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It’s goodbye for now…

I’m officially over and out as from today…. I’ve just been getting bored with this blog, and even though I am a Tati fan, it was getting a little monotonous posting just about her. Most of the other housemates have just faded into obscurity and there’s not much to write about generally….. The blog will stay open to everyone…

It’s been great – you’ve been great….

See you in August – expect a bigger and better site!!!!!!!

11 Responses to “It’s goodbye for now…”

  1. You should have just changed the name to TATI PRESS we wouldn’t have minded. Instead of calling it BBA 2!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well Robza it was great while it lasted. Pity that some bloggers had to spoil the fun with their vile remarks.
    And like you say there aren’t much to report on the other housmates.

    Nonetheless thanks again for the updates, especially on Tatiana.

    Speaking of which, Tatiana were in New York recently where she co-hosted the NEA Awards. There are some fab photos of her for all those fans that are interested on Oboma.

    i also read that Tatiana has been selected as the Face of ‘Music on the Catwalk’

    Here is some more info on it:

    True Media Africa, presents MOC 2008, a music and fashion extravaganza created with the primary aim of uniting Africa. For the first time ever our very best African musicians will team up with our very best African fashion designers to create an extraordinary show that will promote and celebrate the exciting and vibrant African culture.

    The beautiful and talented Angolan model, actress and Big Brother Africa two contestant Tatiana Dos Santos Durao is this year’s face of MOC. Chosen to inspire, represent and promote Africa’s fashion and music industry World wide. Hosted by Tatiana, MOC brings together on one tour but not in one venue both old and new icons from the fashion and music industries from various African it is a road show that will tour in participating African countries.

    Both famous and upcoming African Fashion designers will be given an opportunity to showcase their unique collections modelled by professional models, or celebrities to the live music of a popular African musician. The designers are invited to team up with a musician who best represents their brand of clothing, and whilst the music artist performs a live set the designer’s collection is presented on the hottest catwalk to hit Africa this year. To ensure a high profile event, African celebrities from Film, TV, Sports and other entertainment industries will be invited to attend each event, (names to be confirmed soon).

    Thus far the following countries are confirmed to participate in this year’s MOC.

    1. Angola
    2. Nigeria
    3. Tanzania
    4. Uganda
    5. Nigeria
    6. South Africa

    On being the first Face of MOC Tatiana Durao said, “I am very excited at the prospect of touring countries in the beautiful continent of Africa, doing what I love modelling, interacting with fans and promoting our amazing continent. I thank TRUE MEDIA for choosing me to be the first ever face of MOC, an event that unites Africa through fashion and music two industries that I love a lot.”

  3. Thanks alot Robza for all you have done in this forum. I for one really appreciate. For sure I am waiting to keep blogging for the BB3 show. August is just next door we’ll patiently be waiting.

    To all Richiana fans I thank you for keeping the blogs going for so many months afther the show. Let’s prepare ourselves for the BB3 show and blog with the same old names please.

  4. Thank you for all the news you brought us, it is much appreciated. Its time you took a break and wait for the BBA3. You did a wonderful job.

  5. thanx Robza,

    will keep waitnig for the next season

  6. Thanks alot Robza u r a star

  7. Great Robza ,it was a wonderful space where we richiana fans chilled and united thanks again take a break and get yourself prepered for BBA3 ,we hope we wont be obssesed as we did to Richiana,bye bye my fellow bloggers until then all the best

  8. Thanx RobzaI enjoyed this bolg to the fulliest more so it went with my queen being the one on the sportlight.Thanx a million times my man,God bless u.

    @Nato,Jujulisisous,Tsile, Hossan,Miss Hilton, Cmet, Melaine, Ndasy, Mich, Crazy, Lady K, Zzisto,sa, Nneka, Hawa,Nthabi,Ayisha, Funkygal-kzn sa,Mama J, Mama Jane,Dorcus,Evepittus, Kinkong, Really Real (sa) Rebecca Sylvia, Sarafina, @sa girlsexy, ZB, dzax,Ntshadi,Nthabi, Fun 2 and other Tati fans i did not mention U R SO GREAT I CAN NOT DESCRIBE U
    Please dont go for good come back for BBA3 guys u r powerful and strong as your queen Africa needs people PLEASE DONT MOVE!Let us blog again in the next program not forgetting our Queen guys

    Imiss your comments so much but any way what else can i say.

    BYE BYE LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hi everybody hope u r well. waiting for august, chat then.keep well.
    Tati still miss u! Keep working hard and keep on shining.

  10. Спасибо! Буду теперь заходить на этот блог каждый день!

  11. Thanx for sharing this with all of us.

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