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Maureen forgets her fans

May 29, 2008

So I decided to pop over to Maureen’s blog: to see what she has been up to since BBA2 but there was no latest news – in fact, there was nothing but a blank page! Seems Maureen really doesn’t care about letting her fans into her life and letting them know how her fashion […]

Meryl parties up in Naija

March 11, 2008

From: Meryl (who turned 22 on 9th March) with Ofunneka, who now has shocking maroon hair and Richie Rich @ Jay Jay Okocha’s club on Saturday 8th March. Still the same old Meryl and Richard… 🙂 [And a little controversy for you (don’t worry I really am behaving myself)] <— In Richard’s words… robza171

Richie does Nollywood

March 11, 2008

From: I am sorry to everyone for not saying goodbye when I left for Lagos on the 23rd of February. As some of you may know I was waiting for quite a long time to leave and then I finally got my travel plans at the last minute. I didn’t have internet for the […]

Richiki fan blog

January 31, 2008

For those of you who are Richard and Ricki fans, pop over to for pics and news on Richiki since Richard left the house as BBA winner… robza171

The votes are in…

December 13, 2007

and thanks to you, Big Brother Africa II Uncut has found its way onto a blog of its own! 81% of you wanted the section to evolve into something bigger and better, 11.4% just didn’t give a crap and 7.6% of you voters were happy with having the section hidden away somewhere within the main […]

Ultimate Fan Weblog Poll

December 13, 2007

I am in the process of changing some things around on the site (for the better of course!) and I was wondering if it would perhaps better if the Uncut section was on it’s own site… It would make it easier to navigate and it would have a totally new look from the main site; […]

1.000.000 hits!

December 5, 2007

We have officially gone platinum!!! The Big Brother Africa II : Ultimate Fan Weblog, after 4 months, has finally passed the 1 Million Hits Mark. YAY! And it’s all thanks to you, our loyal blog readers! We couldn’t have reached it without your support and love for the greatest reality TV show to ever grace […]

See what Maureen is up to…

November 13, 2007

Having withdrawal symptoms now that Big Brother is over? Have you forgotten what you used to do before Big Brother came along? Well, some news from everyone’s favorite nut case should keep you busy and keep you hanging onto the reality show for a while longer. She has started a blog a while back and […]