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TZ just can’t get enough!

Some pics from a radio interview during Tatiana’s Tanzania tour…

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  1. Hey am FIRST, Tati this is culled from one of the most popular songs in Africa thanks to MTV BASE…’Just like d sun lights up the earth you light up my life, the only one i’ve ever seen with a smile so aright’ Tati is a STAR no doubt and one that appreciates her fans, a PHENOMENAL WOMAN..Spread ur wings and soar cos girl you’re made and most of us will always love you and as for me, your strength inspires me, ride on sister

  2. Morning all Tati Fans.

    Tati has ride the airwaves of Tz with a STORM, a big BANG. Look at Tati’s smile on the first picture and the second picture she is singing YOU ARE MY AFRICAN QUEEN. Ooh tati dont remind me of the good days in BB with Rich. Tati you are blessed fully and may god the almighty guide you, shower you with love and strengthen your heart. THAT’S OUR AFRICAN QUEEN, OUR HERO, THE LADY WITH A HEART OF GOLD.

  3. wow! is that the song Tati was singing for real? oh i can inmargin what was running through her mind. This girl is just too swwet for honey. lol

    Tati greetings from mama Liberia……… just want you too know that you have fans in LIB too ok girl. keep on keeping on!

  4. tatiana u always looked beautiful in red my favourite coluor too,but then u also looked sexy in whatever u ware.keep on rocking girl will never be forgotten,will always be in ur fans hearts cant help but love her she is so natural and keep on smiling with that sunshine smile of urs.

  5. Hi guys!
    Yesterday I could not write much coz i had hang over due to the previuos sat show,we had a great time with our Queen,I slept very late,but all in all the show was a success.
    Tatiana pulled the crowed and impressed all of us. when she entered she passed arround every table thanking everyone for attending the show.she was in a white long dress which made her look so glamorours.
    there were 4 designisers involved in the show and to mention some of the VIP who attended were,The Ambassodor of palestine and SA, Officials from UNESCO, and Officials from Angola.She was welcomed on stage for the opening and she spoke in swahili ” Ninawasuhuku na kuwapenda watanzaniz wote kwa mapokezi mazuri ninajisikia niko nyumbani” meaning I thank all of you for a very warm welcome and for making me to feel at home,I Love you all”,she said she’s glad that she has added another language and that is Swahili.
    She then greeted her fellow Angolans in portuegues.
    tatiana pulled the crowed when she requested a well popular song here called KINYAUNYAU infact everyone was excited and wondered how she new the song. She danced MDUARA (a style). I remember the person who sat next to me said this girl is as if she was born here. she impressed the band who rapped for her HALLO YA TATIANAAAAA!!!! and we all replied ANGOLAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! so guys it was so fun and night to remeber!.
    She catwalked before crowning the face of TZ,and of course the beat all the beauty peagants bt far, she’s an international model remember!!!!
    after she crowned the face of TZ,it was dancing time, we danced until dawn! the girl has the ernegy1 TATIANA IS A STAR WE WILL TRULY MISS HER!!
    2day she is scheduled to meet her fans before she leaves 2morrow TATIANA PLEASE DON’T GO WE ARE SO MUCH USED TO YOU!!!

  6. mmh sylivia ..Thanks for the info ..

    we know you don’t like gossips ..what about mwisho was he like a worm to Tatiana ?.. Give us details girlfriend…lol

  7. oh sylvia yooue guy are having a ball with Tati. wow!
    I’m jealous!

  8. by THE AYIN TODAY NEWS PAPER “daily news” There’s a very big heading which says TATIANA,GAETANO SHINE AS MWISHO,RICHARD DIM.
    It starts by saying ” early this week BBA2 2nd runner up glamarous Tatiana Durao visited the counrty and people were so intrigued with her activities and busy schedule. she says when she left the house shw was invited to lisbon in portugal for a sho,london England and she even had the nerve to turn down the offer to go and feature a movie in South America because 24/7 she was busy.,she’s an international Super model,she has a reality show on Angola public TV ” Everyone loves Tatiana” which educates the young people, relationships and HIV/AIDS. she is now in a campaign of moving arround schools in the whole of Angola educating them the dangers of the sexually transmitted diseases.and here she is in TZ because her hosts ( Tanzanians) believe that she can bring something unique.
    GAETANO, was the 4th runner up in BBA! and because he is inventive he is now at the pinnacle of Africa. he co – hosts a programme M NET Studio 53, He is a special representative,for joint united nations programme on HIV?AIDS, he has been invited to preside many fuctions as their MC and he is currently hosting the Tusker project fame E?Africa in Nairobi Kenya.
    But one wonders our super stars people who have excelled better than the above mentioned celebreties are rarely heard of, even in their own native country.
    MWISHO, was the 1st runner up in BBA!< when he came back, he made few headlines a couple of days and dissappeared of the scene,until recently when he started appearing on some adverts.
    RICHARD won BBA2 his face could sell papers all over Africa,but many wonders where he is, and what is he doing? I guess many people out there hanker after this limelight, and when they get it,they will fly like eagles in the air.After his conference he visited some places in the country and the last we remember him doing was opening his website.
    These golden opportunities come once and never come back again,when you get them try and make the best out of them.I must take you to court if you call me a fortune teller,but it will be very hard for Richard to make headlines in the whole of Africa,the way he did in November last year! However it’s never too late you can pick the pieces and become a topic that sells paper all over Africa if you are determined”.
    MMMMH! guys this article is very true!! I pray and hope that they will wake up and smell the coffee!!
    I thought I should share this with you guys! I forgot to mention Officials forn UNESCO, also attended Tatiana’s show on saturday!


  10. Sylvia thanks for the update..that’s our GOLDEN GIRL..sounds like she had an awesome time. I can just imagine her on that dance you say that girl’s got energy!
    I’m so glad that she had a fabulous time in Tanzania and that Tanzanians treated her so warmly.
    She deserves nothing less! I saw the photos of the event, and you are right..Tatiana looked gorguous and elegant in that white dress.
    I can imagine her thanking everybody in Swahili..that’s nice and shows what type of person she is..I am so proud of you gal!

  11. JULIE, Mwisho was so nice to her as far as I can remember! the Tanzanian way! he was not a worm after all Tatiana interacted with at least eveyone who attended the show so there was no time for that.

  12. Guys sorry for the typalgraphical errors I’ve made,it was just too long to proof read but I believe it is understandable

  13. zb i just saw those pics of the queen. i like the way she carries the tz flag and the angla flag.

    i can see that Tati loves TZians.

  14. viva tatiana!!!!!someone must be trembing by now!

  15. Sorry sylivia ..U know we fans we see more ..The Photo of Tatiana and Mwisho hoooot oooo ..

    Thanks for clearing the air …Tatiana knows what she wants ..A woman of substance ..Love comes first..No hidden agenda ..Go girlfriend Go….

    Sorry Hot Guys in Tanzania ..Just chill with her and she will give u lips service in return

  16. @ Sylvia as usual thanks for the update.

    @ dzax – stop it now – who is trembling. Im going to smack you now now now. Ga ke kgone go go tshwara mpha mogala wa gago ke go tshegise.


  17. Wonderful news about our African Queen with the Golden Heart, when you are true to yourself, everything comes naturally and it enables your personality to shine through, for Tati people have always being important therefore she connects to all people and they with her, because her honesty and genuineness shines through.

    Tatiana there is no stopping you now girl!! I wish i was there in Tanzania to share those moments with you.

    Keeping soaring like an eagle!!!!

  18. @Slyvia lol just like Tati you are a star…..what can we say guys there’s simply no words to discribe our Queen. Tatiana we love you and keep on keeping it real that’s why we feel inlove with your character.

