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BBA3 Press Release

April 16, 2008

They made their voices heard and now African fans of M-Net’s blockbuster Big Brother Africa can get set for an all-new season 3! In one of the biggest announcements that the African television operator will make in 2008, M-Net has begun calling for entries for an unprecedented third season of its reality super-series. With the […]

Kwaku-T on MySpace

December 15, 2007

So Kwaku’s Myspace profile has also become known and I can say that this time, IT IS him unlike the fake Richard Myspace profile that was set up by a fan posing to be Richard. Check out the rough demo cuts on his page up in the top right-hand corner… Possibly the only thing worth […]

A li’l Kwaku T and Bertha lovin’

December 7, 2007

Seeing that all everyone seems to be talking about (still…) is Richiana this and Richiana that (though I’m not complaining), I’ve decided to post some pics of one of the other BBA couples – Kwaku and Bertha. They aren’t together in any of the pics, but I haven’t posted these before. Kwaku’s pics are arranged […]

Code looks forward to ‘making some good money’

December 1, 2007

Thanks to Jack McBrams for this one-on-one with Big Brother Africa’s eighth evictee, Code Sangala. CODE INTERVIEW by Jack McBrams THE game is gone, the talk is finished and the service will temporarily be unavailable. The service of entertainment supposedly from Big Brother Africa. With the second season of Big Brother Africa season now finally […]

‘Uncut’ update (28/11/07)

November 28, 2007

— all pics & vids @ Group : Mixed BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.8.avi (6.9 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.9 (1).avi (6.18 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.9 (2).avi (2.99 MB) — BBA2 – Richiana have sex (1).avi (6.23 MB) BBA2 – Richiana have sex (2).avi (6.22 MB) BBA2 – Richiana […]

Richie still making headlines…

November 27, 2007

From Tanzania’s ‘Bongo Sun’: Our reporter managed to talk to one of the invitees who said everyone was shocked because they thought the couple could come together. “It was a shock to many of us. At first, we thought it was planned to surprise the guests and that Ricki was perhaps hiding somewhere. But as […]

‘He asked me to apologise for nominating him!’ – Maureen

November 26, 2007

Uganda: BBAs Last Day New Vision (Kampala) 24 November 2007 Posted to the web: 26 November 2007 Lillian Nalumansi Kampala After her return from the Big Brother Africa II (BBA) finale in South Africa last Sunday, Ugandan representative Maureen Namatovu sat down with Lillian Nalumansi for an exclusive interview What was your reaction after Richard […]

Yes, we used a condom. – Tatiana

November 26, 2007

A (poorly) translated version of the Portugeuse article from the Angonoticias website. You will still be able to get the gist of the interview…. Go here for a slightly better translation (thanks Az!). Thanks to EVEPITT for an even better translation! Tatiana Durao admitted in conversation with SA to have been real without pretending in […]

The Lurve Triangle

November 16, 2007

From TashiTagg over @ An update on the Bertha/Kwaku/Meryl kinky lurve triangle for you! I caught up with Bertha and Kwaku at the Survivor SA Finale After-party on Wednesday night and snooped out what’s going on and apparently – surprise, surprise – they’re all three just “good friends”. What’s dirrty is that they didn’t […]

Maxwell goes beserk!

November 14, 2007

From a forum poster over at the official BBA forum: Big Brother Africa 2 contestant Maxwell, took you in with his charm and his vibe about women’s rights and respecting women didn’t he? Well he certainly smoothed his way into Lerato’s Heart. Now Lerato gets to see the real Max who unfortunately the rest of […]

Big Brother Africa wrap up…

November 13, 2007

Here’s Tashi’s account of the whole Big Brother Africa finale as well as the after-party and the next day’s press conference… Enjoy. robza171

The Meryl and Bertha showdown!

November 8, 2007

From a forum poster at the official BBA website: — Yes, it’s finally come to this ladies and gentlemen. The two ladies are fighting over the sitting arrangements on the finale. Apparently Bertha feels she and Kwaku would have better conversation, and therefore deserve to sit next to each other. Meryl, on the other hand […]

‘Uncut’ update [03.11.07]

November 3, 2007

— @ meryl BBA2 – Meryl explicit shower (1).avi (8.86 MB) BBA2 – Meryl explicit shower (2).avi (8.83 MB) BBA2 – Meryl explicit shower (3).avi (3.87 MB) BBA2 – Meryl explicit shower (4).avi (6.43 MB) BBA2 – Meryl explicit shower (5).avi (3.71 MB) BBA2 – Meryl explicit shower (6).avi (6.78 MB) BBA2 – Meryl explicit […]

‘Uncut’ update [01.11.07]

November 1, 2007

——— @ group : Mixed BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (1).avi (5.47 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (2).avi (4.17 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (3).avi (4 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (4).avi (7.86 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.2.avi (3.91 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show […]

‘Uncut’ update [31.10.07]

October 31, 2007

——— @ Group : Mixed BBA2 – Kwaku and Meryl fondle.avi (2.24 MB) — @ Group : Girls BBA2 – Meryl and Tatiana liplock.avi (7.02 MB) — @ Group : Guys BBA2 – Guys Shower (5).avi (5.71 MB) BBA2 – Guys Shower (6).avi (6.76 MB) — @ Kwaku BBA2 – Kwaku in and out of […]