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When the hype dies down….

March 8, 2008

I know there haven’t been posts in almost two weeks but I just can’t seem to find any interesting news to give you about the housemates… When the second season of Big Brother Africa ended in November, I thought that visits to this blog would cease and I’d sink back into oblivion. Luckily that wasn’t […]

Lerato to marry an 8-year-old boy?!

February 20, 2008

From Lerato Sengadi of Big Brother Africa II is preparing to marry an 8 year-old boy from Swaziland. Before you start frowning, hear this out. The boy, named Muzi Sifundza, has a terrible sickness and desperately needs a new kidney, and his mom has agreed to donate one to him. Sadly the Swazi authorities […]

Tashi Tagg catches up with Lerato

February 13, 2008

From …and Lerato makes mention of a little blog called the Ultimate Fan Weblog! Yay! 🙂 — On Friday morning I got a fun surprise call from BB Africa2’s Lerato who phoned me up for a chinwag. When we chatted at the BBA2 finale she said she’d keep in touch and true to her […]

Q&A with Lerato

February 1, 2008

Blog poster, ZB, asked Lerato a few questions after the article on Lerato was posted… (Yellow = ZB, Blue = Lerato) 1) If it was totally up to you, which of the housemates would you have liked to have been evicted first and why? i guess Maureen, for obvious reasons. and just to clear the […]

Lerato responds to the fans

January 31, 2008

So I made a lil post bout Lerato coming onto the site and giving us her contact details about 2 days ago. As usual there were bitchy responses from posters, but generally there were good messages and questions… Lerato managed to come back to UFW today to answer some of the questions fans so eagerly […]

Lerato pays UFW a visit

January 29, 2008

Miss Sengadi has graced us with her presence and hooked us up with some details so avid fans can drop her a line: lerato | | |hey peoplejust stopped by to say a quick hi to all peole who loved the show. hope ya’ll are aight and if the are any questions or […]

Housemates slowly creep outta the woodwork

January 11, 2008

Slowly but surely, Big Brother Africa 2’s ex-housemates have come out of hiding and have started embracing the support from the public as they should. A few days ago, Tatiana spent a couple of hours over at the Oboma site chatting to forumists about her life after BB. The transcript is all over the forum […]

‘My intention was never to be a homewrecker’ – Lerato

December 12, 2007

Thanks to official BBA forumist, Maxine, for this article. Check out True Love’s Official website for more on their January issue. LERATO’S INTERVIEW: TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE: JANUARY ISSUE Melinda: After you left the confines of the Big Brother Africa House, how did you find life outside? Lerato: Refreshing to the least. It was suddenly really […]

Code looks forward to ‘making some good money’

December 1, 2007

Thanks to Jack McBrams for this one-on-one with Big Brother Africa’s eighth evictee, Code Sangala. CODE INTERVIEW by Jack McBrams THE game is gone, the talk is finished and the service will temporarily be unavailable. The service of entertainment supposedly from Big Brother Africa. With the second season of Big Brother Africa season now finally […]

‘Uncut’ update (28/11/07)

November 28, 2007

— all pics & vids @ Group : Mixed BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.8.avi (6.9 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.9 (1).avi (6.18 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage pt.9 (2).avi (2.99 MB) — BBA2 – Richiana have sex (1).avi (6.23 MB) BBA2 – Richiana have sex (2).avi (6.22 MB) BBA2 – Richiana […]

‘He asked me to apologise for nominating him!’ – Maureen

November 26, 2007

Uganda: BBAs Last Day New Vision (Kampala) 24 November 2007 Posted to the web: 26 November 2007 Lillian Nalumansi Kampala After her return from the Big Brother Africa II (BBA) finale in South Africa last Sunday, Ugandan representative Maureen Namatovu sat down with Lillian Nalumansi for an exclusive interview What was your reaction after Richard […]

Maxwell goes beserk!

November 14, 2007

From a forum poster over at the official BBA forum: Big Brother Africa 2 contestant Maxwell, took you in with his charm and his vibe about women’s rights and respecting women didn’t he? Well he certainly smoothed his way into Lerato’s Heart. Now Lerato gets to see the real Max who unfortunately the rest of […]

Big Brother Africa wrap up…

November 13, 2007

Here’s Tashi’s account of the whole Big Brother Africa finale as well as the after-party and the next day’s press conference… Enjoy. robza171

The finale that was…

November 12, 2007

From Tonight online: Richard wins Big Brother Africa 2 November 12, 2007 In 98 incredible days, through the magic of cellphone, TV and computer technology, fans of M-Net’s Big Brother Africa 2 turned the 24/7 daily reality series into a blockbuster bona-fide hit across the continent. On Sunday November 11, viewer voting propelled 24-year-old film […]

‘Uncut’ update [01.11.07]

November 1, 2007

——— @ group : Mixed BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (1).avi (5.47 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (2).avi (4.17 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (3).avi (4 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (4).avi (7.86 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.2.avi (3.91 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show […]