    Bravo to my Tanzanian friends, bravo Tatiana….eishhh Tanzania, Tatiana it rhimes hey.

  19. @Hawa
    I also like those pics of her with the Tanzanian flag and the Angolan scarf…NICE! Looking beautiful and representing her country of birth and her ‘adopted’ country!
    I know Tatiana considers Cape Town her second home, so maybe she can wear the SA flag as well!

  20. ola @zb…..SA flag she’d look beutifull too in them with all those bright coulors

  21. @zb how can i gave her a flag of Liberia? lol

  22. i can imagine Tati carrying all the African Flag on her …, that will hell for her. our maybe we should make a dress with all the flag on it. lol

  23. Sylvia, thank you so much for all the news on Tatiana, we all knew she would make it…….. to the very top . To all you Tanzanians big ups I think you are wonderful to invite and treat Tatiana so well.

    I just have one request can no-one send us SA’s a copy of the Bang Mag where Tatiana also featured.

    Once again to all you wonderful Tanzanians – THANK YOU for all the news. Tatiana you go girl your supporters will always be there for you, now you can see why it is so important to be YOURSELF, TO BE HONEST, TO BE SINCERE, AND TO HAVE A BIG KIND HEART…..this girl is a gentle soul and deserves all the good things that have come her way.

  24. Not at all JULIE! indeed the picture is HOOOOT!!!! everybodu here is saying that! but there’s nothing it’s just that they are both photogenic.We are happy that he came out to support her,and Abby as well.
    @jujulisiuos Thanks for the comment! and thanks to all Tatiana supporters!

    Please tell Mwinsho to stay off, he is getting toooooooooo close to tatiana, I saw the pictures, he was smiling like someone that WON lottery,
    eishhhhhhhhhhhhhh, silviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thanks for the update, you are GREAT. Tell MamaJ that I love her so so MUCH.

  26. silvia the PIC is too HOT.

  27. @ REALLY REAL I can send you the bang magazine,without a doubt! but you will have to give your contacts so that I can find the easiest way to reach you!
    @ NNEKA Tatiana is a matured lady! ha ha ha you make me laugh, it was just one of the pauses but there’s nothing going on,they come from two different worlds.But we thank him and Abby for the support they showed to our queen!
    NNEKA sweetie relaaaaax!!!!! ha ha ha

  28. NNEKA yah the picture is really hot!! I can’t Imagine Mr jealousy, had it been those days in the house HA HA HA!!!!!!!! You really made my day today!!!!

  29. @Hawa idea..a dress made with all the flags! I’m 100% sure it’s a look that Tatiana will be able to pull off in style! African Queen indeed!

  30. zb we will call it the dress of AFRICA!

  31. @Nneka – “he was smiling like someone who WON lottery” – ha ha ha, very funny!!!

  32. Tatiana, I’m so PROUD of you.

  33. NNEKA u made me lough loud!! Hahahaha if Mwisho reads ths ms he will lough 2. Ur vry funy!!! Our queen wil leav tmrow around 3pm. We will escot her. Sylvia utakuwepo?.

  34. Hi Guys!

    Here is the news regarding her trip to Zanzibar!
    Although she went there for a break and tourisim, our queen met the minister for trade and Tourism who was so pleased to meet her,he said ” Tatiana is well known and have been a famous celebrity, who has a big number of fan base since when she was in the Big Brother house (BBA2). Zanzibar is truly honoured having her,because she is a star who is acceptable and very convincing in relations to arts and social activities in the societies., so we feel privilledged and believe that she will attract many tourists to visit our Island.”
    Tatiana also thanked the press and said that she was so pleased to visit TZ, which is a very peaceful counrty as history reveals, she was so much attracted to many things in the country which is similar to her counrty. The people are so generous,even her ambassador mentioned it to her when she she payed a caurtesy visit to her Embassy.
    Girl! you are leaving today,leaving us with your marks of footprints in our hearts! you will always remain to hold very special places in our hearts!. we believe that you had a great time and hope to see you was a great honour having you in our counrty! KARIBU TENA!

  35. Hossam,nitashindwa niko kazini,ila nitajitahidi minuwahi hotelini kabla hajaondoka.

  36. Morning all fans.

    @ Nneka – you are really naughty arent you. “He was smiling like someone who had won lottery”. Sure he should smile cause he was next to our African Queen.

  37. Beautiful @ sylvia. The gal is blessed no doubt about it. I can’t wait to visit Tanzania too.

  38. @Lady K maybe you guys didn’t see the picture, he was smiling from both sides of his cheeks, he look so handsome too.
    Anyway everything about TZ is cool for me, that’s a GREAT country with special people. I saw lots and lots of PICTURES; all are cool and special, look at the beautiful models, eish, Tatiana really enjoy TZ.

  39. Silvia, you are very RELIABLE and SPECIAL, you just did it all, the updates were special and fast, you need an AWARD for the update.

    lots of love to you and all TZ fans.

  40. our queen met the minister for trade and Tourism who was so pleased to meet her.
    Honestly Tatiana is very beautiful woman and calm, people will always admire her.

  41. Thanks NNEKA and my fellow fans! Our queen left today in the afternoon,Wishing her all the luck,we really had a wonderful time with her! and really felt at home.I will always live to remember the Mduara dance whereas she knocked of everyone on the dancing floor!!!

  42. @ sylvia
    very well done indeed
    thanx for giving tatiana so much love

  43. @ cmet, everything went on so well thanks for all the support from you guys! We are happy that we were able to make it up for her! she made headlines on the newspapers with nice coverages, she deserved it coz she has all what it takes to be a star.TZ will miss her! she has overshadowed the winner!

  44. silvia welldone and God bless you all, for the love ,care you gave to tatiana.

    BRAVO .

  45. Hey Hey My fellow bloggers,thanks to Robza who have united us in Africa,we have connected and we love each other,Our queen she has proved to be one of the real gem which we need to get it.Please pray for her and keep on supporting her she wont let you down

    Thanks very much sylivia for your efforts you made to inform our collegues all over Africa about Tati tour in our beautiful land : Tanzania Hoyee—- Hoyee,Tatiana Hoyee—-Hoyee

    Around 3.00 p.m we waved Tatiana goodbye, through the VIP lounge ,she shouted and said Mamaj dont be sad I will be back soon,Tatiana called me she is already in Jozi

    I will just summarised what I picked as lessons from Tatiana as Sylivia gave you all the informations of her day to day tour activities in Tanzania.
    Tatiana was accompanied by her London Manager and Her Assistant from Angola
    On her arrival her Angolan Ambasador who was at the VIP longe to receive her he said , When I come in this country to present my diplomatic papers,no one recognised me,I never had any attention which you have ,he said Tatiana your truly an Angolan Ambassador,he said please both flags Tanzania and Angolan becouse Angolan first president lived in Tanzania as it was the case to Mugabe,Nelson Mandela,Mondeline,Samora Machelle and Museveni and many others.
    Tatiana is highly skilled in a level of interaction,knows exactly what her fan needs and gives it all, she is ready to dance if people wants her to do so,joke,lough,hug,pose for pictures,cry,and make fun,she is soooo professional,very focussed and very inteligent
    Tatiana pulled a high profile respect in the country becouse for her strait forward answers in all her interviews she had,she soo much loved in Tanzania,and very easily connected herself with the Tanzanian culture,mingled and relaxed as she was in her own country .It was so fun to them when the two former BBA1 housemates Mwisho and Abby and herself met at Abbys and her husband hotel,they loughed and teased each other it was so nice for them.

