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Re-live BBA (cont…)

January 20, 2008

[Ofunneka, Richard and Tatiana, vid# 2] [Ofunneka, Richard and Tatiana, vid# 3] [Ofunneka, Richard and Tatiana, vid# 4] [Ofunneka, Richard and Tatiana, vid# 5] robza171

Re-live BBA

January 19, 2008

Must say I’m really amazed at how many Big Brother fans are still hanging around this place. I’d have thought that possibly a week or two after the final that no one would come here anymore, but it truly has been surprising to find that this blog still receives a fair amount of visitors each […]

The infamous ‘fingergate’ on video!

November 22, 2007

Thanks to Priscilla for posting the YouTube link to the video clip. Please be warned that some scenes may be sensitive to younger viewers. Viewer’s discretion is advised! (Lol…) The quality is not the best, as it was recorded from the TV on a video cam… But, it’s much better than nothing! This is for […]

2face – African Queen (mp3)

November 14, 2007

Great track by Nigerian artist, 2face Idibia. A firm fave in the BBA house. Taken from his 2006 hit album [over 2 million copies sold], Face 2 Face.   Artist: 2face Idibia Track: African Queen Album: Face 2 Face Bitrate: 128kbps Link: (right-click, choose “Save-as”): Requests are welcome. NB: Must have a connection with […]

Housemates’ official MTN advert

November 4, 2007

Not so long ago, when there were still 5 housemates left in the house, the house was visited by an MTN representative to shoot an advert for MTN. The advert would be filmed with only a particular camera phone using still shots and then merging the shots together to produce the final product. I must […]

So… who are these ‘moles’ and what do we do?

October 21, 2007

Here’s a video to keep you up to speed about the new twist in the BBA house: Vote over at the official Big Brother Africa website. Remember voting closes this Tuesday, 23rd, so make sure you’ve voted for your favourite two! Also leave me a comment and let me know who think will go into […]

Kabelo talks to Dermot on UK’s BBLB

August 20, 2007

Did a little BB Africa web-crawling and found this vid from the Big Brother UK 8 spin-off show, Big Brother’s Little Brother: Seems like the British can’t get enough of BBA. Who knows, maybe there’s another swap up their sleeves?!

Big Brother Africa II advert

July 28, 2007

The first and only Big Brother Africa 2 ad (that not many people have seen yet) has finally made its debut (I think?! He he…) on the web. Enjoy! So… what did you think of it? Do you think M-Net will pull off a great Big Brother Africa the second time around? What are your […]