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Code looks forward to ‘making some good money’

December 1, 2007

Thanks to Jack McBrams for this one-on-one with Big Brother Africa’s eighth evictee, Code Sangala. CODE INTERVIEW by Jack McBrams THE game is gone, the talk is finished and the service will temporarily be unavailable. The service of entertainment supposedly from Big Brother Africa. With the second season of Big Brother Africa season now finally […]

‘Uncut’ update (28/11/07)

November 28, 2007

— all pics & vids @ Group : Mixed BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.8.avi (6.9 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.9 (1).avi (6.18 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.9 (2).avi (2.99 MB) — BBA2 – Richiana have sex (1).avi (6.23 MB) BBA2 – Richiana have sex (2).avi (6.22 MB) BBA2 – Richiana […]

‘He asked me to apologise for nominating him!’ – Maureen

November 26, 2007

Uganda: BBAs Last Day New Vision (Kampala) 24 November 2007 Posted to the web: 26 November 2007 Lillian Nalumansi Kampala After her return from the Big Brother Africa II (BBA) finale in South Africa last Sunday, Ugandan representative Maureen Namatovu sat down with Lillian Nalumansi for an exclusive interview What was your reaction after Richard […]

Big Brother Africa wrap up…

November 13, 2007

Here’s Tashi’s account of the whole Big Brother Africa finale as well as the after-party and the next day’s press conference… Enjoy. robza171

The finale that was…

November 12, 2007

From Tonight online: Richard wins Big Brother Africa 2 November 12, 2007 In 98 incredible days, through the magic of cellphone, TV and computer technology, fans of M-Net’s Big Brother Africa 2 turned the 24/7 daily reality series into a blockbuster bona-fide hit across the continent. On Sunday November 11, viewer voting propelled 24-year-old film […]

‘Uncut’ update [01.11.07]

November 1, 2007

——— @ group : Mixed BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (1).avi (5.47 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (2).avi (4.17 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (3).avi (4 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (4).avi (7.86 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.2.avi (3.91 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show […]

Maxwell: “Suli hurt my feelings”

October 26, 2007

(The article below was published in the Zambian post) ‘Suli hurt my feelings’ By Augustine Mukoka Friday October 26, 2007 Print Article — Max with Lerato at Smugglers Inn I AM hurt with the steps my girlfriend took to end our relationship, Zambia’s Big Brother Africa II envoy Maxwell Chongo has revealed. In an interview […]

Justice: “Code wanted me to have Maureen”

October 24, 2007

From two Botswana newspapers: [click articles to enlarge] robza171

Lights, Camera, Action!

October 15, 2007

From the Namibian, by Natasha Uys: THANKS to the avid BBA viewer who suggested the BBTV task. It was immensely entertaining and had me laughing out loud more than a few times. After a week filled with competing egos and creative differences, the broadcast on Thursday evening was truly a success! It began with a […]

Big Brothel : Season One

October 4, 2007

  So we’re past the halfway mark in this season of Big Brother Africa, and I must say it has been one of the most interesting installments produced by M-Net/Endemol yet. At the beginning, I believed that the housemates this year wouldn’t compare to those of BBA1, but as the weeks went on – I […]

Nominations 6: Lerato vs. Bertha

September 24, 2007

What a sh-HO-down! THE best head-to-head we’ve had since Jeff vs. Justice. Surely, BFF’s Lerato and Bertha saw it coming with their four measly votes against eight. They luckily managed to escape last week due to the twist, but the public knew that sooner rather than later these two conniving sisters a.k.a ugly stepsisters (Ofunneka […]

Maxwell dumped like a hot potato!

September 19, 2007

Many thanks to saharasoulfood for this HOTT news: By Katwishi Bwalya and Joseph Mwenda Tuesday September 18, 2007 [22:00] (The article below was published in the Zambian, The Post) ZAMBIA’S Big Brother Africa 2 housemate Maxwell Chongo has been dumped by his fiancée, Suli Sinkala, for what she terms his foolish behaviour while in the […]

Why it’s gonna be close this Sunday…

September 14, 2007

Here’s what I believe will happen to the votes. COUNTRIES AGAINST MAXWELL: Angola – His boo, Lerato, nominated Tatiana. Kenya – Jeff always nominated “the Untouchables” and they’re just finishing what he couldn’t. Malawi – His backstabbing and confrontation with Code. Nigeria – A non ‘untouchable’ country. Even though he saved Offu, he still bad-mouthed […]

‘Uncut’ Reloaded

September 5, 2007

I have been neglecting the uncut page for a while, but I have slowly been updating it recently. I intend on doing so on a daily basis from now on, seeing that it is the most visited part of the blog. Hopefully I will be able to fulfill many of the requests that have been […]

Eviction 2 : So long Jeff Anthony…

September 2, 2007

Kenya’s choice for Big Brother Africa II has finally walked out of the house – a moment I’ve been waiting for forever! Receiving 7 of the 13 votes, Jeff Anthony checked out of paradise hotel during what had to be the WORST live show in Big Brother Africa history! I was starting to like KB […]