    Tatiana she was born lucky and she has capitalised the opportunity comes in her way uses to her proffessional advantage and makes use of it to further her career to make difference and impact in her future roles ,she has been accompanied with all Ambassadors from the SADC countries for a Lunch which was organised by her embassy at Laprima hotel and at the show on 26th and East Africa headquarters officials in Arusha
    She has been crowned a Good will Ambassador for an NGO known as KIWOHEDE,she will be recording a song with the girls in Kiwohede centre when she is back in order to raise funds which will be used to improve girls singing talents

    She has shown her ability to respect her role as celebrity,Tatiana knows which dress,or sitting position or speaches are needed for which audience,in every event she wrote her speech in English I translated for her in Kiswahili and also she translated in portuguese,so she used three languages in each forum
    Tatiana was a centre of discussion in a Tanzania House of Parliament(Bunge) where our Minister of Culture and Sports,he had to explain about her visit and her contribution to Tanzania culture and sports following a question from one member of parliament who wanted to know what is the contribution of BBA show and what about the winners involvement into community and that of Tatiana during her tour
    Tatiana appreciated and respects her fan to a maximum in Arusha,a girl who is a die hard fan ,disabled,with her mother they waited for her for six hours when tatiana was on her tour to TBL ,Tatiana on her return when she met them,she invited them and gave them a complimentary ticket for a show at Naura Spring Hotel,The family come and One of the news paper posted her beautiful picture which covered the whole page with this girl.
    Apart from meeting our ministers,yesterday after cutting her Zanzibar tour short,she spent some six hours in my house,where she said she wanted to reflect and analyse about her tour and make firm decision on her plan B,she was in my room sleeping and when she wake-up she said Mamaj,am gona accept all the invitations people are extending to me becouse I feel part of the country,so she will be coming soon this time for official businesses.She also spent some time at the New Habari Corparation for dinner,she wanted also to go to Mama Jane but the time couldnt allow she wanted to have at least three special treats of local Tanzanians

    Tatiana this morning she was invited to Mr.Mengi executive chairperson of IPP companies I think Tanzanians they know the position of this man in our country and his contribution to our economy ,a very important person who excell in business and the owner of the largest media house in the country,and Cocacola Tanzania and many other business,she and Our Tanzania House Speaker Mr.S Sitta they were hosted in Mengis House for breakfast

    She had last shooting on one of the prominet magazines for a cover page today.
    Tatiana uses her youthful at her maximum from day one she wanted to go to disco only that her schedule was so tight that she couldnt manage to go but last Night she was at Kempisinki five star Hotel,at Top roof with some New Habari corparation at least she felt how Dar at night looks like.

    Tatiana she manged to see mount Kilimanjaro,Got her Tanzanite and swimmed in Zanzibar beaches,,

    She called just when she landed in Jozi saying Mama dont be sad,I will be back soon
    As some of you knows that my sister in law was critically sick,she has passed away this morning and tommorrow,I will be heading to my home city,southern part of tanzania and may be back after two weeks,so I wont be able to answer some of your questions
    Chao for now

  46. Kwako Sylivia hujambo ,mambo ahsante sana rafiki yangu kwa kazi nzuri nimependa sana.
    Siku ile ya tarehe 26 nilikaa meza nyuma ya akina Tati nilivaa nguo nyeusi nywele nilichana kama unakumbuka tati alikuwa ananichukua kila wakati Kucheza katikati ya mduara ndio mimi ,ni vizuri tukafahamiana bwana.Nina ondoka basi jitahihidini kuwapatia masalia kama yatakuwepo wote

  47. Mama J nakupata! nilifurahi sana kukuona halafu ninakufahamu,nitakutafuta nikupe hongera zangu za dhati! umetukonga nyoyo ndugu zako binti kapanda chati kamfunika jamaa inaitwa FUNIKA BOVU!! hongera sana Ndaga fijooooo!!!

  48. Ndagha fijo Sylivia nikirudi basi tuonane

  49. Tatiana will be in Jozi for five days shooting for two prominet magazine covers

  50. sawa kabisa mama J, pole sana na safiri salama Mungu akutangulie.

  51. Ahsante sana sylivia yote tunamtanguliza Mungu

  52. Wow @ Mama J. My jaw is on the floor. That girl is indeed special and you guys most definately without a doubt really showed her love and I’m sure she will forever be grateful for the reception that she got and all the opportunities that will come out of this visit.

  53. Yah Oboma is experiencing some problems at the moment I can not accsee it either but there are a lot Tatiana’s pictures about her tour to Tanzania

  54. Hi Sylvia/Mama J

    In many ways Tatiana reminds me of Lady Diana, who was so well known for enormous compassion for people all over the world.

    Thank you so much, much appreciated, could you let me have your email address or do we have it on our long list and what would your name have been? You are an absolute GEM or is it TANZANITE. Thank you. Is there anyone of the Loonies that have Sylvia’s email address that could let me have it please, as I would really like a BANG MAG, Sylvia I will swop you a SA Mag just name it I will get it to you once we make contact.

    Mama J sorry about your loss, please accept our sincere condolences. Thank you for your article and for everything. Tatiana you rock and after reading Mama J and Sylvia’s blog, I am sure all your SUPPORTERS AND FANS SALUTE YOU. May you go from strength to strength. WE, YOUR SUPPORTERS KNEW THAT YOU WOULD BE A SUPERSTAR ALL ON YOUR OWN………

    Take care and SA’s we have another long weekend coming up, be safe drive carefully………..The rest of Africa – TAKE CARE

  55. @MAMAJ


  57. Mama sympathy for your loss ..May God rest her in Peace ..Amen ..

    Thanks for the info…


  58. hi everyone! it is really nice to read all the latest developments all the way from Tz. thanks Sylvia and mamaj for keeping your promises, and thanks for the committment you have shown to us.
    hey guys!!! do you remmber that long chat that tatiana had on oboma sometime last year when she said “i will come to TAnzania very soon, and that couple will be very sorry” i am wondering if this is what she meant. she probably meant that she will show africa that with or without Richard, she is able to pull crowds (huge ones) and be able to still have fun and move on. anyway just thinking out loud!!!! If that is what she meant that time then it seems to have worked.

  59. Morning all Fans with Love and I hope you enjoy the long weekend.

    @ Sylvia and MamaJ thanks for all the updates and thanks to all Tanzanians for hosting Tati with dignity and love.

    @ MamaJ sorry for your loss and may your sister rest in eternal peace and her soul rise in glory.

    @ Really Real – hi – Lady Diana indeed. (May her sould rest in peace) don’t remind me of her. People who are humble, love and care for others never get what they want – Lady Di was exactly like our Queen but god is great in rewarding most of the times.

    @ melanie – I get goosebumps when you mention someone’s name. THAT’S HISTORY, HISTORY INDEED!!! Tati the Queen of Queens is untouchable right now – has stepped the ladder right to the top and she deserves it all.

    It’s a long weekend for most of us please let us drive carefully and reduce the devil’s water.

  60. LADY K sweetheart, point taken. i caught myself making that comment. like i said, iwas just thinking out loud. Iam gonna try to be current.

  61. @MAMAJ
    Mamaj happy to see you again, thanks for the love, care, you keep to your word,
    Eish I have a lot of questions to asked, and two weeks is far MAN,
    I’m so happy for Tatiana, lots of love girl

  62. OMG
    I’m experiencing the same problem in Oboma, always error configuration.

  63. Hi guys hope you are all fine,and have read mama J’s long and well explained article, Tatiana is a woman of substance she will be highly missed by the Tanzanians, today she appeared in the Newpapers waving Goodbyes! to the Tanzanians at the airport, we are glad that she will coming back soon and got so many opportunities in just a week! and that tells a star! guys on top of this heading there’s link of just click it, then click the word RUDI MWANZO,the full page will come out,scroll down you’ll see some our queen’s pictures taken on the sat show,in one of the picture she’s dancing with the ambassador of SA,another with fans,and the last ones crowning the Face of Tanzania’s winner!
    I had a word with mama J and I will be seeing after she is back from the funeral, to find out some more news to come regarding our queen! as she will be coming back again soon for business deals and contracts.

    contact me on I would have given Tatiana yesterday your copy if I had your address as it would have been much easier for her to post it to you while she’s in SA but all the same will try to look for another means! cheers and have a good day!!!

