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The infamous ‘fingergate’ on video!

November 22, 2007

Thanks to Priscilla for posting the YouTube link to the video clip. Please be warned that some scenes may be sensitive to younger viewers. Viewer’s discretion is advised! (Lol…) The quality is not the best, as it was recorded from the TV on a video cam… But, it’s much better than nothing! This is for […]

‘It was not rape’ – Ofunneka defends Richard

November 19, 2007

From the Sowetan: Zenoyise Madikwa 19 November 2007 No regret: Big Brother Africa runner-up, Ofunneka from Nigeria. Richard Bezuidenhout   Ofunneka defends Richard Big Brother Africa runner-up, Nigerian Ofunneka Molokwu, has finally spoken about what went down the night she and housemate Richard Bezuidenhout got up close and personal. She says she was not raped […]

Housemates’ official MTN advert

November 4, 2007

Not so long ago, when there were still 5 housemates left in the house, the house was visited by an MTN representative to shoot an advert for MTN. The advert would be filmed with only a particular camera phone using still shots and then merging the shots together to produce the final product. I must […]

The sex that never was : ‘Fingergate’ scandal laid to rest

November 3, 2007

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Star on November 03, 2007 The sex that never was November 3, 2007 By Kashiefa Ajam and Janet Smith — After a week of media frenzy over an alleged sexual assault in the Big Brother Africa house, an exclusive viewing to the Saturday Star shows […]

The drama continues…

November 2, 2007

One of the blog’s readers, Eric, recently sent us an article discussing Saturday’s BBA events he posted on a BBA thread but it was removed … here’s what he had to say: [From: … At the risk of being shot down, sworn at and abused by the die hard Richard fans who believe that […]

BBA controversy across African borders

November 1, 2007

An article about the much publicized Saturday 27th incident in the Big Brother Africa 2 house: robza171

‘the Tart’ clenches HoH title the 3rd time

October 31, 2007

So Tatiana’s won head of house again – which is all good – but I wonder why BB gave them the challenge when there’s going to be no more nominations?! One thing I do know is that Tatiana is extremely competitive as she has shown and mentioned before in Diary sessions on numerous occasions. And […]

It all started with a little fishing… [with pics]

October 27, 2007

Now I don’t normally write articles or post info about most of the tasks that go on in the BBA2 house, as the official Big Brother website normally covers that in full. However, today’s ad-hoc task is an exception. What started off as an innocent task turned into chaos that I’m sure Big Brother viewers […]

Justice: “Code wanted me to have Maureen”

October 24, 2007

From two Botswana newspapers: [click articles to enlarge] robza171

Stand up, speak out!

October 22, 2007

Another article by NATASHA UYS from : Check out: to show your support. — THERE were some interesting folks visiting the BBA house this past week. First it was a visit from two representatives from the United Nations, who took the opportunity to enlighten the housemates and viewers across Africa on some of the […]

Code name : Exit

October 21, 2007

An article in a South Africa tabloid newspaper, Sunday World: [click article to enlarge] robza171

Tatiana wins Head of House again

October 19, 2007

She managed 16 hits out of 20, making her the Housemate with the highest number of hits. She becomes the Head of House for the second time. After an argument over how to perform the challenge, Richard is the first up and he scores 10 hits. Next is Tatiana who makes 16 hits. Overall, Code […]

Divisions are part of Big Brother game

October 19, 2007

Article from by Penelope Kapambwe (found on UNITY in the Big Brother Africa house at last! This was the reassuring thought that entertained a good number of peace lovers when they watched Kwaku Tutu, leave on Sunday. He was the last link to the so called arrogant housemates, who allegedly caused the divisions in […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

October 15, 2007

From the Namibian, by Natasha Uys: THANKS to the avid BBA viewer who suggested the BBTV task. It was immensely entertaining and had me laughing out loud more than a few times. After a week filled with competing egos and creative differences, the broadcast on Thursday evening was truly a success! It began with a […]

Ofunneka claims HoH title again!

October 12, 2007

Ofunneka is the new Head of House. She emerged as the House Leader after scoring the highest mark in a test that put the Housemates’ general knowledge to the… er… test. I knew she’d do it – the girl is the smartest in the house. This is her 2nd time as Head of House, but […]