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**Special Announcement**

Hell all!

I know I haven’t been around here for a while – I have been busy – but I’m here now. I have had numerous e-mails from fellow bloggers that the blog has taken a turn for the worse (if you will) and certain people’s comment are verging on verbal abuse towards others. It saddens me that such a happy place has gone to shit! It really pisses me off! People like QUEST & VEN have been banned and most of their posts deleted! I admit that I do not have time to read everyone’s comments on a daily basis and that’s why such disgusting, below-the-belt garbage gets posted on the blog. I could queue up your comments to be moderated for me to check them individually but – I simply do not have the time . I’m so angry right now that I’m so close to closing this blog….. It has served its purpose anyway:

  1. Bring you news on your housemates of BBA2
  2. Share views on the hosuemates
  3. As a result, bring people from all parts of Africa together.

At this point in time, what’s been happening is that more people are leaving the blog because of those individuals who find it amusing to cuss and be vulgar for no reason…. To cleanse your foul mouths – fuck over to!!! It is acceptable to put forward your views about certain things – everyone is of course entitled to an opinion – however, just because you’re hidden behind a PC monitor doesn’t not give you the right to type various obscenities and vulgarities for no reason, as well as attack certain members of the board. When it gets personal – that shit is not ACCEPTABLE…

I’m just sick to my stomach and I will give it this week to decide whether or not I wanna continue with this blog….

23 Responses to “**Special Announcement**”

  1. Hi Robza,it’s good to know that you are back!I hope this blog as from now and onwards will remain as peaceful as it used to be before. Welcome back!!!

  2. hi robza in every community they are people like that ,i am one of the people who have been highly insulted and called every source of names,but since i had made friendship of most of the old lonnies,i think you need to keep this web i posted you my mail did you received

  3. Keep this web apart from few it has united africans

  4. Thk God u hv stopped the abuse. No wonder we r battling with xenophobia. Its a shame

  5. hi Robza !!!I thought as much, first of all welcome back, secondly we love your blog, please just do the best you can.
    and to all my fellow blogger, have a wonderful day.

  6. Thank you Robza, I personally have been in a state of shock and resorted to be a silent reader and of course skipping all the bloggers using abusive language and concertrating on clean language. We have been rescued!!!

  7. Hello Robza, i am glad you are putting your foot down since i have enjoyed reading and blogging about the BB housemates , sharing ideas and making friends. This was always with respect and dignity. Don’t give those insane bloggers their way.

    Keep on keeping on just like Tati our queen!

  8. I think it should be closed down because it has no more news. Other fans got tired of reading about the same person over and over again.

  9. Hellow Robza. Most of us have realised that you have cleared the mess and for sure there is noone who can try and mess with the blogs anymore. Please give us something. These blogs keeps us busy and makes us go back memory lane.

  10. Hey ?Robza i beg you not to close the blog but to delete those ppl i dont even want to mension their name cos they make me sick as well

  11. just close the blog. you did your best in as far as keeping us updated is concerned. right now people should get back to their lives, its been long overdue.

  12. Please keep the blog , we like this blog and would like to see how far Tati our Queen (superstar) would go. You are doing a good job and keep on deleting bad language.

  13. Robza,thank you for cleansing the blog, its okay to defer but when it gets to the point of attacking former bloggers e.g Dolphin, who left here for same reason, it makes no sense at all. Pls leave the blog open, hopefully all our friends will come back here eventually. Pls just try and keep it updated to he best of ur ability. Thank you for being true to yourself

  14. long time, what has been happening? just popped in to take a look since BBA3 is around the corner, what a mess?
    can someone do me a favor and tell me the blogs i should check out for the shit which went down, pliz!!!!

  15. Hi all you Loonies

    What must be done, must be done and so be it.

    But I have made the most wonderful friends all over Africa I cannot mention you all, you all know who you are. It has been a great experience and you will always be special and close to my heart.

    Robza, A BIG THANK YOU, it has been an absolute pleasure chatting to ALL the LOONIES, and staying in touch via email.


  16. Hi Robza……..I must say I too was shocked at what has been happening here and have decided not to blog and have not visited in a while…….but I don’t think it should be shut down because some of us who have made friends all over Africa still want to maintain that friendship, I know there are other ways and means to maintain that friendship but coming into this blog you meet a lot of good people of Africa. I have to admite coming here has taught me a lot about my African people.

    @Robza keep on going…..

  17. robza nice too see u back.we still love richard and all fans dont hate them love them.
    sa girl sexy.

  18. Robza! don’t quitu are a fighter so go on….bring it on…this is your passion and no one can change that.

    We love you ….

    Mamaj..Lady K…Hellow

  19. dzax tota ke eng osa te kwano kana wa mpha mogala wa gago


  21. Hi all, I hope that you are all doing fine!
    Lady K, I’m facing some difficulties in replying your mails,most of the time I get failure notice after I’ve sent! dunno why! but Hope that you are great! will keep on trying though! have a good day

  22. Hi Robza dont close the blog please just call it ‘tatiana’ coz thats all we read about here anyway. No wonder ppl got pissed! There’s more 2 BBA than Tarti!!!!

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