  65. Mama J, Slyvia and the Tanzanians thank you. My condolence to you Mama J, may your sister’s soul rest in peace.

  66. she spent some six hours in my house,where she said she wanted to reflect and analyse about her tour and make firm decision on her plan B,she was in my room sleeping and when she wake-up she said Mamaj,am gona accept all the invitations people are extending to me becouse I feel part of the country,so she will be coming soon this time for official businesses.
    @ mamaJ,
    Thank you for your support and kindness and making Tatiana feel special; you are the epitome of what a real friend / fan is.

  67. Silviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, how are you today? Happy as usual, thank you guys soooooooooooooooooooo much.

  68. oh i love this girl

  69. thank u guys 4evrything, may God bles u all

    i love my african queen

    Tati fan 4ever

  70. @ MamaJ and Sylvia , thank you for everything , much appreciated.

    To Tati , keep reaching Baby Girl , everything else has been said by other bloggers and you finally got the Tanzanite. Nice.

  71. @Sylvia thanks for all the updates, you are truely a gem and its obvious there’s no holding back on Tati, she’s taking Africa as a storm, her best is yet to come, this is just the beginning of better things to come, I dnt hav much to say apart from the obvious which is she is an INDEPENDENT WOMAN, who has shown you can get a lot out of life with ur GIRL POWER. @Mamaj, sorry bout ur loss, may her soul rest in peace.


    Tatiana does not need another half/baby sitter/hanger on/ sargent major – she showed us when she was in the house.


  73. sorry MamaJ know that God is in control,may her soul rest in peace.Thank u Syly and MamaJ u have really made my weekend,u could have seen my broud smile whilst reading may God bless u and Tati including all Tanzanians who welcomed the queen of Africa.

    Guys enjoy the holiday and take care!

  74. Don’t mention it my fellow Tatiana’s fans, it was my duty,to make sure you all get what was going on here,she left only yesterday but we’ve started to miss her! anyway wishing her all the Luck!
    NNEKA, SARAFINA,REBECCA,LADY K AND REALLY REAL,CMET,NTHABI AND MELANIE you guys are amazing! and have great hearts! let’s keep on supporting our queen forever

  75. Silvia I saw all pics, so nice, those girls on R shirt are they models?
    TZ has beautiful models, and that fine lady with Tatiana!!!!!!!!!!! eishhhhhhhh she is very beautiful,
    Pop in here a lot of Tatiana pic in arusha opening of Naura Spring Hotel

  76. NNEKA, yes they are models my dear! and yah the are the ones taken in Arusha


  78. @sa giirl sexy
    dont you have a link or addy please

  79. @Sa girl sexy, what’s the address?

  80. Hello all Tati fans hope you are relaxed enjoying the weekend. In Gaborone the weather has favoured me, its cool. As for our Queen I know she is fine and hope she gets a second from her ever busy schedule to relax and boogie a bit.

  81. Hi everyone can someone pass this massage to 4ever on obomaunfortunately I’m not registered there.Thank you in advence
    @ 4 EVER A.K.A ANGEL7

    I thought that I should share with you the following because I have noticed that you are a very obsessed fan of our boy Richard, but I’m sorry to let you know that he has let us down. We had high hopes in him and expected so much from him that he would make a very big difference between him and Mwisho unfortunately he has not. He had a great opportunity whereas he could shine and make headlines all over Africa to date, because he got the limelight and had so many fans all over Africa, we expected him to fly as high as eagles in the air but to date that has not happened. After his conferences he visited some places in the country and the last thing we remember him doing was opening his website. In short as a superstar celebrity he is rarely heard in his own native country, and that is so sad.

    I have learned that you are organizing his holiday tour in Cape town, after you learned about Tatiana’s tour in Tanzania, little did you know that her tour was well arranged with very prominent companies, supported by government officials, businessmen, NGO’s and diplomats. You sound like you are competing but believe me you can’t win Tatiana.

    Recently two prominent companies, New habari corp( it publishes at least 5 magazines in the country) and Beyond the lines mobile services, invited Tatiana to thank her for helping Richard win and raising our flag high. Tanzania thought we owe her for her big heart, loyalty and humanity which she showed Richard during their stay in the house. The organizers had a lot of support from a number of sponsors being CXC tours & safari ltd, Air Tanzania Ltd, Valley springs (the leading decorators in town),Tanzania breweries through it’s brand REDDS, Clouds FM entertainment, Angola embassy, Naura springs hotel, Impala hotel, Ngurudoto hotel and Mediteranneo hotel ( owned by Abby and her hubby,

    She was purposely welcomed with a blast! Which was purely an indirect massage to Richard that he should always be thankful, appreciative, and greatful to Tatiana regardless of the nonsense excuses we’ve been reading on the internet. That is why the organizers did not involve him knowing that he has to learn a lesson in future. And we hope he did.


    After BBA2, she has traveled to many countries in and outside Africa engaging herself in social activities and modeling. That makes her an international super model.

    She runs a TV programme aired on Angola public TV (TPA)

    She has currently started a reality TV show called “Everybody loves Tatiana” educating the young on relationship and HIV/AIDS

    She is in a campaign of moving around all the schools in her country educating them about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases.


    There was a huge crowed at the airport, and a traditional dance. She passed through the VIP ( only for Govt officials, politicians and diplomats), apart from the organizers her Ambassador was at the airport.

    A convey of at least five cars escorted her intourage, while she was in an open roof van from the airport to Movenpick hotel were she was booked. There was a huge crowd along the street as she passed, she personally was so overwhelmed.

    She had bodyguards waiting for her.

    She came with her Manager for modeling from London UK, and her PR from Angola.


    She was among the special guest invited during the official opening of Naura springs hotel in Arusha, where she performed her first show. Govt Official where also invited.

    She visited TBL in Dar and Arusha one of her main sponsors

    She was crowned the good will ambassador for KIWOHEDE children rehabilitation centre in Dar es salaam

    She donated a TV set to Mugabe primary school which houses deaf and dumb

    She visited the MPLA’s Headquaters of the former Angolans freedom fighters under their first president Augustion Neto ( a historical sight for the Angolans)

    She went to visit her embassy and had a chat with her ambassador

    She had dinner with Abby and Mwisho at the Meditaranneo ( it’s an exclusive hotel which lies along the beach owned by Abby and her hubby). They had a very good time, exchanging experiences etc.

    On our Union day (26th of Apr) she had Lunch with her people from Angola Embassy, and all the SADC Ambassadors at La Prima Hotel

    In he evening she did her second show at the Moven pick, which was attended by some of the Govt officials, the ambassadors of SA and Palestinian, and a huge crowd of fans. The entrance fee was almost $100, but all the tickets were sold. She was honoured to crown the Face of Tanzania.

    She went to Zanzibar, for a short break! But she was also scheduled to see our minister for trade and tourism who was very impressed meeting her and believed that she will attract a lot of tourists to visit Zanzibar since she is a well known celebrity.

    She had breakfast with our house speaker in the member of the parliament Hon S.Sitta and one of the prominent businessman in Dar who owns one of the largest media house and Cocacola, Mr R.Mengi

    She did another shooting in one of the leading magazine in TZ, which is to come out soon.

    She finally ended up receiving so many deals and contracts in the country. Henceforth she will back soon for business deals

    Above all, she managed to see Mt Kilimanjaro (The highest Mt in Africa), she swam on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. And got her TANZANITE! ( her dreams came true!)

