We, Richiana fans, are very caring people, take this as me reaching out,we will most definately help you through this.

    Still a concerned Tati fan….

  25. Good morning loonies, ladyk, hope you had a good night rest, can see the haters cant get ova d fact that Tati is a SUPER CELEBRITY, well no amount of hatred can stop her from soaring, the more you beef her, the higher she goes..Tati you’re a star, ride on

  26. Morning all Tati Fans @ Sarafina morning enjoyed my sleep more especially as its winter that’s my favorite time. Aint Tati great ooh my God don’t want to go any further.

    @ Real Really (SA) hellow girlfried. What’s up you’ve been quiet these days.

  27. Hahaha @ Baraka , you obviously have issues that go beyond Tati taking pictures.Take it easy dawg.

    @ Tati , more pictures baby girl.

  28. TATIANA, you don’t have to say nothing because you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, just keep on doing it dawg!!,it is the best medicine for all the haters. You a wonderful role model of resilience, hard work, perseverance, confidence, honesty, love and care.

    Always a Tatiana fan

  29. viva the queen!!!!Is anybody trembling at her feet? LOL

    Whats the meaning of your name. lets me guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ok no problem you are posting according to your name, please you need a change of name.

  31. Ohhhhh poor Bark….no fashion taste….take a good look at her dear and compare with you! LOL!

  32. Hello Lady K and all the best bloggers on this site [Loonies]
    I am doing good Lady K thank you for asking, I am just absolutely blown away by all these amazing pics of Tatiana. Man, she is so classy and UNIQUE, there can and will only, ever be 1 of you; Tatiana, there may be many wanna bees, but God does not make duplicates. I am extremely happy for you Tatiana as are all of us, sure you know who we are. Such Diplomacy regarding the inevitable question of the other house mate your reponse 100%. You visited Tanzania to see your supporters and fans. Nice very nice, because it is the truth, for you are just so sincere and you know without your supporters and fans you would be NADA………walking those cat walks no-one would give a toot.

    That is exactly why you have such a GOOD SUPPORT/FAN GROUP.

    *********THE ONE AND ONLY AFRICAN QUEEN************

    Lady K still waiting to hear from our Mama J, but she is probably so busy at present will wait until the pressure is less so we can make contact, have’nt forgotten you Lady K, also too special.

    Take care, enjoy the smashing pictures of Tatiana and if you live in SA take care, drive safely and have a great weekend…….

  33. Dear Tatiana Fans,

    Thank all of you for being loyal fans to our queen. Thank you all for positive and strong comments and support that you are all giving our lovely queen.

    @Baraka and @Quest, I love you too guys. The best I can advice you is to accept the realities and move on. Tatiana is far far away now and your hatred will never pay you coz soon backfire and end up damaging you own health. So take it easy guys. That is the same queen of Africa, Tatiana Dos Santos Durao.

    Tatiana Fan For Life.

  34. It should read,
    ..soon will backfire.

  35. So what, life’s not perfect, we all make mistakes, at the time she and Richard decided that was the best decision and they would face the consequences because their love and chemistry was irresistible. She has learnt and moved on, otherwise she would still being pestering Richard, after all his promises. He always needed her more in the house because she on many occasions wanted to end it but he always begged her not to give up on them.

    Tatiana, it takes a strong person to do what you did !!! some people cannot handle your success, they want people to hate you but unfortunately for them, your personality is shining brighter than ever despite your adversity

    love you like Jelly Tots

  36. Tanzania People, wakw up!! Tatiana is a Queen??? Afican queen?? Noooooooooooooooo. Sheis angolan shame! She is my angolan people shame…..wake up, please!

  37. @schelsia
    is angola not in africa i thought it was the last i checked


  39. @ Sylvia
    stop sleeping girl i know you must hve had a fab time last night please we need updates LOL

  40. @KING KONG, wen @QUEST, who by d way we know is a lunatic&d worst unintelligent scum of d earth who has absolutely no good to say of himself talkless of others abuses Tati, pls abuse him back or even Rich cos those are d bba hse mates we saw, refrain from abusin his wife cos she has absolutely nothin to do wit the show cos by abusin her, u’re puttin urself in d league of quest who hate and abuse others for no reason.

