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Tatiana nominated for Best Actress award!

January 31, 2008

On Saturday, 2 February 2008 the biggest fashion show will be held in Angola. Tatiana will be modeling at this show. After the fashion show, Angola will give out awards for their best actors in the movie business. Good news, Tatiana has been nominated in the Best Actress category! Please help our queen by voting […]

‘He asked me to apologise for nominating him!’ – Maureen

November 26, 2007

Uganda: BBAs Last Day New Vision (Kampala) 24 November 2007 Posted to the web: 26 November 2007 Lillian Nalumansi Kampala After her return from the Big Brother Africa II (BBA) finale in South Africa last Sunday, Ugandan representative Maureen Namatovu sat down with Lillian Nalumansi for an exclusive interview What was your reaction after Richard […]

‘Uncut’ update [01.11.07]

November 1, 2007

——— @ group : Mixed BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (1).avi (5.47 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (2).avi (4.17 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (3).avi (4 MB) BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.1 (4).avi (7.86 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show Montage Pt.2.avi (3.91 MB) — BBA2 – Uncut Show […]

Justice: “Code wanted me to have Maureen”

October 24, 2007

From two Botswana newspapers: [click articles to enlarge] robza171

Nominations 10 (Final) : Ofunneka vs. Maureen Vs. Tatiana

October 22, 2007

After tonight’s final nomination show I have made my decision who I think should win the money – none other than Tatiana! What a selfless thing she did by not replacing herself with Richard. Seems she does really care about the boy… or does she?! Here’s how they nominated: Richard nominates Maureen and Ofunneka. He […]

Eviction 10: ‘Daddy-to-be’ has left the building…

October 21, 2007

What a show! What a shocker! So many things rolled into one hour – I dunno where to start… First off let me just say that I knew Richard wasn’t leaving. As much as Africa loves to complain about how abusive, adulterous, jealous and ‘whatever else’ he is, they still love him enough to keep […]

Code name : Exit

October 21, 2007

An article in a South Africa tabloid newspaper, Sunday World: [click article to enlarge] robza171

Tatiana wins Head of House again

October 19, 2007

She managed 16 hits out of 20, making her the Housemate with the highest number of hits. She becomes the Head of House for the second time. After an argument over how to perform the challenge, Richard is the first up and he scores 10 hits. Next is Tatiana who makes 16 hits. Overall, Code […]

Divisions are part of Big Brother game

October 19, 2007

Article from by Penelope Kapambwe (found on UNITY in the Big Brother Africa house at last! This was the reassuring thought that entertained a good number of peace lovers when they watched Kwaku Tutu, leave on Sunday. He was the last link to the so called arrogant housemates, who allegedly caused the divisions in […]

Nominations 9: Code vs. Richard

October 16, 2007

The two ‘dawgs’ have received the highest number of votes from fellow housemates, as was seen during last night’s post-Untouchable nomination. From BBA website: Code nominated Ofunneka because, as Head of House, she would be able to save herself and Richard because “he has lived the Big Brother experience to the fullest.” Richard nominated Maureen […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

October 15, 2007

From the Namibian, by Natasha Uys: THANKS to the avid BBA viewer who suggested the BBTV task. It was immensely entertaining and had me laughing out loud more than a few times. After a week filled with competing egos and creative differences, the broadcast on Thursday evening was truly a success! It began with a […]

Eviction 9: The Last Untouchable Falls

October 14, 2007

Thank goodness and good riddance Kwaku. Your exit was long overdue. I still say Meryl should’ve been in the house instead of you or any of your other original ‘untouchable’ buddies. At least he didn’t irritate me as much as Bertha did during her interview or embarrass himself any more than he did in the […]

Ofunneka claims HoH title again!

October 12, 2007

Ofunneka is the new Head of House. She emerged as the House Leader after scoring the highest mark in a test that put the Housemates’ general knowledge to the… er… test. I knew she’d do it – the girl is the smartest in the house. This is her 2nd time as Head of House, but […]

Nominations 8: Richiana vs. Kwaku

October 9, 2007

What an interesting nomination show last night. The original nominees were the three men in the house: Kwaku, Code and Richard. But seeing as Code is this week’s HoH, he was given the opportunity to change one of the names. Naturally, he saved himself, after thinking long and hard about it (?) and took an […]

Nominations 7: Bertha vs. Kwaku

October 1, 2007

Oh yes, the ‘Untouchables’ get touched yet again! We all saw it coming, no one can honestly say that they didn’t believe that either of these two would be nominated. Despite Big Brother being a tad predictable these days, I must say that I’m enjoying how each of these cockroaches are being exterminated one by […]