    She had a very nice coverage during her stay, the media had to agree that she is a woman of substance, the way she handled all her interviews. Even when asked tricky questions, she humbly said she’s here for her fans, friends and her people from Angola, whom have invited her, likewise in other countries were she was visited.

    In general the Tanzanians agreed that she is a very special person, soft spoken, and unique which proves that she’s truly an African queen!

    I pray and hope that his tour in Cape Town will be fruitful, and that will make him gain some credits, and bring back his popularity which has dropped to Zero in his country.

    Apart from sight seeing tour and winning tour with the winner of BB SA it will be wise if he could engage himself in any social activity, I believe that there are a lot of social problems surrounding the youth and children in every country. TZ will be very proud of him, being an ambassador outside his country.

    Search for colleges, as he needs school. So as to manage well his projects in future.

    Probably advise him on projects and businesses.

    I hope you won’t bring up the issue of Nollywood, for us it’s an additional bonus Abby made 8 movies, Mwisho1, Ofunneka 2, Meryl 1 and him 1.

    Finally I would like to conclude that I have learned that winning the BBA prize does not necessarily means making it in life unless GOD grants you wisdom.

    In BBA1, Gaetano was the 4th runner up but he is above all his ex housemates, he has engaged himself in so many activities in Africa.

    Cherise won, but she’s out of the scene, but at least she bought a house.

    In BBA2, Tatiana has overshadowed her fellow ex housemates (please refer to her above mentioned achievements.) in less than four months.

    Richard has not done anything, not even in his own native country ie; started his own project, opened an NGO, apart from going on holidays as we all read in his website.

    We always wonder were does he invest his money? ( Seed money), is it spent only on holidays? Then again we believe that people go on holidays after working so hard for surplus money. Tanzanians has the right to know because our vote was very crucial in his winning.

    As a die hard fan of him, advise him to make peace with Tatiana because I believe those are the things which are pulling him down, as the girl has a clean heart, has no grudges towards him that is why she is flying high as an eagle, God is opening many more doors for her.

    I’m off and will have not time for debate but I thought you should at least know our views back home. Otherwise enjoy your holiday!


  82. hullow everyone it has been a long time ,i was silence watching and observing our baby,queen of our hearts Tatianas tour,the tour was very succsessful Tanzanians show their all love to her, welcome and honour Tatiana, everybody loved her,she was and everyday absolutely so sweet for honey young lady,charm to everyone,heart of gold,so glomorous very honest ,very genuine,the woman of substance, very focused she knows what she is doing,i personal salute her for all that qualities she has ,she really amazing young woman,she went many places here,she met goverment ministers,directors ,bussiness man and many vip person,i thank Habari company and the whole commetee,who together made Tatiana her dream of coming to Tanzania comes true,but in my observation i realy want to thank mama j for her effort for supporting Tatiana so well,but mama j i am so sorry you dissapoint some fans you are a woman of attention,while Tatiana was here you want her on your own ,you are all over her,you didnt want to give a chance for other fans to chart to Tatiana,you even decide to take her at your home alone while other fans they were waiting to meet her i have told that there were no such a programme of taking her to your home,you cheat that you are taking her for shopping, i was among with other people who we are waiting for Tatiana at the hotel because we have told that she was soon back from Zanzibar and she will be at the hotel to meet some fans,you really dissapoint for your selfshness,the next day i decide to talk to one of the organisers ,he didnt know me i try to make a friendship to him so that i can get some more information according to my yesterday dissapointment,he told me that mamaj and his co organiser called marc or max in a very succsessfull way they influence Tatiana to hate another lady called mama jane,the lady who by all her effort was looking for sponsorship for Tatiana tour and she invite mamaj for that, .she was the one genuinely made Tatiana tour to happen, by the time mamaj was busy writing her comments by calling richard and his fans names ,mama jane was busy looking for Tatianas sponsores for her tour, she is a none blogger i have told according to her statements ,she usually reading comments and not writting ,mamaj and your co marc or max what you have done to mama jane was unfair if it is true, but i can somehow believe it because of your selfshness of trying to keep tatiana away from other fans ,so that tatiana can see on you that you are the one that you love and care about her,and i have told that you try to manipulate her by giving her expensive many things to impress her,my advice to tatiana is everybody here in Tanzania loves you and as you saw people thanks you a lot for everything you have done for Tanzania dont be manipulated by mamaj you dont know her by the way, she was not your fan when you was in the house she was writting very bad comments about you so dont believe her 100%,we love you Tatiana and thanks a lot for your visit to Tanzania KARIBU TENA,sorry i didnt meet you personally because of mamaj,so sorry tati fans for dissappointment about mama j,but that ia true.

    mama j pole sana kwa msiba,imenibidi nitoe dukuduku langu maana nilikuwa nafuatilia ziara hii kila siku ,siku niliyopanga kuonana na tatiana niliambiwa umemchukua na umeondoka naye, tulikuwa watu kama saba hivi na tukaambiwa wewe umemchukua na hapakuwa na mpango huo kabla tulisikitika sana samahani lakini mimi nimeandika kutokana na vijana wawili waandishi wa habari walinieleza sikuwauliza hata majina yoa nao walikuwa hapo kupata habari za mwisho wao walielezwa na mwandishi mwenzao.

  83. Mwadila, thanks you for coming in a cool manners this time, I almost fell off couch when I saw your name, I was afraid to read your post, just pick a little courage and went through it, I must say I love you for the nice post, Tatiana enjoyed your country, I love that, and I must say a BIG THANK YOU for everything so far, even though you didn’t meet her, one day you will get to meet.

  84. in a cool way, i mean just kidding

  85. hahahah i wonder who wants to be hawa here? tha’t a good start. keep up the work.

  86. Mwadile, don’t blame mamaJ, you know she just lost an in-law, just wait for her to come back and speak to her, She will apologize, where she is wrong, she might not support Tatiana in the house because richard is from her country, she really focus on her country housemate, but when they left the bba house, she stood by her and love her more, she has had a lot on this blog because of Tatiana,
    Tatiana will be coming back to TZ for business as she said, maybe then she will visit Mama Jane, and you will meet her too.
    And please say me HULLO to mama Jane, tell her thanks for everything.

    Lots of love.

  87. Dear Mamaj , please accept my sincere condolences on your sad loss, my God grant you strength during this time of bereavement.

    Also thank-you to all who contributed to Our African Queens successful tour, it was fantastic reading about her and seeing all the beautiful pictures of her and all the wonderful Tanzanians.

  88. hahahahahahaha…..hawa/busted u nasty…..but i dont blame u cuz shiz all dat n she can make any1 fall inlove with her…lol.!!!!tz baby thanx 4 takin care ov our queen…luks lyk she had a wild time…!btwn yall get ready 4 ggggggg—unit…..50 is dere 2day aint it?….lucky yall!!!

  89. HULLO wonderful people, its another saturday, enjoyment as usual, Happy weekend.

  90. @Tatiana – Glad to see that you had a great time in Tanzania Thanx to everyone involved for making your tour a success.

  91. @sylvia hujambo mama sema mambo yanakwendaje natamani tuonane na kuongea mengi zaidi ila nitapata contact through mamaJ uwe na weekend njema ma dear

  92. @Ngara, Safi kabisa wangu,mambo poa,binti kaondoka katuachia hang over alivyofunika! mama J atakupa contact zangu,natarajia kumuona akirudi msibani.umesoma hilo dongo la shabiki wa Richard ananiudhi sana! hamshauri vizuri anazidi kumuangusha! mizungu bwana haina mpango! hebu angalia mambo yalivyomnyokea binti,kaja kutembea,na kapata deals za biashara! anajua kuutumia umaarufu wake.weekend njema wangu!