  41. quest is not even worth the abuse he\she derserves ignore scum like this

  42. Guys! yesterday was awesome,the show was great,and our queen pulled the crowed as usual,there were so many people and everyone wanted to talk with Tati she danced to our tune called Mduara everyone was amazed.check some of her picture at
    In Arusha the show was great, some of the govt officials were ther,politicitans and potential business men they even took pictures with her there in the newspapers.
    2day she has gone to Zanzibar for a break but she will also meet some of officials there,Guys this girl is blessed

  43. Sylvia, thanx, Our African Queen doing a excellent job as ever! She looks absolutely stunning in white, her ability to socialise with people from all walks of life, is another feather in her cap.

    Lord continue to shower her with more blessings!!

  44. @sylvia

    thanks she is an amazing girl cant help but love and admire her and Tati is so blessed because she is just getting back what she gives ,love and caring for all her fans.

  45. Morning all Tati fans.

    Tati our Queen you go girl afterall you deserve each and every goodthing in your life. Your strong personality, honesty, hardwork and appreciation has taken you to the top and will soon take you to the moon.

  46. Hey am FIRST, Tati this is culled from one of the most popular songs in Africa thanks to MTV BASE…’Just like d sun lights up the earth you light up my life, the only one i’ve ever seen with a smile so aright’ Tati is a STAR no doubt and one that appreciates her fans, a PHENOMENAL WOMAN..Spread ur wings and soar cos girl you’re made and most of us will always love you and as for me, your strength inspires me, ride on sister

    SARAFINA – April 27, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Morning all Tati Fans.

    Tati has ride the airwaves of Tz with a STORM, a big BANG. Look at Tati’s smile on the first picture and the second picture she is singing YOU ARE MY AFRICAN QUEEN. Ooh tati dont remind me of the good days in BB with Rich. Tati you are blessed fully and may god the almighty guide you, shower you with love and strengthen your heart. THAT’S OUR AFRICAN QUEEN, OUR HERO, THE LADY WITH A HEART OF GOLD.

    LADY K – April 28, 2008 at 8:13 am

    wow! is that the song Tati was singing for real? oh i can inmargin what was running through her mind. This girl is just too swwet for honey. lol

    Tati greetings from mama Liberia……… just want you too know that you have fans in LIB too ok girl. keep on keeping on!

    hawa – April 28, 2008 at 8:20 am

    tatiana u always looked beautiful in red my favourite coluor too,but then u also looked sexy in whatever u ware.keep on rocking girl will never be forgotten,will always be in ur fans hearts cant help but love her she is so natural and keep on smiling with that sunshine smile of urs.

    @sa girl sexy – April 28, 2008 at 9:05 am

    Hi guys!
    Yesterday I could not write much coz i had hang over due to the previuos sat show,we had a great time with our Queen,I slept very late,but all in all the show was a success.
    Tatiana pulled the crowed and impressed all of us. when she entered she passed arround every table thanking everyone for attending the show.she was in a white long dress which made her look so glamorours.
    there were 4 designisers involved in the show and to mention some of the VIP who attended were,The Ambassodor of palestine and SA, Officials from UNESCO, and Officials from Angola.She was welcomed on stage for the opening and she spoke in swahili ” Ninawasuhuku na kuwapenda watanzaniz wote kwa mapokezi mazuri ninajisikia niko nyumbani” meaning I thank all of you for a very warm welcome and for making me to feel at home,I Love you all”,she said she’s glad that she has added another language and that is Swahili.
    She then greeted her fellow Angolans in portuegues.
    tatiana pulled the crowed when she requested a well popular song here called KINYAUNYAU infact everyone was excited and wondered how she new the song. She danced MDUARA (a style). I remember the person who sat next to me said this girl is as if she was born here. she impressed the band who rapped for her HALLO YA TATIANAAAAA!!!! and we all replied ANGOLAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! so guys it was so fun and night to remeber!.
    She catwalked before crowning the face of TZ,and of course the beat all the beauty peagants bt far, she’s an international model remember!!!!
    after she crowned the face of TZ,it was dancing time, we danced until dawn! the girl has the ernegy1 TATIANA IS A STAR WE WILL TRULY MISS HER!!
    2day she is scheduled to meet her fans before she leaves 2morrow TATIANA PLEASE DON’T GO WE ARE SO MUCH USED TO YOU!!!

    sylvia – April 28, 2008 at 9:17 am

    mmh sylivia ..Thanks for the info ..

    we know you don’t like gossips ..what about mwisho was he like a worm to Tatiana ?.. Give us details girlfriend…lol

    JULIE NAM – April 28, 2008 at 9:44 am

    oh sylvia yooue guy are having a ball with Tati. wow!
    I’m jealous!

