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To blog or not to blog?

Hey everyone!

Just want to say thanks again for the continued support here at UFW – for the comments, stories, pictures, breaking newsit has not gone unnoticed.

I’m having a bit of a problem and need you to help me decide what I should do… Well, seeing that Big Brother Africa 3 is less than 4 months away, preparations are already being made for a new blog to go with the new season. Thing is I’m not sure whether I should create an entirely new blog for BBA3 or simply just merge it with this wordpress blog and instead of BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog, the blog will become The Ultimate Big Brother Africa Blog (working title). I think it would be easier for everyone to stay and blog at one place instead of hopping from one blog to the other. Let me know what you think…

Also, suggest a possible title for the new blog if you decide to have it merged.

29 Responses to “To blog or not to blog?”

  1. Robza would suggest a different blog because as bba2 has raised the bar, those in bba3 wont be given a fair chance here cos most of us will keep refering to RICHIANA, CODEEN, MAXRATO, KWEMERBE and not really focus on the show/participants and most importantly, that does not mean we’l stop getting info on our fav hsemates. Or d other hand, if you merge it, the more d merrier and could the name you’ve chosen is just fine

  2. Greetings all in the name of love.

    @ Robza thanks for the good work. As @ Sarafina has said I think the best thing is to open a completely new blog which we should concentrate on the BB3 housemates. I know we are going to compare them to the BB2 housemates but that can be done on the blog we are using now. I think if we can keep to that, blogging for comparision in the old blog and for the BB3 housemates on the new blog that can work fine. If you people get what I mean.

  3. hi @robza i think the best is to stay hear on this blog i totally agree instead of hopping to the next blog makes it so much easier.

  4. I’m not too sure about this one. I think with the BBA3 blog, news n threads will come in pretty thick and fast, which means that we might ‘lose’ some of the news on the old housemates quite quickly?

    I guess in the end, if the new blog still caters for news on the old housemates that will be cool. Either way Robza, whatever you decide I’m sure it will be great. Thanks for all your hard work.

    BTW, some cool photos of Lerato and Max over at Oboma under the thread..’Happy Couple’

  5. I agree with sarafina!
    Robza kindly check Tatiana’s picture regarding the saturday show at Moven pick on http://www.issamichuzi.blogspot com



  7. Having a new Blog for BBA3 ..Am sure most of us we will still be talking about BBA2 Housemates..Even till BBA10 what the use?(Just my opinion)

    Robza ..To beat BBA2 mmhh..To make us forget it never..Has to be a miracle to counteract our BBA2 Addiction.

    What i want to say here ..better to stay with this blog we can talk more and having more new BBA3 bloggers too..

    Having 2 blogs will create differences ..BBA2 Bloggers and BBA3 Bloggers …(You watch it will be untouchables and touchables lol)


  8. @dzax,

    He he….. Big Brother 10… Hope we do actually get that far! Erm, yeah I’m a Motswana. Born in Francistown, raised in Gaborone. I take it you’re located in Gabs? 🙂

  9. @ dzax – ga ke kgone go go tshwara. mpha mogala wa gago

  10. Hello to all

    My 2cents worth BB 3 as you say, is still 4 months away so I say, keep our blog going please Robza, closer to the time I am sure you will come up with another brain wave…………THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO UNITE MANY AFRICANS FROM ALL OVER AFRICA THROUGH THIS BLOG…………..


  11. BBA3 is a new season so definetly should get a new blog when the new show starts people would be looking forward to the new housemates and the old ones will become old news!

  12. Robz do a new blog boss.

  13. @Robza,
    Thank u very much for taking us so far Robza, may God bless u.
    my suggestion is let us have a separate blog for BB3 my man!

  14. A new blog will be better….what im past must remain past, let focus BBA3

  15. new blog Mr Robza plz my skaat, so that we can concentrate to new people

  16. Lets give the new h/mates a chance with a new blog. The former h/mate are still in our memories and Tatiana will remain in my heart, have enough photos of her and I think I should move on and not deny myself an opportunity to get to know new people. I might deprive myself good entertainment getting stuck with the past. Her upcoming website will keep me in touch with her as long as she wants. Love you Tatiana Durao!!!

  17. @Robza, I will agree with those who have an opinion for you to merge the web for BBA2 and 3 becouse am sure the BBA2 things will just die naturally when the BBA3 show hits up

  18. Morning all fans in the name of love.

    @ MamaJ pleased to see you are back I know you’ve been busy with our African Queen Tatiana. Hope you had the best time ever with ever.

  19. @ dzax – tlhemma ga ke kgone go go tshwara ke tshwanetse kebo ke sa tsaya mogala wa gago sentle ka ko ke leletsang teng bare ga ba go itse.

  20. @ Robza , my take on it is merge the 2.

  21. I believe that the sites should be merged

  22. Hello all Tati fans hope you are relaxed enjoying the weekend. In Gaborone the weather has favoured me, its cool. As for our Queen I know she is fine and hope she gets a second from her ever busy schedule to relax and boogie a bit.

  23. Dsnt matter. Just ignore Quest she wil self destruct

  24. yeah u shud definately merge it…!!!!!!!!

  25. Alternatively, you could get a new blog and merge the two as the ultimate BBA experience…

  26. Lets start a new BBA3 with everything being new so that we don’t compare them with the Richiana, Maxirato and the rest. We jst let the goodtimes role & have fun;-)

  27. Hi to everyone, I noticed that LadyK and several others I cant metion everyone been very busy. been very busy but have time to look. Can anyone tell me is BB3 starting this weekend or what or give me a site that I can get all this info plssse. I loved BB2, from what I can see Tati, Richard & Code is doing well, can anyone tel me what happen to Lerato? Yeah I know, I’m SA, but did not hear anything from her yet.

    Have a lovely day!!

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