  93. @Sylvia, yaani we acha tu kazi kwake anashindwa kujitahidi ili akubariki nchini kwake eti anatafute umaarufu kwa wazungu shauriyake au jamaa si raia wa TZ nini ngoja itabidi kuchunguza kwa undani uraia wake nafikiri ni Mganda maana hana uchungu kabisa na nchi yake tutaongea mengi tukionana ngoja tusimwage mtama kwenye…….
    love u bigtime

  94. @ Ngara, huyu ni raia wa Tz ila ana roho ya kiutumwa! Hlafu ni mbabaikaji sana kwa wazungu! Hawezi kumfikia Tati hebu angalia Jinsi alivyopokelewa ubalozi wa Tz uingereza? Hivi huyu ndugu yenu anaetembea bila ya chupi matako wazi ubalozi upi utampokea??! Atabaki kuramba matako ya wazungu!! @ Sylvia mwanangu hiyo msg funika bovu! Namimi nataka no yako ntaipataje? Nawashukuru wote mnaomtetea Tatiana najua roho zenu ni nzuri kama yakwake. Mwenyezi mungu awabariki! INSHALAH!

  95. @Hossam achana nae! hashauriki, kuna mshikaji wangu mmoja huko CT atanipa taarifa zake zote huko! ili niendelee kumuanika. sasa wangu hapa nitashindwa kutoa namba yangu hapa ila nitamuuliza mama J kama ana contact zako tuwasiliane Inshallah!!!!
    Ngara big ups! nakumind sana! safari ijayo binti akirudi wadau tutamfanyia kitu tutaongea na mama J

  96. AAHHHA Now is swahili time ..Great Robza …We are okay ..I promise next time i will also converse in Oshilwambo tooo….

    Girlfriends calm down..Love has no boundaries whether white or Black … Richard go my guy ..Explore the world canada , US , europe whatever ..International girlfriends matters ..U will never be a failure when you are international…you watch this space…(Hossam you are my witness lol)

    Thats why we grabbed the dollars US 100,000 …Whether the money was invested or not not our business ..As viewers we got what we wanted and the winner got what he deserved ….

    Take it easy girlfriends ,,There are must be reasons why Richard was not grateful to Tatiana in Public ..Is there anyone who asked Tatiana if Richard Thanked her after BBA2 ?? Never …

    So lets stop accusing Richard without evidences Please!!!!

    Tatiana has moved on with her life and Richard too..Insults will not help …

    Love you Guys ! Hossam Please don’t hate me oooh lol


  97. Hahahahaha Julie i don’t want 2 be ur wittnes. U already know that there is nothing for us 2 witnes. (Tanzanians have put hm in the same dustbin with Mwisho) We talk out of anger bcz we loved hm so much and we had hope he wil not let us down. So my friend if u stil hope he wil do Miracles continue 2 wait. And about hating u i don’t hate u but i feel sorry 4 ur friends. Bcz a good friend will tell their blind friend there is a big hole infrot of u. Let me take ur hand and lead u. I don’t thnk u can do that! We have moved on and Tz has a winner and that Winner is Tatiana Durao Dos Santos! Tati Tanzania loves u haters like Julie eat ur heart. Tatiana’s fan 4 lyf.

  98. Bcz a good friend will tell their blind friend there is a big hole infront of u. Let me take ur hand and lead u.
    @hossam, What is’t nowwwwwwwwwwww, I’m eating, pls easy easy , I cant stop laughing, hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa you are very funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  99. I wish i understand Swahili like Julie eishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Happy Sunday to all.

  100. Hi Hossam
    Long time no hear, don’t understand too much of the sawhili.
    But when I see your comment I am saddened that Richard treated Tatiana in like he did, despite what everyone says and thinks Tatiana did make Richard the WINNER…..A whole lot of my friends and viewers actually voted Richard out as he was losing it the House and becoming really vulgar and quite disgusting, a whole lot of my friends stopped watching BB for a while. I am not just saying this because Tatiana has visited your country, in the House Tatiana always kept the peace, never got into major arguments, even the tough times when Richard was an absolute IDIOTA. It never ever amazes me at just how far, insincere, and what people will do for money at the expense of others’. It is really in bad taste, Richard did not have to get together with Tatiana, he decided his marriage was what he wanted, great good for him, but turn your back on a “FRIEND”, who played a major role in him winning the money, that is quite disgusting. He has HUGE INFLUENCES IN HIS LIFE, and I trust that whatever Richard does HE will be successful too. But let me leave you with this thought: What you hand out comes back to you ten fold: What you sow you will reap: Just grow up Richard and use the mind and the personality that you were given, make peace, find peace and I can assure you your “life” will turn around in a positive way, don’t be lead like a puppy, its time to take responsibility for your actions…………………..

  101. Hossam nakufagilia saaaaana!! umempa kiutu uzima! have a blessed sunday!

  102. oya mwadila umefanya kazi nzuri sana tuliyokutuma pitia tena kesho pale kijiwani kwetu tukupe nyingine ukazitoe maana tunazo nyingi tumeanza na hao kina mama,umewachanganya wote watatu vizuri sana na umemchanganya na yule kipipa wa kiume ,safi sana mshikaji, wacha waonane ubaya wenyewe hatujali ulichoandika ni cha kweli au la maana hao kina mama wawili wametufanya wengine wakose ajira maana mkuki kwa nguruwe kwa binadamu mchungu ,sakata lote watalijaza woa washenzi sana eti wanatafuta wafadhili ,basi huo ufadhili wao walioupata utawatokea puani sisi tunaandika tu watajaza kama watanuniana watajiju kazi tushaifanya wasingekuwa wao washikaji wetu wasingepoteza ajira wao wamefurahia huo ujio wao walioutaka nasi ngoja tuwachafue maana tuko kijiweni sasa,pitia zingine mshikaji ukatoe sisi hatujui kimombo.

  103. @Nneka ur more funny than me. Enjoy ur wk end!! @ Silent Observer dawg point taken i love u 2 man! @Sylvia kichaa wangu nakupata. Nataka nikuelekeze dukani kwangu. Lkni duh! Wanga wengi! Ukipata no yangu nishtue nikuelekeze!!!

  104. so richard was prohibited from seeing tati by the wife or what?omg taklk about being friendly…

  105. Morning all Rich and Tati fans with love.

    The 5 months that have gone by after the show and we still expect Rich-man to make peace with Tati? How many times have they been in the same countries? Nigeria for Moments and now Tanzania when Tati toured. Please let’s get this thing straight Rich does not want to meet Tati, it’s his own choice. He is the only one who knows Why, so let’s not bother him to meet and make peace with Tati.

    Tati is a winner we all can see by her deeds. Rich on the other side has his own plans. We don’t know if he has any contracts or projects on his hands cause his PRs don’t state. So maybe he is engaged in somethings.

    Lastly all I know as a proud Tati Fan Our Queen is untouchable, successfull, loved and is far beyond reaching so lets just not waste our time in advising Rich what to do cause he is man enough to decide and do the right things that suits him.


    @ Hossam – morning and I quote “Bcz a good fried will tell their blind fried there is a big hole infront of u. Let me take ur hand and lead u”.
    It’s so hurting cause the very people who claim to be Rich’s number 1
    @hossam, What is’t nowwwwwwwwwwww, I’m eating, pls easy easy , I cant stop laughing, hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa you are very funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    @ All Tanzanian bloggers – more especially Tati’s fans.
    Eventhough her tour was a great success usually there are always somethings one or two people wont like about the arrangements. All I think you should be happy about and appreciatae is that she visited your country (the longest stay in any countries she has visited) and most of you managed to see her in person eventhough you didnt get a chance to chat with her. There is always a next time. Let’s not point fingers but rather work on what went wrong cause Tanzania is Tati’s 3rd home she will definetly be coming back there soon. Good luck.

