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‘the Tart’ clenches HoH title the 3rd time

October 31, 2007

So Tatiana’s won head of house again – which is all good – but I wonder why BB gave them the challenge when there’s going to be no more nominations?! One thing I do know is that Tatiana is extremely competitive as she has shown and mentioned before in Diary sessions on numerous occasions. And […]

Eviction 11: Bye bye “blah, blah, blah…”

October 28, 2007

Maureen has left the building, THANK G-D! Never thought she’d leave… But judgment day arrived and the nut case’s name was announced as the 9th and final evictee before the final. Lock up your waterbottles and men cos she’s out in public. Though I think she’s more of a danger to herself than anyone. Lol. […]

Nominations 10 (Final) : Ofunneka vs. Maureen Vs. Tatiana

October 22, 2007

After tonight’s final nomination show I have made my decision who I think should win the money – none other than Tatiana! What a selfless thing she did by not replacing herself with Richard. Seems she does really care about the boy… or does she?! Here’s how they nominated: Richard nominates Maureen and Ofunneka. He […]

Divisions are part of Big Brother game

October 19, 2007

Article from by Penelope Kapambwe (found on UNITY in the Big Brother Africa house at last! This was the reassuring thought that entertained a good number of peace lovers when they watched Kwaku Tutu, leave on Sunday. He was the last link to the so called arrogant housemates, who allegedly caused the divisions in […]

(Fake) Eviction 5 & 6: Double blow for the ‘Untouchables’ and the ‘Big 5’

September 23, 2007

Muhahaha *in evil voice*. Must say I enjoyed the ‘Fake Eviction’ show thoroughly! Tatiana’s HoH ‘speech’ on why she replaced herself with Lerato was memorable (somewhat long), but honest. Many people had been wondering who Big Brother would choose to send to the Penthouse for four days which would come with immunity for the week […]

Nominations 3: Meryl vs. Maureen vs. Richard

September 3, 2007

Ooh! What a sizzler! My predictions weren’t totally off the mark. In what had to be the closest nominations show in BBA2, the housemates with the most votes were initially: Meryl, Maureen and Ofunneka. Maxwell as HoH surprised me and maybe a few others with his decision to save Ofunneka [and not Meryl who I […]

Nominations 2: Jeff vs. Maureen

August 29, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates. 🙂 The second round of nominations were revealed to the voting public this Monday with unsurprising and predictable results. For me anyway. The original two housemates for eviction were Meryl and Jeff and judging by the closeness of the previous weeks voting, it was clear as day that these […]

Good guy Richie

August 23, 2007

During today’s extremely physically demanding task, Richard mentioned in the Diary Room that he felt helpless when Lerato and Bertha were unable to cross the ‘monkey bars’ as part of the obstacle course. He mentioned that he found it easy, and that the housemates even referred to him as ‘jungle boy’. However it saddened him […]

Tati : the silent killer

August 23, 2007

Two rounds of nominations have passed [one fake, one real] and it’s been interesting to see how the housemates nominated. One person who particularly captured my eye during these processes is Tatiana who is possibly playing the hardest game of all. A fun-loving, sweet and innocent-looking lady is she in front of the housemates. But […]

Nominations 1: Justice vs. Jeff

August 20, 2007

From official website: The game has truly gotten underway in the House, with Justice and Jeff up for eviction after the first round of nominations. How They voted Justice nominated Meryl and Bertha. Meryl was a predictable choice, given the altercation that she had with Justice over the weekend, and, according to Justice, he and […]

Justice : my armchair analysis

August 19, 2007

I’ve followed my country-man’s progress in the Big Brother house thus far and I must say I’m not entirely happy with the way he portrays himself. From the very first night, and in true UB fashion, Justice attacked the alcohol (all FREE mind you!) and has been swimming in pools of the stuff whenever provided […]

Hand In Hand

August 18, 2007

Housemates were given a mini-task this morning to compose a song about poverty in Africa. I must say I’m impressed with the result, considering that they only had until this evening at around 6 to present the song to Big Brother. It has simplistic lyrics, but a moving melody and is entitled “Hand in Hand”. […]

Is it for real?

August 11, 2007

Not even a week into the second season of Big Brother Africa and already ‘connections’ of the love-kind have been made among certain housemates. Maxwell and Lerato have seemed to spark a connection, as have Meryl and Kwaku. But these somewhat hasty ‘relationships’ are to be doubted. Firstly, the environment these people are in is […]

Richard gets a second chance

August 8, 2007

Can you believe that he was given the chance to get another reward if he carried out a new secret mission from Big Brother?! During his diary session today, he was given the task of placing a toy hamburger on one of the giraffes without being caught by any of the housemates during their night […]

Will Richard be punished?

August 8, 2007

During yesterday’s task, instead of treating Big Brother’s instructions as a secret mission, Richard opted to make an official announcement. Later, Big Brother asked Richard if he understood that the ‘special mission’ was not to be discussed with housemates. ”’Special mission” means others don’t have to know. I had to make sure that the map […]