    hawa – April 28, 2008 at 9:45 am

    by THE WAY TODAY NEWS PAPER “daily news” There’s a very big heading which says TATIANA,GAETANO SHINE AS MWISHO,RICHARD DIM.
    It starts by saying ” early this week BBA2 2nd runner up glamarous Tatiana Durao visited the counrty and people were so intrigued with her activities and busy schedule. she says when she left the house shw was invited to lisbon in portugal for a sho,london England and she even had the nerve to turn down the offer to go and feature a movie in South America because 24/7 she was busy.,she’s an international Super model,she has a reality show on Angola public TV ” Everyone loves Tatiana” which educates the young people, relationships and HIV/AIDS. she is now in a campaign of moving arround schools in the whole of Angola educating them the dangers of the sexually transmitted diseases.and here she is in TZ because her hosts ( Tanzanians) believe that she can bring something unique.
    GAETANO, was the 4th runner up in BBA! and because he is inventive he is now at the pinnacle of Africa. he co – hosts a programme M NET Studio 53, He is a special representative,for joint united nations programme on HIV?AIDS, he has been invited to preside many fuctions as their MC and he is currently hosting the Tusker project fame E?Africa in Nairobi Kenya.
    But one wonders our super stars people who have excelled better than the above mentioned celebreties are rarely heard of, even in their own native country.
    MWISHO, was the 1st runner up in BBA!< when he came back, he made few headlines a couple of days and dissappeared of the scene,until recently when he started appearing on some adverts.
    RICHARD won BBA2 his face could sell papers all over Africa,but many wonders where he is, and what is he doing? I guess many people out there hanker after this limelight, and when they get it,they will fly like eagles in the air.After his conference he visited some places in the country and the last we remember him doing was opening his website.
    These golden opportunities come once and never come back again,when you get them try and make the best out of them.I must take you to court if you call me a fortune teller,but it will be very hard for Richard to make headlines in the whole of Africa,the way he did in November last year! However it’s never too late you can pick the pieces and become a topic that sells paper all over Africa if you are determined”.
    MMMMH! guys this article is very true!! I pray and hope that they will wake up and smell the coffee!!
    I thought I should share this with you guys! I forgot to mention Officials forn UNESCO, also attended Tatiana’s show on saturday!

    sylvia – April 28, 2008 at 9:49 am
    Leave a Reply

  47. @ Nato and Mich,
    Don’t mention it my dears! it was one of my duties to make sure that you guys get every detail about her!

  48. Hi Guys!

    Here is the news regarding her trip to Zanzibar!
    Although she went there for a break and tourisim, our queen met the minister for trade and Tourism who was so pleased to meet her,he said ” Tatiana is well known and have been a famous celebrity, who has a big number of fan base since when she was in the Big Brother house (BBA2). Zanzibar is truly honoured having her,because she is a star who is acceptable and very convincing in relations to arts and social activities in the societies., so we feel privilledged and believe that she will attract many tourists to visit our Island.”
    Tatiana also thanked the press and said that she was so pleased to visit TZ, which is a very peaceful counrty as history reveals, she was so much attracted to many things in the country which is similar to her counrty. The people are so generous,even her ambassador mentioned it to her when she she payed a caurtesy visit to her Embassy.
    Girl! you are leaving today,leaving us with your marks of footprints in our hearts! you will always remain to hold very special places in our hearts!. we believe that you had a great time and hope to see you was a great honour having you in our counrty! KARIBU TENA!

  49. To all Tati haters,
    Please stop hating the girl coz richard country men/women, his clan, his tribe and the Tanzanian ambassodar in London who represents His Execellency the President of Tanzania loves her to death so who are u to hate her. shame on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Thanks @ Sylvia for the update. @ Gemmy hellow dear your message is loud and clear very clea and right to the point. OUR QUEEN OF QUEENS, OUR HERO, THE LADY WITH A HEART OF GOLD, OUR AFRICAN QUEEN TATIANA IS A STAR AND HAS REALLY MADE IT TO THE TOP. WE HER FANS SALUTE HER!!!!! Even a blind man can see and a deaf man can hear that TATI IS A WINNER IN ALL HER RIGHTS!!!!

  51. Thats my girl, U GO GIRL

  52. Greeting to all Fans in the name of love.

    There comes the long weekend for most of us please let’s take care, drive careful and most of all reduce the devil’s water. I hope we all enjoy the weekend.

    To all Tati Fans me included I really thank you all for showering our Queen with praises and being behind her all the time. We are all proud to be Tati fans – A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.

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