  106. Corrected message:

    @ Hossam I was going to say it’s hurting cause the people who should be guiding Rich are misleading him if ever they happen to be the Real Number 1 Fans they claim to be.

    @ Nneka – Hossam’s words are really true, she is not funny like you but rather her statement need to be taken seriously by the No. 1 Fans of Rich. Why should they drag him to the mud then uplifting him.

  107. @ Hossam,
    mambo vipi wangu! nimepata habari kutoka kwa wadau wenzetu huko bondeni ambako jamaa kaenda mapumzikoni kupitia kwa shabiki wake mkubwa Mzungu ndiye aiyewaandalia safari.jana walipanga wakutane na washabiki wake,hotelini CT,kwa muujibu wa kipanya aliyekwenda kushuhudia ujio huo amenitumia ujumbe kulikuwa na mashabiki sita tu,huyo mwandalizi na mamake (watu wazima Ovyo!) na wengine wanne kwa hiyo mshikaji ilibuma na HABARI NDIO HIYO!!! kijana hadhaminiwi kwao walau ugenini! sidhani kama huyo mama atadiriki kutuletea picha zake hapa na zikija tutampaka! hawawezi kumfikia malkia wetu hata wafanyaje! mapokezi yalikuwa FUNIKA BOVU!. kwa wale ambao hawakupata nafasi ya kumwona malkia wetu, tutaongea na mama J ili akija tena tufanye ka get together kakishikaji, tusilaumiane tuendelee kupendana tu. Hossam nimekupata kuanika namba noma!!! but INSHALLAH!!! nitakuona tu.
    @LADY K you are a woman of substance I always enjoy your wise comments! as you say there’s always next time, we will ask mama J to arrange a proper get together next time when she’s here so that everybody get’s to see our queen,like you said Tanzania is her 3rd home now, so she will be coming here more frequently,stay blessed!

  108. Hossam nilimaanisha hathaminiwi kwao wala ugenini!!

  109. Our Tati who is on earth, Hallowed be thy face thy happiness come.Thy wish will be gaven , on earth as it is gaven to others.
    Gave us this day your smilies and 4gave them 4ever as we forgave them 4ever. Do not be mislead in to temptations but deliver us with goodness and joy for this is your world and the powers invested in you 4ever and ever AMEN!

  110. Sylivia girlfriend back off…Leave My Richard aloneeeeeeooohhhh!

    My dear there are people who still loves him no matter what !

    @Lady K..are we supposed to guide Richard in Public ??? Chill girlfriend ..

    Lets keep our advises ..their long due …

    See you next BBA3 ..And nice to know you all especially Sylivia lol

    under the pit ..We will make sure there will be peace between Tatiana and Richard …so chill girlfriends!


  111. the last sentence i meant ..Richard will never fall under the pit ..we will make sure. of it ………………

  112. @ Julie Nam – hello. Rich and Tati have moved forward that I agry fully but why cant you accept that Tati is beyond reach. U know very well I’m one of Rich’s fan (Richiana) whilst in house but after the show I turned completely against him for his rudeness against Tati.

    @ kayv – stop it (Not meaning Im angry with you) Let’s leave Ricky out of this and concentrate on Rich and Tati cause they are the housemates. I dont need anymore war zone in these blogs I have had enough. Anyway you were just voicing your opinion, so they always say.

    @ Silent Observer – hello your message is very clear and loud hope one of Rich fans post it to him.

    @ evepittus, nato, Faye – hellow. Just know that our Queen will always be in good hands wherever she is and in whatever she does she is someone who is really blessed.

    @ hawa – hello dear. I’m glad you have prayed for Tati. Our prayers are always with her.

    @ mwadila – hellow. Relax man its not the end of Tati’s visit. Anyway next time.

    @ – Sylvia hellow dear thanks for all the messages eventhough I sometimes want to get angry when you write swahili but then I just say she is not talking to me, hahaha. Sylvia please check if the Genniveve magazine is out I need a copy -it futures Rich and a long interview (if Im not mistaken maybe its an old one). I received the Bang and Sports magazines on Wednesday from Dorcas. I have already thanked her.

    @ ngara, tindikali -hellow people. I hope those messages weren’t meant for us bloggers but for your fellow Tanzanians as we can’t understand. Anyway I hope they have responded to them.

  113. @Lady k…Remember me ?? I was Richiana Fan very committed one ..I still Love Tatiana ..No hatred /No grudges /No jelousy ..Am very happy for her life ..And i always pray for her too..Trust me ..

    She is my second after Richard ..Thats the truth !!!!

    And i agree she is beyond reach ..What i don’t want to agree here is the way people are using her achievements to make Richard look like a failure …What is this Lady K??

    Every person in this world has different ways to reach their destiny ..Tatiana got her way and Richard get another way ( so what the beef here ?)

    The other thing when you try to be supportive to Richard ..people become bitter …why???? No one is perfect in this world ..we are not misleading him ..never !

    I asked this question …but no one wanted to answer …(How sure people are ..If Richard thanked Tatiana after BBA2 ??)

    @Lady k ..That is what suprising me …

    Anyway let me arrest my case and wish you all the best ..And it was nice to meet you all again ..and am glad i got best friends through this website …and some of them i met …

    See you all on BBA3 ….

    Shalom and cheers to you all girlfriends !

  114. @ Julie Nam – thanks for the clarification. I wanted to get it from you because at times I did not get you right as I know fully you are a Richiana fan but a Rich fan and also from the same country.

  115. 4gave them 4ever as we forgave them 4ever. Do not be mislead in to temptations but deliver us with goodness and joy for this is your world and the powers invested in you 4ever and ever AMEN!
    Hawa, toooooooooooooooooooooooooo much 4ever, and 4ever and ever and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  116. See you next BBA3 ..And nice to know you all especially Sylivia lol

    @ Julie, is this your last comment?
    Good luck, but don’t change your id, during bba3, so that we can identify you.

  117. @tati
    May Angel 7 guild you, and the true Angel 7 from God lead you, May your next stop be Beverly Hills, the Beverly city in southwestern California, home of many Hollywood actors, now and 4ever and ever and ever and ever and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  118. @JULIE NAM,Please get a life,did I tell you to stop loving him? I’m entitled to my opinion and if that hurts you! just ignore them but you will never tell me what to and what not write “TAFADHALI SANA NIKALIE MBALI” ooh I meant just stay away from me! I also love my fellow country men but it doesn’t mean I should keep quite when things go wrong! what I said is the truth,the whole truth nothing but the truth. and yes we have the rigjt to use Tati’s achievements against his failures coz people see and can alwats compare and contrast. kwaheri!!!
    @LADY K baby! dont worry about swahili they are just the same stories.Let’s keep on supporting our Queen coz she indeed is,and blessed by God

    I meant I’m entitled to my opinion,and if it hurts you just igore it!
    but you will never tell me what to and what not to write.
    we have the right to use tatis achievementsagainst his failures, and people can always compare and contrast!!

    @LADY K, I’m not sure if genevieve is out yet but will find out, though I believe it’s from Nigeria,but will check!and get back to you.

  120. @julie nam

    I was a Richiana fan and actually voted for him to win because of the person he was in the house .I dont dislike him now but i must say that I have been very dissapointed in him since he came out of the house .I respect his marriage and his decision but my problem with him stems from his treatment of Tatiana .We all watched and we saw what she did for him in that house .I will always believe that she played a critical role in him winning the money .

    However it seems as if there are some peeps that condone his lack of sensitivety to her because he is married and even excuse it for this reason and that is where the problem is.He should be with his wife if that is what he wants but show Tatiana some respect for the role that she played in that house for him.
    Normally when a friend helps you ,supports you and sacrifices things for you ,you appreciate them for their efforts .Well I dont see any evidence that he appreciates her role at all .Instead he keeps coming up with petty excuses to be angry at her .

    Richard continually goes out of his way to embarress Tatiana and ridicules her by his behaviour ignoring her in 9ja.She was locked in a room and only Offuneka was allowed to exit to greet him and his wife.Is this how she deserves to be treated and how you treat a friend?

    He again ignored her inTanzania and his excuse is that she did not tell him she was coming. how could she do this when he made it absolutely clear that he did not want to see her in 9ja and they are not in contact?.

    .I think Richard must review this pettiness and look at the big scheme of things his gripes are small in comparison to what she has done for him and his life has changed forever partly because of her .Why should it hurt his marriage if he is cordial to Tatiana . He has moved on we all get it.But his behaviour leaves a lot to be desired.

  121. @Julie Nam, you know i’ve got mad love for you but I am indiffrent towards ur Richard and at times just plainly disgusted with him, he still has a lot of growing up to do. Any regular reader on this blog knows my stance on the institution of marriage and they know as well that I like his wife Ricki and will defend her whenever peeps start attackin her for no reason and its cos of her strength that i’v stopped my attacks on Richard in recent times. For all its worth,he should at least acknowledge Tati in Nigeria or at least made appearances when she was in Tanz(except if he is such a dog dat he cnt control his sexual urge around her)I really wish him well, if not for anything but for his wife to hav a good life after the way he disrespected her in the hse but he is loosin it daily, its no secret that Tati helped him in the hse and they could hav remained just friends but of course, thats too hard for him to do.Was so disgusted to read him exchanging insults with people on Oboma durin his chart, was so demeaning. As for Tati, she’s someone that knows where she is going and wat she wants out of life and slowly but surely moving towards her target, am so proud of her and please Julie Nam, dnt leave UFW, will surely miss you and varieties of opinion is the spice of life.SHALOM girlfriend SHALOM

  122. Morning all Tati and Rich fans.

    @ Sylvia hello dear. The Richiana saga will never end cause most of Rich fans don’t want to accept that he has failed them and failed his own country Tanzania but deep down they know he is a looser. Anyway all I can say is that Our Queen of Queens, The Golden Hearted Lady Tatiana is the WINNER Period!!

    @ Mich, Sarafina – hello glad to hear your straight and true comments. I just dont know why people cant accept that Rich is a COWARD.

  123. Julie Nam Julie Nam Julie Julie Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
    People need your contribution too, come back fast, come back fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  124. Was so disgusted to read him exchanging insults with people on Oboma durin his chart, was so demeaning.
    hahahaha , He called his angry fans JACKASS.

  125. @SLVIA naona mavitu yako uko juu!

  126. hey there,richard should grow up and make peace with tati otherwise things won`t be very good for him if he doesn`t ,whats hard with staying freinds with someone you`ve stopped loving i myself ,am still freinds with my ex and we call each other for some advice why can`t he do that,he is so chidish and ungrateful but he should know that whenever u take someone for granted or ill treat her or him,god will leave u empty handled,thats my advice to him any of his fans can pass the msg to him.

  127. @Ngara,poa wangu! mbona umepotea siku hizi mbili? nimeona comments zako kwa mwadila big ups! sie ni wamoja.

  128. Morning “NOW ITS EVENING IN SA” all Tati and Rich fans.

    @ Sylvia hello dear. The Richiana saga will never end cause most of Rich fans don’t want to accept that he has failed them and failed his own country Tanzania but deep down they know he is a looser. Anyway all I can say is that Our Queen of Queens, The Golden Hearted Lady Tatiana is the WINNER Period!!

    @ Mich, Sarafina – hello glad to hear your straight and true comments. I just dont know why people cant accept that Rich is a COWARD.

    LADY K – May 6, 2008 at 8:07 am

    MICH, SARAFINA, SYLVIA, LADY K – and so say most of us and so say most of us. Thank you all for being you, it has been an amazing experiencing and I FOR ONE SALUTE TATIANA, to stand up with so much pride when no doubt she was/is hurting. YOU GO GIRL WE ALL RIGHT BEHIND EVEN THOSE NOT MENTIONED. YOUR SUPPORTERS AND FANS zb, cmet, masalagal. evepitt and YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

    Stand up, for the CHAMPION, stand up………..remember that one???

    Take care, sweet dreams till next time.

  129. I’ve been a fan of tatiana’s since the start of the show.I pity Richard for the way thing have turned out for him.I hope that he will make peace with his African Queen.She has grown from strength to strength although faced with so much adversity when the show ended.If Richard stuck to what he planned in the house with Tati he would have been where Tati is today.She would have advised him and given him the guidance she so often did in the house.It’s such a pity that things turned out the way it did for him.It sad but the reality is that Richard needs closure to what happened in the house.His life will never be the same until he faces Tati and apologises for the pain he caused her by denying his true feelings for her.I ‘m sure deep down inside Tati misses him although she’s has moved on with her life.She was Richard’s Afican Queen and I’m sure he will always have a place in her heart.Only time will tell.’Set your bird free, if it comes back its yours,if it does not return ,it was never meant to be.I pray that they do find each other.It might not be now but before its too late.I salute youTatiana and I hope that we can meet someday when you visit Cape Town.

  130. Morning all Tati Fans and sure Rich’s too.

    @ lonah – hello. Your message is very clear and that is what we Tati Fans have expected Rich to have done, to make peace with Tati but unfortunately we cant force him and I dont think he will ever do that as so many months have passedby and the fact that they both have been in two countries at the sametime and never met. Anyway as I have always said he is the only one who knows WHY he doesnt want to meet Tati.

    @Really Real (SA) – hello dear dont worry MamaJ will soon give you my email. I have never stopped praying for Zim and will keep praying for all African countries and their leaders. From the beginning of UFW we Tati Fans have stated it that we say it as it is and we say it loud, so we have said it as it is and we have said it loud and we are still going to say it as it is and louder that TATI OUR QUEEN OF QUEENS IS A SHINING STAR, A WINNER IN HER OWN RIGHTS AND A LADY WITH A HEART OF GOLD. GO GIRL YOU DESERVE IT ALL.!!!

    @ alfie – hi. Most of Richiana fans had hoped that the two will be together after the show but unfortunately that didnt happen. We have to respect his decision. What I am not pleased with is the way he handled his affair with Tati after the show and the treatment on Tati. What you have said is a good guidance and reminder to Rich and if one of his No. 1 Fans reads it I just wish she communicates your message to him cause your message is clear and is the gospel truth.

    @ dzax – where are you hiding my baby come back to the show. Have got Tati’s Bang and Sports magazines.

  131. I wish we can be like Tati and display goodness in the midst of evil against us. This woman has taught me (in her worst situation)that as human beings we should be able to transcend and move on. I honestly admire her and pray that God should keep her because she has valuable attributes to offer. Love you Tatiana, you have won a permanent place in my heart and I have engraved you in my bosom.

  132. Afternoon everyone.
    People like Tati are rare to find. Through all the frustration and insults she has incurred and keeps incurring she managed to raise her head high and carry n with her life. TATI MY DEAR YOU ARE ONE GOOD EXAMPLE OF A WOMAN TO MOST OF US WOMEN. I SALUTE YOU DEAR!!!

  133. Afternoon everyone.
    People like Tati are rare to find. Through all the frustration and insults she has incurred and keeps incurring she managed to raise her head high and carryon with her life. TATI MY DEAR YOU ARE ONE GOOD EXAMPLE OF AN INSIRING WOMAN TO MOST OF US WOMEN. I SALUTE YOU DEAR!!!

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